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What is the Ignite Ideas Fund?

The Ignite Ideas Fund provides up to $200,000 to help Queensland based start-ups to commercialise innovative products.



The Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative focuses on economic recovery, growing the economy and creating jobs. This includes supporting the growth of Queensland businesses to deliver new products and services into domestic and global markets, and establish new industries that will provide the jobs of the future.



The Ignite Ideas Fund supports Queensland based small to medium businesses that have high-growth potential to undertake commercialisation projects that will:

  • strengthen key industries in Queensland
  • diversify the Queensland economy
  • compete in domestic and global markets
  • engage and/or benefit regional Queensland
  • create new jobs, now and in to the future.


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Ignite Ideas Fund


Ignite Ideas Funding is available under two Tiers:

  • Tier 1 – Up to $100,000 for projects of up to 1 year
  • Tier 2 – Up to $200,000  for projects of up to 2 years


Eligible Projects

Ignite Ideas Fund projects should focus on activities that commercialise a new and innovative product or service and fall within the following eligible cost categories:

  • salaries of project staff (including salary-related on-costs)
  • services provided by (unrelated) external parties
  • consumables and equipment
  • travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

It is expected that all Ignite Ideas funding will be expended in Queensland, unless it can be demonstrated that expenditure outside Queensland is essential to ensure successful delivery of the project. Project costs must be deemed appropriate for the project and reasonable in nature by the Department.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to apply for the Ignite Ideas Fund, the applicant organisation must:

  • be a business or start-up organisation headquartered in Queensland as at the application closing date
  • be registered for GST as at the application closing date
  • have no more than 50 full-time-equivalent employees
  • not be a subsidiary of a group of companies that has more than 50 full-time-equivalent employees in total
  • not have received funding for the proposed project activity from either the State, Federal or Local Government

If applying for Tier 1, the applicant organisation and/or related parties must:

  • not have received Ignite Ideas funding previously
  • make a cash contribution to the project that is at least equal to 20% of the value of grant funding sought.

If applying for Tier 2, the applicant organisation and/or related parties must:

  • not have received an Ignite Ideas Fund Tier 2 grant previously
  • have successfully completed any project funded under Tier 1 of the Ignite Ideas Fund (if relevant)
  • make a cash contribution to the project that is at least equal to the amount of grant funding sought
  • have been registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) prior to 1 July 2018

Organisations and their related parties are limited to one application per funding round.


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Ignite Ideas Fund


Expression of interest applications for Ignite Ideas Fund Round 9 are now closed.


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Round 1 Recipients

Admedus Vaccines – $250,000 Trialling a therapeutic HPV vaccine in a Phase Ib, randomised, double-blinded, placebo controlled, escalating dose study to assess the safety, tolerability, immunogenicity and exploratory efficacy of the vaccine in women with chronic pre-cancerous Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia.

Agalytics – $100,000 Commercialise a smartphone enabled sensor that allows farmers to quickly and easily measure the soil nutrients, at a fraction of the cost of laboratory testing, with results in minutes, not weeks.

Alsonex – $100,000 Progress a new anti-inflammatory drug candidate towards clinical trials for Motor Neuron Disease.

Apunga – $100,000 Develop tools and processes to streamline customer onboarding to Apunga, a cloud-based horticultural farm management solution.

Arthritis Relief Plus Limited – $93,500 Support the global market positioning of 4jointz®, a unique patented and clinically tested over the counter topical cream for osteoarthritis, joint pain and some other degenerative joint conditions providing a safe, remarkably effective option combining nature with robust science.

Atmail – $100,000 Assist with the commercialisation of Atmail’s object-storage technology for the US and Japanese markets.

Axis Energy Group – $100,000 Optimisation of a proprietary wind energy technology using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling for improved wind energy harnessing.

Bayro No.1 – $250,000 Commercialisation of a world first feeding device for people worldwide who have trouble swallowing.

Brisbane Materials Technology – $100,000 Commercialisation of a new LED manufacturing materials that would increase efficiency and lifetime of LED allowing LED to produce more light, use less energy and last longer.

Coral Sunscreen – $250,000 Commercialisation of a world first UV filter technology that mimics the corals natural sun protection mechanism.

Didgigo Marketing – $100,700 Conduct market validation for Didgigo, an online B2B and B2C business marketing tool that allows users to create hihgly creative and content rich personalised proposals that saves time and increases conversion.

Dingo Energy – $97,000 Conduct market and field testing for Dingo’s new diversified cloud-based visual inspection app and service for asset based industries.

Elevare Energy – $250,000 Commercialisation of Elevare Energy’s Smart batteries, controlled by sophisticated and intelligence software to reduce peak demand charges in commercial buildings.


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Ignite Ideas Fund

Ellume – $250,000 Conduct clinical trial for Respirio Flu Test (RFT), a non-invasive rapid influenza test for the detection of Flu A and B.

Enviromist – $100,000 Conduct field testing for dust suppression system for stockpile discharge conveyors.

Field Orthopaedics – $100,000 Conduct pre-clinical trial for Field Orthopaedics’s magnetic total wrist replacement.

Futureprofit – $128,175 Conduct market trials for Evorce, an end to end, virtual mediation for couples to seek seperation agreement.

Go1 – $178,000 Market and user testing of a new native mobile application for GO1 online training platform with offline content caching capability.

Hypometer Technologies – $98,900 Commercialisation of Hypometer Techologies platforms for big data analysis in social media and sporting data, which use academic research and machine learning to generate descriptive and predictive metrics of activity and performance.

Immersive Robotics – $100,000 Refine and develop a wireless virtual reality technology with a view to creating a beta prototype to demonstrate to key industry leaders such as Facebook and HTC.

Impact Building Systems – $100,000 Field trials for low cost solar thermal collector.

Innovation Overload – $100,000 Technical validation for ROVER (Romotely Operated Variable Effort Rotator), a crane load management system that allows a higher degree of rotational control.


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Ignite Ideas Fund

J.T Lawson & G.R Wickham – $99,667.50 Commercialisation of an ATV angle alarm, an audible alarm which is activated when an ATV approaches its maximum tipping angle.

Kahest – $91,000 Refine and market an innovative, reliable anchor retrieval system for small boats and light commercial vessels.

Magnetica – $250,000 Develop commercial manufacturing for innovative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) sub-systems used in pre-clinical and clinical MRI system applications to meet market demand.

Magnix Technologies – $125,000 Development of a high efficiency superconducting generator capable of producing high currents at low voltages suited to hydrogen fuel production and other current-intensive processes.

Natural Evolution – $250,000 Optimise production of the Natural Evolution product range, which is largely based on the healthy, gluten-free properties of locally grown, green, Lady Finger and Cavendish bananas to meet global market demand.

Opmantek – $250,000 Market and field testing for Opmantek’s new ReportIoT platform specialised in IoT management/ tracking and BYoD compliance for businesses.

Osler Technology – $100,000 Launch Osler, an online platform to track, improve and assess clinical competencies of healthcare professionals, enabling them to extend their scope of practice and optimising patient outcomes.

Parsons, Bradley Evan – $100,000 Develop and implement FitMachine®, an innovative sensor solution for monitoring equipment health of industrial rotating machinery, in the similar way that a Fitbit™ helps individuals to monitor their personal fitness. FitMachine uses a custom built sensor, gateway, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. FitMachine can predict machine failures and thereby help reduce maintenance budgets by up to 50%.

Pimovation – $100,000 Commercialisation for Grapple, a front-end planning software to help project managers plan and document their projects more accurately and easily.

Redeye Apps – $250,000 Commercialisation of RedEye’s new workforce mobility app—RedEyeWFM that allows businesses to manage creation, scheduling and analysis of jobs completed anywhere, on any device.

Roubler Australia – $99,144 Develop an end-to-end mobile solution that gives employers flexible management of employment lifecycle from recruitment to payroll and everything in between, by utilising algorithms and global data analytics that offer exceptional improvements.

Strategik – $99,000 Complete and launch Strategik 365, a software as a service, business productivity extension for Microsoft Office 365 that helps businesses to leverage their existing Office 365 investment to reduce costs, increase agility and power innovation.


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Ignite Ideas Fund

Surgical Performance – $100,000 Expand existing functionality of the surgeon score card—a software application developed by surgeons for surgeons to help improve patients’ clinical outcome.

Synergy Eight – $250,000 Commercialisation of Synergy 8, digital marketing software through improvements to product, documentation, and customer onboarding processes.

The Trustee For The Stjepanovic Family Trust – $100,000 Expand Gruntify, a real-time data capture, analytics and job allocation system into a market-ready state.

V2i – $250,000 Develop and commercialise the V2i realtime platform software to transform the manner in which the property development sector achieves outcomes through a common visual language and interactive representation of complex site information, with a range of innovative design and data analytics tools that reduce overall project lifecycle costs, cut red tape, and revolutionise the stakeholder consultation and communication processes.

Wedding Village – $97,800 Commercialisation of Veilability, a localised, visual search engine for wedding venue service.

Round 2 Recipients

Adative – $99,710 The Ignite Ideas Fund will assist commercialisation of SwimAR- heads up display goggles, providing swimmers with unprecedented access to their training data.

Affinity.Me – $100,000 Affinity.Me is an innovative mobile app startup being developed in Queensland. It sets out to solve the increasingly large problem of loneliness, social disconnection and associated mental health issues by using innovative and scientifically rigorous combination of psychometrics and machine learning to help people make valuable, meaningful and positive connections with others in a way that has not been done before.

Agile Sensing – $98,280 The Hay Guard is a revolutionary Australian system to combat the degradation and spontaneous combustion of stored hay. Hay is a $2b industry in Australia, and critical to other agriculture industries such as dairy and cattle and unfortunately suffers from spontaneous heating due to the presence of moisture, microbes and sugar in the hay. The Hay Guard provides a modern, reliable and cost effective solution for the real time monitoring of hay conditions, throughout the entire stack.

Alkira Software – $99,800 In a world taken for granted by those who can see, technology relied upon to perform every day basic and essential tasks, excludes the blind and vision impaired (BVI). By design and functionality technology excludes BVI from participating meaningfully in society, operating autonomously, independently and with dignity. Alkira Software is assistive technology redefining BVI interaction and work in today’s world with an integrated intuitive series of interpretive, translational tools.

Allaro Homes Cairns – $99,390 Bim Bam, a Revit Architecture Plug In for Architects and Building Designers giving instant Virtual Reality, Project Estimate Pricing and 3D object browsing functionality. Using the Oculus Rift VR Goggles, designers and clients can visualise their construction projects, get estimate pricing to see potential costs and have access to 3D objects like furniture and plants to really understand what the project will look like as a finished product.


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Ignite Ideas Fund

Amblyoptica – $100,000 Imagine not being able to engage in activities where depth perception is essential. This is the fate of 3-5% of people who develop amblyopia (Lazy Eye) as a child. Children can be treated with conventional “patching” of the good eye, but ~60% carry amblyopia into adult life! Amblyoptica has developed a medical device to treat amblyopia in children and adults. The funding will help conduct critical clinical trial to facilitate the ongoing development and commercialisation of this device.

Assured IT – $245,500 Commercialise a next generation Virtual Reality platform. This platform produces to cues for the entire motion sensory system and delivers a truly immersive and believable experience.

Aussie Batteries and Solar – $250,000 The Giant Power product is a simple, robust and transportable off-grid power module, providing a reliable clean-energy solution to remote off-grid communities. The product includes an exclusive, globally-deployable active energy managemen tsystem. The unique product is able to service communities and markets that were previously geographically impossible

Australian Gulf Seafoods – $96,959.43 The Ignite Ideas Fund will assist to establish export markets for the highly prized Gulf of Carpentaria Mud Crabs.

Avmin – $74,340.00 Jetbidders is a unique technology platform allowing for charter flight quote requests to be automatically converted into “mini-tenders”. Suppliers get full access to charter requests while clients get easy access to a full pool of airlines in a given region. This drives competition and value to customers while providing all suppliers with equal opportunity to win each piece of work.

Bio Consultancy – $100,000 Bio Consultancy Pty Ltd is a biotechnology company located in Brisbane, specialising in natural marine collagen biomaterial for regenerative medicine. There has been a decline is the use of bovine and porcine collagen for human clinical use due to risk of bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Bio Consultancy has developed a novel marine collagen biomaterial as an alternative disease-free biomaterial for regenerative medicine.

BiVACOR – $250,000 The BiVACOR total artificial heart is a novel and revolutionary cardiac replacement device aiming to help the growing population with heart failure who are ineligible to receive a donor heart, including women and children. This project aims to refine a reliable wearable patient controller to operate the device to produce a physiologic outflow waveform for prolonged duration up to 10 years without failure.

Black Surveillance – $80,000 VBRT Industries (VBRT) is a startup R&D business specialising in advanced microelectronics. Its world-leading team develops electronics solutions for specialist markets. VBRT will design and manufacture products in Queensland, getting them to market through established networks in UK/Europe, North America and Oceania. Its initial product addresses current gaps in these markets. Modular hardware and software designs will enable expansion options to further meet emerging opportunities.

Blast Movement Technologies – $100,000 BMT is at the forefront of the blast movement industry. In order to maintain its position as a pioneer within the blast technology market, BMT is continually undergoing R&D activities in order to streamline and improve its technology products. One such improvement is the incorporation of high precision GPS software into the detector used to locate the blast movement monitoring sensors. This will dramatically increase the rate at which information can be transferred to downstream stakeholders.

BlockGrain – $95,000 Ditterich Agriculture is developing a fully automated agricultural commodity analysis, storage, logistics and trading platform which will help commodity growers increase their margins by reducing their reliance on a middle man. BlockGrain creates exceptional value for growers via our storage and blending system. Our platform is also connecting buyers from all over the world to growers all over Australia, in safe environment to increase market access and exponentially increase exports.

Blue Electronics – $100,000 Blue Electronic’s Precision Locator System allows users to easily determine the position of any bore hole or fence post to an accuracy of +/- 2.5 cm, and guides their machine to the precise position. It can also mark out routes for trench lines or grading tracks. Users simply select the start, finish, grade or number of holes, and press go – the user is then guided to the next hole or grade line. Funding will be used to complete development, undertake feasibility trials and test our target market.


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Ignite Ideas Fund

Blue Squirrel Financial Services – $100,000 The Squirrel Biz project is about leveraging Squirrel’s unique knowledge about consumers purchasing intent and building a B2B service. The Squirrel App has a repository of inspirational ideas that people can turn into bucket lists and connect with their bank savings accounts to track progress.

C9 – $97,900 InBoundio is the world’s simplest inbound marketing software targeted towards individuals and small businesses looking to organize their internet marketing efforts as well as marketing or design agencies looking to offer an easy to use white label / reseller service to their clients. InBoundio provides an easy way to accomplish basic online marketing activities (social media posting, landing pages, lead generation, CRM, email marketing) without being over complicated or overpriced.

Cavewire® – $240,000 Cavewire® is an innovative modular software solution that connects manufacturers, retailers and customers online via the cloud. The software virtualises inventory, breaking down local barriers and driving sales for manufacturers and retail outlets. This invaluable sales tool also provides enterprise management features to automate operations, saving costs, time and resources.

Cellarouge – $99,500 Cellarouge is developing a patented world-first Modified Polyphenol Technology for plant extraction, resulting in improved bioavailability and potency.

Cleantech UV International – $85,000 Cleantech UV International, a Gold Coast based company, has developed a scientifically tested and proven process that is able to tackle dangerous known pathogens that exist on hospital and healthcare mattresses, without the use of chemicals. The process uses remUVe – a mattress disinfection device that has acquired TGA ( Therapeutic Goods Administration) approval as a Grade 1 Medical device.

Cobalt Extreme – $100,000 The funding will assist field trials of the CobaltSPIRAL system, a novel system for preventing the premature failure of key water extraction components utilised in Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining operations. The system prevents the wear that otherwise results from contact between high RPM pumping rods and the dewatering tubes in which they rotate. The system also incorporates a patented advanced warning system which alerts operators at a well head to potentially damaging wear within the down-hole, before it occurs.

Cyclevision – $100,000 The Ignite Ideas Fund helps to refine and commercialise Cyclevision bicycle helmets with integrated forward and rear facing cameras. Both cameras record simultaneously HD vision in a 320 degree ark all events that unfold from ‘in front of’ and ‘from behind’ the cyclist. The rear helmet camera is Wi-Fi active and can be paired to the riders smartphone via a dedicated App so the rider can view in ‘real-time’ all events and happenings that unfold from behind the rider, allowing the cyclist time to take emergency action to avoid a collision

Darling Downs Ice Cream Company – $100,000 The project will help Darling Downs Ice Cream Company (DDICC) positioning the business to capture future business growth opportunities in supplying innovative ice-cream products into both domestic and international functional food markets. DDICC’s research and development team have undertaken extensive developmental work on how to include functional ingredients into ice-cream products, as well as developing innovative techniques for prolonging the shelf-life of an innovative, functional, ice-cream product.

DesignWorks Group – $99,500.00 Sports Performance Analyser is a wearable microsystems sports technology designed to capture quantitative data. It uses various sensor technologies to record data and custom-designed application software to convert the data for analysis.

Desygner – $96,000 The launch and commercialisation of Desygner Branding, which will allow companies to transform anyone, from staff members, to outsourced resources, to partners, to customers, into a brand ambassador by letting them generate branded content, with no risk to their visual identity, with full analysis and control of the disseminated results in the web, social and printed form.


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Ignite Ideas Fund

EFTlab – $249,150 Babylon Payment Switch is a flexible payment gateway that can support a range of different devices and interfaces. Devices can include Point Of Sale Terminals, Automatic Teller Machines and self-service kiosks. Interfaces can include communicating with web sites and internet banking applications but generally involve communicating with other switches on the bank side. BP-Switch is also able to interface with the Visa, MasterCard and Amex payment networks.

Eidsvold Siltstone – $56,400 Eidsvold Siltstone is a mining and manufacturing business that extracts blocks of sandstone/siltstone for diamond sawing into tiles, pavers and cladding bricks for upmarket construction projects along the eastern seaboard. Stone waste is used as landscaping pebble for bulk sales in Queensland. This project aims to commercialise the fine talc like powder produced from the diamond sawing and pebble tumbling slurry waste as a metakaolin for the Australian cement industry.

Ellaspede – $99,600 Local business Ellaspede is poised to be the go-to brand for motorcycles. Identifying a need within motorcycling for users to safely modify their vehicles to suit contemporary styles without the need for major fabrication. Ellaspede’s solution is an innovative kit range that provides a locally designed and manufactured solution that is simple, stylish and bolt on. With a global focus, Ellaspede’s goal is to bolster the local economy through advanced manufacturing and skilled labour development.

EMClarity – $208,000 A 10Gbps, 80GHz radio that can transfer data a fibre-like speeds over the air has been developed by EMClarity for a specific niche market and recently modified for the telecom market. This project will demonstrate this world leading product to key customers for integrating it into their forthcoming broadband 5G cellular networks as an alternative and/or back up to fibre where flexibility, speed of installation and cost are major considerations.

Eng Access – $100,000.00 Eng Access provides a new paradigm for the provision of engineering services. A direct connection is provided between clients and engineers, which increases the visibility of skills, availability, and pricing. Eng Access solves the ‘no work’ problem for engineers, and the ‘who to ask’ problem for clients.

Evolving Machine Intelligence – $100,000 Aviation engines are complex artifacts, operating under extreme temperatures and pressures that rapidly make them idiosyncratic and difficult to understand, with consequences for maintenance and risk. This project is a computer simulation-based demonstration of the EMI’s artificial intelligence platform- phi-TEA capabilities on a gas turbine engine, demonstrating that phi-TEA can reconstruct an appropriate, simplified ‘evolved identification’ model from noise-polluted time-series data generated by typical engine sensors.

Fathom Applications – $250,000 The development of project ‘Accelerate’ will provide a whole new way to craft management reports. It’s goal is to accelerate reporting workflows for advisory firms. It will offer value to advisers who are seeking to deliver more frequent and more engaging reporting services. Advisors will be able to craft personalised reports with complete flexibility and design control. It will also provide a streamlined workflow for creating and delivering reports to individual clients or groups of clients.

FX2School – $99,245.20 FX2School is an innovative payment solution for education institutions to receive payments from international students and an easy way for students to make international payments. Hidden fees are elimited by saving money for students, and reducing the administration burden of education providers by making it easy to process international payments.

GPS Innovations – $100,000 The funding will help commercialise Target Zero – a multi-dimensional program and method to improve fleet driver safety and reduce vehicle fleet costs based on existing in-vehicle and web-based reporting solutions as well as to introduce additional elements including data analytics, qualitative research techniques and driver education.

Grassads – $94,000 Grassads has successfully developed robotic technology for laying down graphic images on large surfaces, principally on sports fields but also in car parks, construction sites and for uses in agriculture. The Ignite Ideas Fund helps to improve the robots efficiencies and mass market production readiness for overseas market compliance.


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Ignite Ideas Fund

Huds and Toke – $88,975 The project will help conduct market validation for Huds and Toke’s International Digital expansion objectives using a Digital Solution into the $18 Billion per year Japanese Pet Industry.

ImmersaView – $250,000 ImmersaView will develop a cloud based, video streaming software for a number of vertical markets outside our core market of Defence. The software will be provided via cloud infrastructure with a Software as a Service model.

InLine Orthopaedics – $250,000.00 The project will help conduct hospital audit trials for InLine Orthopaedic’s computerised surgical assistance system for total hip replacement surgery. The required audit operations provide critical data on the surgical outcomes, before commercial launch. The site chosen is KCH in London to access the NHS accreditation system, making it acceptable to Commonwealth and EU nations and respected by the USA.

iVvy – $250,000 iVvy has built the world’s first marketplace for the events industry, allowing event organisers to view live availability, get an accurate price, and make an instant booking. From venues and entertainers to musicians, speakers and caterers – all these suppliers will be able to publish live availability and pricing into iVvy’s marketplace and on their own websites, driving increased business growth, automating business processes creating increased efficiencies and profitability.

KFSU – $71,600 The Ignite Ideas Fund assists to validate market for the the export expansion of KFSU “Phytocel” following trials from the University of Queensland and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries proving that Phytocel performed extremely well in reducing costs and adding flavour and texture in meat products and baked goods and in particular Gluten free baked goods.

Locatrix Communications – $100,000 Locatrix Communications’ Network-independent IoT Location Project will deliver a cloud-based software solution that provides low-impact (in terms of cost and signalling overhead) location-determination capabilities for any mobile IoT network service provider, irrespective of whether they are using home or roaming wireless network infrastructure. The network-independent IoT location solution allows device location to be monetised as a value-added feature from wireless IoT network providers.

MiCare Global – $100,000 MiCare Global is an Australian based software company specialising in the provision of a single platform management solutions for the care sector: compliance, communication, asset management, learning, HR, finance and administration solution.

Motor Cycle Innovation – $250,000 The project will help refine and validate a patented, totally new and unique motoinnoTS3 steering and suspension system for motorcycles. The TS3 addresses the limitations identified in all previous incarnations of tele-forked and alternate motorcycle steering and suspension..

Myoni Group – $97,592.58 Myoni Group is a Brisbane based, female-run startup providing Australian women with innovative, specially designed, and high quality feminine hygiene solutions and complementary products.

Nexgen Plants – $222,900 Nexgen Plants is a startup company commercialising an approach to dramatically improve the ability to confer virus resistance into economically significant food, fibre, energy, and ornamental crops. Viruses cause more than US$60 billion in crop losses each year.

Using Nexgen’s patented technology, this project aims to provide additional proof of concept data by developing rice crops that are resistant to a common virus or viruses using a non-GM approach.

Next Generation Mobility – $84,518.49 Lighter, stronger, tailored made power wheelchairs, built on the Gold Coast for people all over the world using the latest aerospace materials and manufacturing techniques. As a power wheelchair user for over 20 years the founder of NGM knows what is needed from a chair. With patented suspension and 20 inch drive wheels the wheelchair can take you places you have never been before. Our chair is able to climb twice the angle of any competitor and can be remotely driven by a carer’s smart phone.

Point Duty – $250,000 The aim of the project is to increase functionality Point Duty’s Social Network Analysis by Point Duty (SNAPD) in line with customer and IBM data analytics requirements.


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Ignite Ideas Fund

Premier Rock Machinery – $99,700 The project will provide field testing and refinement to Premier Rock machinery’s Sentinel System- a unique and innovative Hazardous Zone Monitoring System for use on and around mobile machinery which industry partners have described as a “game changer”. By mapping the zone in three dimensions, the system can reliably alert pedestrians and machine operators of hazardous zone breaches.

Q G E – $247,228 Ex-online is a web-based tool to assist designers and constructors to more efficiently manage and demonstrate compliance of their hazardous area project with Australian and international standards, using crowdsourcing and advanced data matching techniques.

Q-Cool – $245,343.00 Commercialisation of ThermoSphere, a smart, zone-able, modular, concealed and highly energy and emissions efficient reverse cycle air-conditioner.

QHeart Medical – $100,000 QHeart Medical is commercialising a revolutionary heart failure treatment device- BioQ CA a cost effective self powered cardiac assist device which requires no pump or control systems. It aims to improve Quality of Life and reduce healthcare costs for millions of unserved patients worldwide.

Resource Flow – $100,000 The project will provide proof of concept for AirLift Pipe Conveyor, a frictionless air levitated conveyor based on an integral pipe design that reuses and recycles air enabling extrusion from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), or steel pipe. The conveyor is half the capital cost, and half the operating cost with practically no maintenance. The conveyor can be installed on-ground, elevated, or buried. It’s environmentally sealed with no dust or noise and has eliminated the the power loss from conveyor idlers.

Safecam Technologies – $100,000 SafeStruct project provides field testing of a unique Point-to-Point safety camera system serving the road construction industry and the public.

Sales Miner – $100,000 Sales Miner, allows users to analyse their own business, customers, products or services against competitors, financial factors, asset capabilities and timeframes to determine the market segments representing the best opportunity for growth.

Sisa-Tech – $100,000 Vorteil is a new software operating system for cloud based data centres. It significantly enhances security, reduces capital and operating costs and provides for greater speed and capacity during peak demand periods. The Ignite project will support a beta test with two blue chip data centre clients. Successful beta test will become a testimonial customers and provide the credibility to commence commercialisation of the software to data centres worldwide.

Site Diary – $88,500 SiteDiary provides civil engineering and construction companies with an electronic site diary to replace current paper-based diaries and excel spreadsheets. SiteDiary makes it easy to capture daily site activity and resource usage in the field, providing more reliable cost, productivity, and resource usage data. This saves the company time and hassle, eliminates double-handling of information, and enables more accurate forecasting, reporting and analysis.

Skyborne Technologies – $100,000 The Cerberus is a ground-breaking tri-tilt-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It has unmatched hover capability because it can tilt its body up and down at any angle, enabling larger and more complex payloads (such as cameras and delivery systems) to be pointed without requiring a complex camera gimbal. The Ignite Ideas fund will assist improvement for the Defence industry with ability to provide platoon level support.

SkyNet Satellite Communications – $99,960 REACH Aeronautical Cross Data Integration (XDI) solution is designed to bring together live telemetry tracking data and third party rostering and engineering data providing a significantly improved pre-departure analysis of aircraft status. New methods of combining this flight data from third party data sources will be designed including data warehousing structure and data searching for analytics. On Time Performance (OTP) metrics will be improved including efficiency and operating costs.

Smarta Industrial – $100,000 This project will progress the development of an on-farm milk vat core temperature and level monitoring system that will ultimately facilitate complete “cold chain” responsibility for dairy production.

The system, comprising vat-mounted temperature and pressure transducers, wall-mounted control panel and online portal will provide a cost effective, efficient and critical means through which to monitor and record vat volumes and milk temperatures, with an alert system to warn of cooling issues


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Ignite Ideas Fund

Space Counts – $97,585 The correlation between university student engagement, attendance and retention is well documented. Existing methods of measuring student engagement are too expensive and do not link to student retention. Space Counts is a cost effective process to gather and analyse student engagement data to inform course design, subject delivery planning, student support services, space planning and timetabling. The project will trial the Space Counts process at James Cook University.

Stazer – $100,000 The project will help showcase Stazer, the world’s first laser stop watch, at major athletic team sports tryouts and show potential international partners that it is able to collect data by the millisecond not just the finish of a race or a couple of splits in training. We intend to show the world that the data that is missing and no one sees, between the start and finish of race is the key data to improving speed in training and racing.

Taskout – $100,000 Taskout will be the world’s favourite SaaS for managing recurring and one-off tasks across multiple retail stores to ensure retail stores run better with less stress, minimal errors and smarter use of store/cluster/area/regional manager time thus improving productivity and profitability, whilst reducing compliance risks.

TenasiTech – $158,872 TenasiTech has developed a new product for solving this major limitation. Our product, SOLID-TT™, is an additive mixed into plastic to increase the scratch resistance on the final parts. Importantly, it does this without affecting other key properties, such as impact strength or appearance.

The Original Rescue Swag – $100,000 Rescue Swag is the world’s first ‘Smart First Aid Kit’ with a smartphone app, capable of interacting with Rescue Swag’s first aid product inclusions and guiding the user to learn and apply 1st aid correctly – anywhere, anytime. This smart safety system also transforms into a sling, splint and immobilization device. Rescue Swag is designed with preparedness in mind for a customer concerned with lifestyle, health and sustainability.

The Water & Carbon Group – $250,000 Sludge-Treatment Reed Beds (STRBs) are a novel method to treat biosolids, offering a lower-energy, lower-cost solution than traditional processes. The Ignite Ideas Fund will assist The Water and Carbon Group to carry out two pilot STRB plants in Queensland to refine the technology for Australian conditions.

Tiltsta – $100,000 Tiltsta turns videos into mobile full-screen shopping experiences, uniquely enabling shopping at the flick of the wrist. With demonstrated traction in Australia we are planning to enter the US market in a strategic approach involving US customer pilot projects for lead generation towards commercial marketing and sales activities.

Tour Amigo – $100,000 The project will focus on trialling, market testing and enhancing the Tour Amigo platform, a unique service enabling prospective travellers to search, find and book organised tours which are in line with their personal interests. The project will prove to industry partners and potential investors the commercial viability and effectiveness of the Tour Amigo platform.


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Ignite Ideas Fund

Travello App – $100,000 This project will connect tourism providers and travellers in a far more intelligent and curated way, providing a better travel experience for the traveller and laser focussed marketing opportunities for tourism providers.

V-TOL Aerospace – $100,000 V-TOL VEURON is a customized mini-computer on a card designed to process Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (S-UAS less than 25kg) payload data in real-time. This capability will enable the Neuron Auto-Pilot to execute automated safe navigation and collision avoidance commands during flight, making the S-UAS smarter in protecting other airspace users and ground based assets during its operations.

Vald Performance – $100,000 The GroinBar Hip Strength Testing System – a novel device for assessing and monitoring an individuals groin and hip strength. Groin and hip injuries are a significant issue for running based activities, and an enormous cost to elite sporting teams. The commercialisation of the GroinBar will increase the ability of coaches and clinicians to reliably test groin/hip strength, in turn reducing injuries through accurate monitoring and management of chronic groin and hip pain.

VRT Systems – $220,000 VRT has developed a real-time, cloud-based data management platform for the Internet of Things, WideSky® and a smart lighting management application, Firefly, that is serviced by WideSky. Pilot projects implemented to date deliver only basic monitoring and control functionality. This project will add management functionality to Firefly and deliver a demonstration facility that will emphasise the open, universal nature of the platform as demanded by City Councils for their smart city applications.

Wagners EFC – $250,000 Wagners EFC is an advanced manufacturing company that produces sustainable concrete products with superior structural performance. The Ignite Ideas Fund will help transform laboratory scale chemical formulation into an advanced manufacturing capacity for commercial scale EFC geopolymer harder chemicals (AMGH) for Wagners EFC customers both in Australia and around the world.

Wildfire Energy – $100,000 Development of technology for converting biomass into renewable syngas for use in clean energy projects. This project involves expanding and operating a pilot plant based on a proprietary moving injection horizontal gasification method and the design of a demonstration scale project to convert biomass into clean syngas and electricity as a precursor to a commercial scale project.

Woods Foods – $112,500 Woods Foods is a unique, fully vertically integrated family owned business with full control and accountability of the food supply chain. The project will help scale the business by introducing an extrusion process line to the manufacturing plant and development of a retail brand for pulse and grain products which will sell as its core puffed and extruded products that are manufactured at the Woods Foods plant.


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Ignite Ideas Fund

WorkingMouse – $250,000 The funding will help to improve WorkingMouse’s service offering of Codebots as a Platform-as-a-Service. Codebots are Artificial Intelligence (AI) created by WorkingMouse that writes software application codes to suit different organisations requirements.

Xenith Consulting – $140,000 Xenith Consulting has developed an alternative strategy to use the salt by-product of the CSG process. This strategy turns the salt into a safe and stable product that can be used for a range of purposes that may offset the need to ‘bury’ or ‘store’ the product, which in turn, if not managed appropriately may cause long term legacy issues for both industry and government.

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