Hume City Small Business Grants

What is the Hume City Small Business Grants?

The Hume City Small Business Grants is a program which aims to support businesses that aspire to Council’s strategic directives of: “A well-educated and employed community” and “Create conditions which support business growth and create local jobs for Hume residents”.



If you have an idea and seeking financial support, Hume City Council encourage you to apply for a 2021 Hume City Small Business Grant.

Small businesses make a large contribution to the local economy and add to the vibrancy and energy to Hume City, which is why Hume City is pleased to be offering Business Support Grants and give businesses a much needed boost!

Hume City is keen to support small businesses who are seeking to:

  • create new employment opportunities
  • support local employment growth and
  • further expand their business and build on their already successful business model and growth potential.



Hume City Council is offering $500,000 to be allocated for this Grants Program. The maximum amount a business can receive is $20,000. The Hume City Small Business Grant Program will available until the full grant amount of $500,000 is expended.


Eligible Projects

A wide range of projects and programs are eligible for a Hume City Small Business Grant.

Examples of projects that will funded include:

  • research in innovative product development or service design
  • capital works, for example business fit out
  • digital strategy development
  • marketing and website development
  • recruitment and training
  • energy efficient/specialised equipment and/or software support
  • export related activities
  • outdoor dining furniture and shades
  • dining canopy improvements
  • façade improvements including the installation of green infrastructure.

The Grant Program will not fund everyday expenses or general bills, for example rent, rates, land taxes, wages, insurance or utilities.

Project expenses that have already been incurred or the project has been completed prior to the applicant being advised of the outcome of their application.


Eligible Applicants

Businesses must fulfil the following conditions to be for funding:

  • be located within Hume City Council
  • hold a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • have 20 or fewer full time equivalent employees (excludes casuals)
  • demonstrate solid growth or market potential
  • hold all appropriate permits and licences; this will include but is not restricted to – building and planning permits, liquor licence, health and any other statutory permits or licences that are required for the business to be legal
  • Council rates must be fully paid and up to date, or a payment plan in place
  • hold current public liability insurance and provide evidence of insurance when applying
  • not be in breach of any state/territory or local government law or regulation.

Home Based Businesses and Sole Traders are encouraged to apply.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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