Healthy, Equal, Youth (HEY) Grants

Up to $40,000 is available for innovative that support the well-being of LGBTI young people.

Healthy Equal Youth (HEY)



A new round of Healthy, Equal, Youth (HEY) grants are available to support organisations (both specialist SSASGD and mainstream youth organisations) to undertake mental health promotion and community engagement activities that focus on same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) young people, aged between 14 and 25 years.



The HEY Grants assist in the development of new and innovative approaches to addressing and supporting the mental health of SSASGD young people. By innovative we mean creative, novel, or original ways of working with young people. They will also support the implementation of tried and tested models in communities where existing support for SSASGD young people is limited.



Two types of grants are available in Round 5 of the HEY Grants:
  • Social Connectedness Grants of up to $10,000 are available for projects that provide direct support to SSASGD young people through initiatives such as social support, activity groups, gay/straight alliances and the provision of information.
  • Inclusive Communities Grants  of up to $40,000 are available for innovative projects that take a whole of community approach to improving the well-being of SSASGD young people (e.g. school community, workplace/s or local community area).

In Round 5 there is a total funding pool of $160,213 available.


Eligible Projects

  • Projects that meet demonstrated community need
  • Projects that actively engage SSASGD young people in the design and delivery
  • SSASGD youth support and social groups
  • Anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia strategies, events and campaigns
  • Projects that seek to build the capacity of the youth and mental health workforces and other organisations to deliver mental health and mental health promotion services to SSASGD young people
  • Services that support the health and wellbeing of SSASGD young people, their peers, families
  • Projects that demonstrate a new or innovative way of:
    • engaging with young people
    • providing education and training to young people or the services that support them
    • utilise new ways of providing support through technology, arts etc
  • Projects that offer training and education to SSASGD young people, their peers, families
  • Youth led, peer leadership activities


Eligible Applicants

  • Victorian not for profit organisations that are incorporated or limited by guarantee
  • Victorian Local Government Authorities
  • Victorian not for profit organisations that have an auspice arrangement with either of the above
  • Victorian Schools, (public, Catholic and independent), TAFEs and Universities.



Application for HEY Grant Round 5 closes 30 September, 2015 


HEY Grant Round 4 Recipients

The People Project – Peninsula Pride/Headspace Frankston, $40,000. The project will produce a video, and other resources which will tour secondary schools in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula/Westernport area. This idea is based on a parallel approach taken by headspace Frankston to put a personal face on mental health.

‘Start the Conversation’ – Maroondah City Council, $10,000. A steering group of young people will conduct research to understand perceptions about, and treatment of, same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) youth in Maroondah. The research will be used to develop tailored and responsive workshops for community groups and year 7 students.

‘Stand Up and Stand Out’ – Melbourne High School, $3,700. A same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) youth discussion day will be held at Melbourne High School to establish connections between different school groups to foster the development of supportive relationships. Students attended a similar event last year and determined it should not be a one-off occasion.

The Zine Project – Jesuit Social Services, $10,000. The project will develop a resource and mixed media/art based magazine developed by and for same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) young people which will be distributed to the broader community. Creative sessions facilitated by artists with an understanding of this group will be run in a safe and supportive environment.

Equal, Courageous, Healthy, Open-minded Youth Group (ECHO) – Headspace Central West Gippsland, $10,000. ECHO will support young people who identify as same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) to improve self-esteem, social connectedness, provide education resources and support regarding sexual and mental health. The group will be facilitated by headspace staff in the Baw Baw Shire.

‘School’s Out Loud’ – JOY 94.9, $39,472. This project will tailor an eight week introduction to radio course as an outreach program for students who have restricted access to resources. JOY will partner with ten schools in outer Melbourne and train ten students from each school on the ‘3P’s’ – presenting, producing and podcasting. A dedicated web page will be created so that the diverse audio can be made available to a broader audience.

‘Our Voices, Changing Cultures’ – Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health, $40,000.Building resilience, capacity and leadership among young same-sex attracted women from immigrant and refugee communities is the primary aim of this project. It will develop and deliver community theatre-based workshops to educate and advocate for community-wide approaches to gender and sexual diversity.

Gender Diverse Youth Peer Support Project – Queerspace/Drummond St, $20,000. In a safe and supportive environment this project will support gender diverse adolescents to explore their physical and creative selves. Arts based leisure and recreational activities and peer initiated and led group discussions will be a feature of this project.

Making Jewish GLBTI Abuse and Harassment History – Jewish Community Council of Victoria, $22,280. This project aims to reduce homophobia towards Jewish same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) youth through a community engagement campaign aimed at harm minimisation. A key tool will be an ethnocentric video that will clearly demonstrate the human suffering caused by discrimination.

CREATEing Equality Rainbow Resource – Create Foundation, $40,000. Working with same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) young people in out of home care, this project will develop educational materials for professionals from the perspective of these young people. Current resources do not address ways workers can support young people in care to follow a healthy lifestyle. CREATE has a strong track record in developing resources in similar settings.

Building More Bridges – The Bridge Project/Billanook College, $15,000. Already complete, stage one of the project produced films and resources to help students to understand the issues of same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) young people, offer ideas for change and challenge stereotypes. The next step will share these resources with other schools in the hope of establishing similar projects.

The Rainbow Project – City of Whittlesea, $10,000. This project will create a short film addressing homophobia and transphobia to foster a more inclusive community for same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) young people. The Rainbow project will invite young people to develop skills in all aspects of film production and script writing.

Building Worker Capacity to Engage Young SSASGD Carers – Carers Victoria, $30,000.This project builds on the capacity of carer support workers, respite service staff and mainstream youth workers across the state to engage with same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) young people with caring responsibilities. SSASGD young people are directly involved in setting up the design of this project through consultation at all stages.


Media Release

The Andrews Labor Government today announced $160,000 in small grants to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) young people and promote their rights, health and wellbeing.

Fourteen community groups will receive grants ranging from $10,000-$40,000 for innovative projects that support LGBTI young people, including social support and activity groups, gay/straight alliances, and information and referral services.

The grants program will be administered by the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria as part of the Healthy Equal Youth (HEY) project.

The HEY Project aims to raise awareness, promote acceptance of diversity, eliminate stigma and discrimination, and improve mental health, including tackling suicide in young LGBTI people.

The grants funding is part of the $5.9 million secured by the Labor Government in the 2015-16 Victorian Budget to support LGBTI Victorians. A list of organisations receiving this round of HEY funding follows.

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