Industry Research Fellowships

What is the Industry Research Fellowships?

The Industry Research Fellowships is a program to support PhD qualified researchers in undertaking original research that will benefit Queensland, while partnering with industry.



Advance Queensland focuses on growing the economy and creating jobs. This includes investing in science and innovation in order to:

  • build Queensland’s reputation and capacity to conduct innovative research and development
  • deliver new products and services for Queenslanders
  • establish new industries that will provide jobs for the future.

The Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships program supports researchers partnering with industry to complete original research that will have a positive impact on Queensland. 

The program is focused on establishing and/or maintaining meaningful collaboration between researchers and industry.



The Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships program:

  • provides opportunities for researchers to pursue and continue their research careers
  • assists in retaining the state’s best and brightest research minds in Queensland



The following fellowship grants are available:

  • early-career fellowships – $160,000 over two years, or $240,000 over three years (excluding GST)
  • mid-career fellowships – $240,000 over two years, or $360,000 over three years (excluding GST).  


Eligible Projects

The fellowship proposal must address at least one of the following investment areas:

  • using the following innovative technology to advance industry:
    • Automated systems
    • Robotics and artificial intelligence
    • Nanotechnology
  • innovating the tourism industry
  • using innovative methods to improve agriculture and food
  • developing environmentally responsible mining practices
  • managing Queensland’s waste and pollution
  • managing future potential pandemic crises, or similar emergency events, that could severely impact Queensland
  • building resilience against natural disasters e.g., droughts, floods, cyclones and bushfires
  • energy sustainability
  • sustainable fuels (excluding hydrogen)
  • water sustainability.

Advance Queensland fellowships must be completed over the approved duration (two or three continuous years), irrespective of the Fellow’s FTE commitment to the fellowship (which must be 50 per cent FTE or higher). Fellows with approved projects of two years duration will not receive additional Advance Queensland funding for extensions.


Eligible Applicants

The applicant organisation must be a Queensland-based agency that conducts research as part of its core activities, including some universities, government agencies, not-for-profit organisations, and companies. The applicant organisation nominates the proposed Fellow.

The proposed Fellow must:

  • be an Australian citizen or have Australian residency for the duration of the proposed fellowship when submitting the application
  • be employed by the applicant organisation in a minimum 50% FTE capacity
  • spend a minimum 50% FTE on the fellowship
  • work and reside in Queensland for the duration of the fellowship
  • have a PhD research qualification with: 
    • up to 5 years post-PhD research experience for early-career fellowships
    • 5 to 10 years post-PhD research experience for mid-career fellowships. 

Allowances will be made for time taken away from research e.g. for parenting, caring, illness, or time in non-research roles.

  • have a research proposal that addresses one of the investment areas outlined in the program guidelines
  • have one or more Queensland-based industry/end-user partners
  • have cash co-funding from the applicant and/or partner organisations that equals or exceeds the funding sought from the Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships program.



Applications close 19 July 2021.


More Information


2021 Recipients

Transforming Queensland Tourism with Micro-transport
Dr Abraham Leung
Griffith University$240,000
New methane mitigation technology to increase Queensland’s beef industry sustainability
Dr Diogo Costa
Central Queensland University$240,000
Cheaper greener Queensland: Optimising renewable fuel production from mixed-waste
Dr Jahirul Islam
Central Queensland University$360,000
Development of Sustainable Shotcrete using Cullet
Dr Mehdi Serati
The University of Queensland$360,000
Novel statistical estimation of fugitive methane emissions using drones
Dr Sebastian Hoerning
The University of Queensland$160,000
Advancing Queensland nut industry using machine vision
Dr Shahla Hosseini Bai
Griffith University$360,000
Production of value-added products from waste fire extinguishers and tyres
Dr Tak Kim
Griffith University$240,000
Integrating waste plastics into sleepers for sustainable railway infrastructure
Dr Wahid Ferdous
University of Southern Queensland$160,000
Early detection of chronic health conditions using AI prediction model
Dr Xujuan Zhou
University of Southern Queensland$360,000
RNA vaccines for next generation crop protection: Facilitating adoption
Dr Anne Sawyer
The University of Queensland$360,000
Using AI to save lives: identifying deteriorating patients earlier
Dr Anton van der Vegt
The University of Queensland$240,000
Enhancing pandemic preparedness through nucleic acid Nanopatch skin vaccination
Dr Christopher McMillan
The University of Queensland$240,000
Innovating avocado for indoor cropping – Advanced climate-smart production systems
Dr Christopher O’Brien
The University of Queensland$240,000
Graph-based learning approaches for monitoring clinical outcome of stroke patients
Dr Guohun Zhu
The University of Queensland$240,000
Advanced Engineered Materials from Queensland Natural Resources
Dr John Outram
Queensland University of Technology$240,000
Artificial Intelligence Enabled Mine Site Rehabilitation
Dr Kien Nguyen
Queensland University of Technology$360,000
Novel and Sustainable Protective Concrete Seawall Infrastructure
Dr Omar Alajarmeh
University of Southern Queensland$240,000
Using artificial intelligence to increase gas supply
Dr Ruizhi Zhong
The University of Queensland$160,000
Robust cathode materials for next-generation high-energy-density and low-cost lithium-ion batteries
Dr Xia Huang
The University of Queensland$160,000

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