The Impact Investment Ready Discovery Grant

Up to $50,000 is available from the Discovery Grant to help not-for-profit organisation with DGR1 status explore pathways towards financial sustainability.

The Impact Investment Ready Discovery Grant

The Impact Investment Ready Discovery Grant

The Impact Investment Ready Discovery Grant provides not-for-profit organisations with grants to explore pathways towards financial sustainability and plant the seed for future impact investment propositions through capacity building.



The Impact Investment Ready Discovery Grant is the second part of an Impact Investing Program established by Philanthropy Australia in partnership with National Australia Bank (NAB). The Program commenced with an education focused Australia-wide roadshow of workshops on Impact Investing: Tools & Techniques for Philanthropic Funders in 2016. On this foundation, the grant program aims to support the practical application of the learnings.



The purpose of the Discovery Grant is to enhance capacity, provide funding, grow the investment pipeline, and support sustainability of the sector.



The maximum grant amount is $50,000.

Eligible Projects

The Impact Investment Ready Discovery Grant  may fund the following organizations and activities:

  • Incubators and/or innovation labs to effectively engage staff in the innovation/social enterprise area and identify projects suitable for impact investing
  • Engage partners/specialist skilled volunteers to assist in developing business cases and train staff in a range of impact investing tools, e.g. loan agreements, capital raising mechanisms etc.
  • Document and make readily available appropriate case studies, tools and guides, resources, approved partners and networks to support the NFP sector
  • Support NFPs to engage external advisors to act as mentors, reviewers and trainers
  • Support NFPs who have implemented impact investment projects to play a more active part to mentor and support other NFPs


Eligible Applicants

The Impact Investment Ready Discovery Grant invites charitable organisations with DGR Item 1 Status, unless indicated otherwise via specific sub-programs, who:

  • Clearly demonstrate a commitment to developing a more sustainable business to achieve positive social and/or environmental outcomes via impact investing;
  • Have a deep understanding of their clients and different service model options; and
  • Can demonstrate an awareness of the requirements of impact investing, trading enterprises and alternative financial models.

Preference will be given to eligible organisations which:

  • Source other funds (cash and/or in-kind) too add value to the capacity-building program;
  • Have identified an external intermediary impact investment expert to assist and advise them on their impact investing journey; and/or
  • Have NOT received previous funding for an impact investing project.

Eligible organisations which have an impact investing project – existing or about to commence – which requires capacity-building to ensure its success/de-risking may also be considered.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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