Up to $5M is available from Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund to create spaces and places that enable communities to participate in sport at all levels.

Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund

Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund

The Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund will create spaces and facilities that enable communities to enjoy and take part in sport. The fund will support new and existing venues to improve participation and performance in sports at all levels.

The fund will focus on sporting facilities that deliver the best outcomes for the community. It will ensure that the best possible value for money is achieved.



The Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund objectives are:

  • Increase the number and type of sporting facilities;
  • Improve the standard of existing sporting facilities; and
  • Increase participation in sport.



An allocation of $100 million is available over three (3) years for sport facility projects. There will be approximately $33 million available per year for the next three (3) years. The Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund provides grants between $500,000 and $5 million.

Projects seeking funds of less than $500,000 and/or projects that are not the focus of the Greater Sydney Sports
Facility Fund will be encouraged to consider an application under other grant programs e.g. Local Sport Grant Program, Community Building Partnership Program, Liquor and Gaming NSW Infrastructure Grants.


Eligible Projects

The following types of projects are the focus of the Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund:

  • New or upgraded facilities to provide for the increased participation of women and girls;
  • The development and construction of new sport facilities or the upgrade and/or expansion of existing sport facilities;
  • Multi-sport, multi-purpose facilities;
  • Amenity buildings such as storage, kiosks, club rooms, change rooms and grandstands;
  • High performance centres/centres of excellence;
  • Multi-use facilities primarily intended to be used for sport and which can also be used for other events that contribute to the local community; and
  • Facilities that promote inclusion in sport, and especially remove barriers to participation for people with disability.

Types of projects that could be funded include:

  • Sport hubs;
  • The development and construction of new sport facilities or the upgrade and/or expansion of existing sport facilities;
  • Amenity buildings such as storage, kiosks, club rooms, change rooms and grandstands;
  • Facilities classified as Tier 3 stadia under the NSW Stadia Strategy (typically facilities with a maximum capacity of 10,000 to 20,000 people with limited or no corporate facilities, but capable of hosting state level competitions and exhibition or pre-season matches for sporting teams playing in national competitions);
  • High-performance centres;
  • Multi-sport, multi-purpose facilities; and
  • Significant single-sport facilities, which provide benefits to other sports and/or the community


Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are:

  • 33 local government authorities in Greater Sydney;
  • NSW state sporting organisations or the national sporting organisation where the state body is part of a unitary governance model;
  • Incorporated, community-based, not-for-profit sporting organisations (clubs and associations whose primary purpose is to organise sporting activities/deliver sport programs) and organisations providing sport and recreation programs that benefit the community, such as PCYCs, YMCA and YWCA;
  • Organisations that own and administer public parklands; and
  • Private enterprises.

Project applications involving partnerships between groups are encouraged.



Applications close 31 August 2018.


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