Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund

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What is the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund?

The Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund is a $15 million Victorian Government initiative established to encourage businesses to invest in R&D infrastructure, enhancing Victoria’s capability in key industries and boosting R&D spending by local businesses.


Case Studies

MVP Ventures Grant

Bulletpoinst assisted PolyNovo to secure $500,000. PolyNovo plans to use the funding to support the purchase of new equipment and the upgrading of existing equipment used for manufacturing our NovoSorb SynPath product, used for amongst other things diabetic foot ulcers (DFU).

MVP Ventures Grant

Bulletpoint assisted Thomas Global Systems to secure $2 million.

The company will develop and qualify two new flight-critical avionics products – an Enhanced Upfront Display Unit and a Keyboard Unit for Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter, a significant US military airborne program.

Sovereign Industrial Capability Grant

Bulletpoint helped SoftIron secure a grant of $1.5 million to open its first manufacturing facility in Australia.

The facility will build “clean” computer servers for the Australian Defence Force to be sure there is no unknown code in their data centres.

The project will further bolster Australia’s data infrastructure resilience by locally manufacturing our world-leading data centre solutions.


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This is what I would focus on to win the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund

Here are the main points you need to focus on in your Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund grant application:

  1. Clearly articulate how your project will increase business expenditure on Research & Development (R&D).
  2. Describe how the project’s outcomes will be consistent with the objectives of the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund.
  3. Illustrate your strategy for managing and sustaining the infrastructure beyond the grant period to support ongoing R&D projects.
  4. Demonstrate how your activity will enhance innovation at the firm level and boost the competitiveness of your sector.
  5. Discuss your project’s role in the development of new products and services, particularly for new or emerging markets.
  6. Show how the project will deliver new or improved R&D infrastructure capabilities to meet industry demands.
  7. Specifically, focus on the development of R&D capabilities not currently accessible within Victoria and the project’s potential to attract business expenditure on R&D in Victoria.
  8. Provide comprehensive details about the lead applicant and partner’s ability to manage research infrastructure and R&D projects.
  9. If applicable, provide evidence of the applicant’s successful track record in delivering grant projects and the resources to be allocated to the project.
  10. Outline a detailed project implementation plan, showing how it will meet the project deliverables and milestones.
  11. Describe the broader benefits of the project to non-participants, such as strengthening supply chains, enhancing skills, and boosting workforce capabilities.
  12. Detail project partners and the benefits they bring to the project.
  13. Outline any history of successful collaboration with research providers.



These are the types of companies that you will be competiting against. It is important to not only assess the strength of your company and your project but the strength of competiing companies.

  1. Agilent Technologies – Agilent is a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. They focus their R&D on creating instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise to enable customers to gain insight into their research and analysis.
  2. Antisense Therapeutics – Antisense is an Australian publicly traded pharmaceutical drug discovery and development company. Their R&D focuses on new treatments for a range of medical conditions using antisense pharmaceuticals.
  3. Atmo Biosciences – Atmo Biosciences is a digital health company focused on gut health. Their R&D is centered around ingestible gas-sensing capsule technology to help diagnose gastrointestinal disorders.
  4. Avecho Biotech – Avecho is a biotech company with R&D focusing on using its proprietary technology platform, TPM®, to enhance the delivery of drugs and improve their performance.
  5. 3D Meditech: Specialises in 3D printing for medical devices and healthcare applications, focusing on advanced manufacturing techniques and material research in their R&D.
  6. 4D Medical: A medical technology company transforming traditional 2D medical imaging into 4D quantitative data, with R&D efforts aimed at refining and expanding the applications of this imaging technology.
  7. AdAlta: Works on developing protein therapeutics to treat a range of human diseases, concentrating on the development and clinical testing of these novel therapeutics in their R&D.
  8. Cyclotek: Produces and distributes radiopharmaceuticals for Positron Emission Tomography (PET), focusing their R&D on the development of new radiopharmaceuticals and production methods.
  9. Dentalife: A leading provider of high-tech dental equipment, with R&D largely focused on the development of new dental technologies and equipment.
  10. Provides global spray technology with R&D activities focusing on fluid mechanics and droplet analysis to improve spray application technology.
  11. ImmunoSys: Dedicated to improving the immune response against cancer and infections, with R&D developing novel immunotherapies and diagnostic tools.
  12. Immuron: A biopharmaceutical company focused on oral immunotherapeutics for various gut mediated diseases, concentrating their R&D on novel gut-targeted immunotherapies.
  13. Nutromics: Develops personalised nutritional and health solutions, with R&D focusing on biosensor technology and digital health platforms.
  14. Probiotec: Manufactures a range of pharmaceuticals and specialty ingredients, with R&D activities centred on pharmaceutical manufacturing technology and formulation development.
  15. Snoretox: Works on treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea, with R&D focused on the development and clinical testing of new non-invasive treatments.
  16. Blackmores: A leading natural health company with R&D focused on the development of new vitamins and dietary supplements, and evidence-based research on natural medicine.
  17. Ensign Laboratories: Develops and manufactures a range of pharmaceutical products, with R&D directed towards formulation and pharmaceutical development.
  18. Hydrix: Offers product design and engineering services to create impactful products and experiences, including in the medical technology sector. Their R&D involves new product design, development, and testing methodologies.
  19. CR Surfacing Laboratories: A leading manufacturer of prescription optical lenses in Australia. They focus on R&D in the areas of lens design, manufacturing technologies, and lens coatings.
  20. Compumedics: Develops and sells computer-based medical products. R&D activities include sleep diagnostics, neurology, and cardiology.
  21. Cylite: Develops and manufactures Hyper-Parallel Optical Coherence Tomography (HP-OCT) systems for ophthalmic and optometric use. Their R&D is focused on optical metrology and imaging.
  22. Daniels Health: Provides full-service waste management to hospitals, medical, dental and veterinary facilities. Their R&D efforts are primarily around waste management solutions and technologies.


Why Bulletpoint?

Grant applications can seem like a challenging maze. However, with the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund now open for EOIs, this is your chance to leverage my proven expertise at Bulletpoint. I’ve guided numerous businesses successfully through complex R&D tax incentives and grant applications, securing substantial funds for their innovative projects.

At Bulletpoint, we’re not just well-versed in the complexities of grant applications; we’re also experts in success. For example, we assisted PolyNovo in securing $500,000 to support the upgrade of their equipment for manufacturing the life-changing NovoSorb SynPath product. Thomas Global Systems benefited from our guidance, acquiring $2 million to develop flight-critical avionics products for a significant US military airborne program. We also helped SoftIron receive a grant of $1.5 million to launch their first Australian manufacturing facility, producing secure computer servers for the Australian Defence Force.

Each of these examples underscores our extensive track record in infrastructure grant success. I’m passionate about turning potential into reality and simplifying the often daunting grant application process.

Don’t let this golden opportunity to bolster your business with the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund slip through your fingers. Allow me to leverage my extensive track record and industry expertise to help you through the application process and increase your chances of success.

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The Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund will incentivise Victorian companies to make new investments in new or enhanced R&D infrastructure to support the growth of Victoria’s R&D capability across key industry sectors and further business expenditure on R&D. The benefits created by the funding can be to a business, or to an industry, or to both, but must be able to show how the project will increase Victoria’s business expenditure on R&D in the medium to longer term.


To support business investment in R&D as a key driver of innovation and economic growth the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund will:

  • directly support industry investment in new or enhanced R&D infrastructure to increase R&D activity
  • enable high quality collaboration and mutually valued research between industry, universities and/or research providers
  • deliver broader spill-over benefits from the investments, particularly in manufacturing, strengthening supply chains and in up skilling the workforce, with a focus on priority industry sectors
  • support R&D infrastructure that will strengthen the capability of Victorian industry to respond to opportunities in emerging areas of innovation.

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Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund



The $15 million Made in Victoria – Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund will provide matched grant funding of between $250,000 and up to $2 million to eligible businesses in Victoria, to invest in new or enhanced R&D infrastructure to support the growth of Victoria’s R&D capability across key industry sectors.

Eligible Projects

The Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund will support new R&D infrastructure projects aligned to Victoria’s priority industries as identified in the Made in Victoria: 2030 Manufacturing Statement, including:

  • new energy technologies, including wind, hydrogen, solar and batteries
  • health technologies, including medtech, biotech, pharma and consumer healthcare
  • food manufacturing and agriculture
  • defence, aerospace and space
  • digital and advanced technologies, including advanced materials, robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), 3D-printing, and quantum technologies.

Projects aligned to other industry sectors may also apply for funding.

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Eligible Applicants

The Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund is open to:

  • businesses that have identified key research and development equipment/infrastructure that will support their R&D activities and anchor their operation in Victoria
  • businesses that provide R&D services.

Successful applicants will need to complete the project activities within 12 months. Successful applicants may negotiate project timelines beyond 12 months on a case-by-case basis.

To be eligible for the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund the organisation must:

  • be a business operating in Victoria with an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • employ at least 20 FTE (full-time equivalent) staff or have an annual turnover between $1.5 to $100 million
  • agree to meet all industrial relations obligations as an employer, in accordance with the National Employment Standards
  • agree to adhere to and enforce Victoria’s Climate Change Act 2017, the Fair Jobs Code (2018), the Local Jobs First Policy (2018) and Gender Equality Act (2020)
  • demonstrate why government funding is necessary to achieve the project outcomes or would lead to improved outcomes.

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Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund



Applications for the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund close 18 August 2023. 

More Information

Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund - FAQ

  • The Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund is a $15 million Victorian Government initiative established to incentivise businesses to make new investments in R&D infrastructure.
  • It aims to support the effective development of Victoria’s R&D capability in key industry sectors and increase Victorian business expenditure on R&D.
  • Grants of between $250,000 and $2 million are available to eligible Victoria businesses.
  • The funding is provided on a cash co-contribution basis, with a minimum 1:1 ratio.
  • Up to 50% of eligible project expenditure can be covered by the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund.
  • The Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund aims to create benefits for businesses, industries, and the overall R&D activity in Victoria.
  • It focuses on priority industries such as new energy technologies, health technologies, food manufacturing and agriculture, defence, aerospace and space, and digital and advanced technologies.
  • However, projects aligned to other industry sectors may also apply for funding through the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund.
  • To be eligible for the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund, your business needs to be registered in Victoria, have a minimum 3-year trading history, and a presence in the state.
  • You should employ at least 20 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff or have an annual turnover greater than $1.5 million.
  • Research institutions, universities, and public sector research providers can also be project partners under the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund.
  • Yes, R&D service providers are eligible to apply for funding through the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund.
  • They need to meet the other eligibility requirements outlined for businesses.
  • Yes, both interstate and international companies can apply for the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund.
  • They can do so if their project is to be conducted in Victoria and meets the eligibility criteria set by the fund.
  • International companies should have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and a presence in Victoria.
  • No, it’s not mandatory to have a project partner or set up a consortium to apply for the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund.
  • However, your proposed project should meet the eligibility requirements and program objectives to be considered for funding.
  • The application process for the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund consists of two stages: Expression of Interest (EOI) and a formal application.
  • The key dates for each stage will be communicated on our program page, so stay tuned for updates on when you can apply.
  • The grant funding from the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund supports the purchase and commissioning of capital equipment, construction or outfitting of buildings, training, labour, and related expenses.
  • It is aimed at establishing R&D infrastructure within eligible projects.
  • No, funding will not be provided for retrospective activities.
  • It means that you should not commence the project before executing the grant agreement from the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund, as doing so is at your own risk.
  • As a recipient of the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund, you will be required to submit progress reports, financial reports, and a project completion evaluation report.
  • Cooperation with the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR) for program evaluation is also required.
  • Yes, successful projects funded through the Industry R&D Infrastructure Fund may be announced through media releases and listed on the Business Victoria website.
  • As a grant recipient, you may also be requested to cooperate with DJSIR for promotional materials, such as case studies, subject to consultation.

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