Horticultural Netting Program

Horticultural Netting Program 2022

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What is the Horticultural Netting Program?

The Horticultural Netting Program is a program to purchase and install netting over permanent horticultural plantings in Tasmania



The purpose of the Horticultural Netting Program – Trial is to provide funding to primary producers of horticultural crops for the purchase and installation of new netting or the replacement of damaged netting over land used to grow horticulture crops.

Research shows that netting delivers productivity benefits by protecting crops from extreme weather and predators, as well as increasing water use efficiency. As a result, fruit harvested is more likely to meet the high standards demanded by our markets. Use of netting also helps ensure continuity of supply and increases the climate resilience of our industry. The scheme is funded by the Australian Government and is administered by the Agriculture, Forestry and Water Division of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas).



The Australian Government has committed $1.94 million for grants for primary producers of horticultural crops in Tasmania to assist with the installation of netting to protect their perennial crops from the impacts of weather and predation.
The maximum grant is $150 000 (ex GST) per applicant to be provided on a dollar for dollar basis.


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Horticultural Netting Program


Eligible Projects

Eligible activities must be directly linked to buying and installing permanent protective or throw-over protective netting and associated support structures to increase horticultural productivity, by reducing the impacts of adverse weather events or animal predation, and to reduce water usage.

The land on which netting is to be installed must have an established use of horticultural production prior to 14 December 2021.

All activities and goods must be supplied by an appropriately qualified third-party supplier or contractor and must be paid in full. The third-party supplier must confirm that the netting is appropriate for adverse weather protection, such as hail protection.

Examples of eligible activities are:

  • buying permanent protective netting and associated infrastructure such as poles (either new infrastructure or to replace existing infrastructure that has been damaged or requires replacing);
  • contracting someone to install permanent protective netting and associated infrastructure;
  • contracting someone to do preparatory work necessary to install permanent protective netting (for example, removing existing netting;
  • buying throw-over protected netting (drape netting). The preference for this program is for permanent netting structures, however drape netting may be considered in special circumstances (on a case-by-case basis only). If your application is for drape netting only, then you will need to discuss the suitability of your project proposal with NRE Tas before an application is submitted.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to apply for a grant under the scheme, you must:

  • be a property owner, sharefarmer, or lessee undertaking a horticultural enterprise operating and located in Tasmania
  • operate as a sole trader, partnership, trust or private company
  • be registered with the Australian Taxation Office as a primary production business and have an Australian business number (ABN)
  • earn more than 50% of your total income from primary production
  • purchase and install protective netting over existing commercial horticultural produce.

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Horticultural Netting Program


Applications close 31 March 2023.


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