Indigenous Business Development Program

Up to $30,000 is available to assist Indigenous people to start businesses or expand existing businesses.

Indigenous Business Development program



The Indigenous Business Development Program (IBDP) assists Indigenous people entering into or expanding commercial business arrangements that will develop employment and income opportunities.

The program is supported by Indigenous Business Development Officers who provide one-on-one support and information.



The Indigenous Business Development Program (IBDP) Funding is made available to assist in:

  • business development including consultancy assistance and tangible assets such as equipment
  • professional or personal development for Indigenous business owners and/or staff
  • finding solutions to enable the conduct of business on collectively owned land.



Funding is available for grants between $1,000 and $30,000


Eligible Projects

To be eligible, your project must be:

  • Finding solutions and supporting business opportunities to enable the conduct of business on collectively owned land;
  • Purchasing of tangible assets such as office equipment and specialized tools; and
  • website development.


Eligible Applicants

To apply:

  • you must be a resident of the NT
  • your business must be more than 50% Indigenous owned, and based and registered in the NT
  • the application must show commitment, where appropriate, from land councils
  • you may need to make financial contributions  and prove you can make them.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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