Holden Home Ground Advantage

Up to $250,000 is provided by Holden Home Ground Advantage to help  sporting clubs improve their facilities & invest in the growth of their emerging talent.

Holden Home Ground Advantage

Holden Home Ground Advantage

The Holden Home Ground Advantage is supporting local sporting clubs for the next 10 years by committing $5 million to develop and improve their facilities.



Local sporting clubs are an integral part of the Australian way of life, much like Holden. That’s why Holden made a long term commitment to helping grass roots sport by giving local clubs the chance to upgrade their facilities with the Holden Home Ground Advantage program.

Home Ground Advantage, is a program that provides local sporting clubs with the chance to invest in clubrooms, sporting grounds, equipment or general facilities so they can also continue to be a part of the Australian way of life.

It’s a way for Holden to give back to Australian communities.



You can apply for a grant for a Holden Home Ground Advantage up to $100,000 in value. Clubs are welcome to submit separate applications for both grants. Please note that only one grant from the $100,000 grant pool will be awarded. The number of successful applications from the $10,000 grant pool will depend on the amounts requested. All of the $250,000 available in this round will be allocated.


Eligible Projects

Home Ground Advantage grant applications will be considered for the below:

  1. Tangible projects – including upgrading, constructing or improving facilities, upgrading or purchasing equipment, and buying uniforms and other assets
  2. Developing exceptional talent – including special coaching or funding for trips to compete or gain experience


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to receive a Grant, an applicant must be either:

  • a sporting club created for the purpose of playing one or more sports, or
  • a community organisation which runs and support sporting activities as a part of its community activities, and the sporting activities conducted by the organisation must be within Australia



Applications close 31 March 2018.


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