Innovation Booster Grant

Innovation Booster Grant 2023

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What is the Innovation Booster Grant?

The Innovation Booster Grant is a program that provides funding to WA start-ups and small businesses to help them commercialise innovative ideas or projects, and to expand to create jobs.



The WA Government has launched its first ever Innovation Booster Grant. The grant is designed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses advance their ideas and commercialise them. It aims to catalyse new relationships between innovators, research providers and specialist commercialisation support services in Western Australia.



The Innovation Booster Grant has the following objectives:

  • To foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Western Australia: The program aims to support the development of innovative products, services, and solutions in Western Australia and to encourage entrepreneurship among local SMEs.
  • To increase the competitiveness of Western Australian SMEs: By providing funding and support for innovation, the program aims to help SMEs become more competitive and grow their businesses.
  • To create jobs and drive economic growth: The program aims to support the creation of new jobs and to drive economic growth in Western Australia by helping SMEs to bring innovative products and services to market.

The program provides funding for projects that demonstrate innovation in areas such as new product development, process improvement, and the development of new technologies or systems. Projects must have a clear commercialisation strategy and be able to demonstrate the potential for economic impact and growth.

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Innovation Booster Grant


Matched funding of up to $40,000 will be available.


Eligible Projects

Funding applications must fall under one of the Innovation Booster Grant eligible expenditure categories:

  • Research and Development
  • Product Development
  • Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property
  • Commercialisation Support Services.

The funding may be used to:

  • help develop new or enhanced commercially-ready products or services
  • establish a minimum viable product (MVP), prototype(s), processes or systems that might attract additional investment and/or customers
  • address a particular technical problem that cannot be solved by the applicant, or for which the solution is not readily available.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible, businesses must:

  • be registered in Western Australia (WA) with either an Australian business number (ABN) or Australian company number (ACN)
  • be developing an innovative project in WA
  • remain in WA for the next 3 years
  • be a solvent start-up or small business, employing under 50 people
  • be able to contribute at least 20% of the requested project funding costs.

Business will also be required to ensure that their expenditure and service providers meet specified eligibility requirements.

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Innovation Booster Grant


Applications now closed. 


More Information

2022 Recipients

  • Biotome Pty Ltd – Helitope: A Precision Diagnostic Test for Stomach Cancer Risk ($18,000)
  • Camp Connect Pty Ltd – Camp Connect App commercialisation plan for expansion ($14,800)
  • Carbon Ag Solutions Pty Ltd – Recycled waste amendment improves agricultural crops, soil carbon sequestration ($19,200)
  • CleanSubSea Operations Pty Ltd – CleanSubSea Envirocart System – in-water hull cleaning, capture and containment system ($20,000)
  • Click Brick Pty Ltd – Innovation that converts recycled plastic into bricks ($20,000)
  • Colleagues Matrixx – Colleagues Matrixx Develops Novel Innovative Resources Sector Technology – MatrixXchange ($14,800)
  • COTU Collective Pty Ltd – ‘Web3’ talent platform, where users can exchange creative talent and ideas more efficiently ($20,000)
  • Dark Stry – An immersive augmented reality prototype of ‘Dark Stry’- a self-guided adventure app for urban explorers ($12,000)
  • DiGii Pty Ltd – Individualised curriculum reporting and program extension ($20,000)
  • Digital Process Servers – Commercialisation of Digital Process Serving ($20,000)
  • Farm and Turf Equipment (WA) Pty Ltd – Project Electro-Retro (ER) – a revolutionary technology in clean garden mowing machines ($20,000)
  • Force Hooks Pty Ltd – Artificial Intelligence Enabled Strength Monitoring Solution for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation ($19,000)
  • Gene S Pty Ltd – GeneS-Youth-MIND kit– making personalised prescription possible ($20,000)
  • Helme Pty Ltd – Helme’s Damper Clamp™ – the shock absorber for service lines ($20,000)
  • Hemp Squared Pty Ltd – Hemp block certification for use in social housing ($19,353)
  • Innovative Mentoring Pty Ltd – Simplify the complexity of NDIS for WA’s Disability Community ($19,840)
  • Interpredata Pty Ltd – Digital traceability tool that stores data in a data warehouse, preserving original sample data and cleaning data for analysis, classification and geo-location ($19,700)
  • Leva Build Pty Ltd – Leva Build: Project Development & Prototyping of Wireless House Lifting Jacks ($20,000)
  • Lycaon Group Pty Ltd – Self-contained Hydrogen Storage and Power Module for industrial mobile equipment ($20,000)
  • Markr Systems – Virtual signage app and content management system that uses augmented reality (AR) ($19,793)
  • Mineral Magic – Field research trials to expand the impact of its innovative ‘Mineral Magic’ product to the agricultural sector ($20,000)
  • Numero Maths Pty Ltd – Numero App will make use of Numero (a mental maths card game used in most schools across the state) easier and cheaper for schools, particularly for smaller and remote ones ($18,000)
  • Open Corridor Inc. – ‘Smart City Monitor’ – an innovative IoT-based platform that enables cities to monitor and manage a broad range of IoT-enabled applications and services ($20,000)
  • Pretect Devices Pty Ltd – Innovative continuous monitoring device that detects Intravenous Therapy(IV) leakage in preterm babies ($19,952)
  • Respiradigm Pty Ltd – Asthma Umbilical Cord Blood Screening Test for Babies ($16,800)
  • SafenSecureCyber – Cyber resilience for WA small businesses ($15,862)
  • Scoop Digital Pty Ltd – An analytics dashboard for its content sharing platform that will help local businesses obtain content and technology needed to compete in local and global markets ($20,000)
  • Seafasten Offshore Pty Ltd – Seafasten GRID- a faster and more efficient sea-fastening solution to secure cargo to the deck of a vessel ($20,000)
  • SeedCulture – Minimum viable product development for SeedCulture platform- a sustainability education and engagement tool for teams ($20,000)
  • S5 System Pty Ltd – Bolted joints tightness and pre-tension monitoring with smart washers ($18,732)
  • Tjuart Architects Pty Ltd – Eco Tourist Pod Development ($20,000)
  • Verve InfoTec Pty Ltd – Innovative technology platform that provides an efficient and convenient rehabilitation service for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery ($20,000)
  • VetChip – An Electronic Animal Health Record Database to Store VetChip Data ($20,000)
  • Whole Green Foods Pty Ltd – Applying enzymatic processing technology to create hemp seed milk ($18,040

2021 Recipients

  • Alcolizer Pty Ltd –  Scale-Up of production of Alcolizer’s COVID-19 rapid antigen test
  • Avicena Systems – Ultra-high throughput, accurate, rapid screening system for COVID
  • Beelu Forest Distilling Company Pty Ltd – Premium Australian organic spirits distilled with novel proprietary koji strain
  • Clean Plant – Clean Chute
  • COREIOT Pty Ltd – Visible Machines
  • EarBuddy Pty Ltd – EarBuddy Device
  • Ex Planta Pty Ltd – Developing bio-synthetic natural plants compounds for human and animal health products
  • Gas Capture Technologies Pty Ltd – Carbon capture use and storage development
  • Medivitals Pty Ltd – Artificial Intelligence based remote monitoring platform with medical grade wearables
  • Metabolic Health Solutions Pty Ltd – WA Metabolic Health Database for Artificial Intelligence
  • NMR Services Australia Pty Ltd – BMR-40 instrument development
  • Noisy Guts Pty Ltd – Shaking it Up! 
  • OLP Robotics Pty Ltd – Automated system for refurbishment
  • Onetide Modular Systems Pty Ltd – SpeedReelTM Universal Spool Fuel Hose Stand: Land Deployment
  • Portable PPB Pty Ltd – Portable PPB (detectORE) machine design and manufacture
  • Primary Sales Australia Pty Ltd – Robotic weed rouging tool
  • Safehouse Australia – Development of Pressurised Habitat Control System to AS/NZS 60079-13 standard
  • Technology for Ageing and Disability WA – TADWA Voice Control Module
  • TeleMedVET – Diagnostic scanner to predict and prevent fractures in thoroughbred racehorses
  • Touchline Connect Pty Ltd – UX/UI analysis and enhancement: REACH Boarding System
  • Unpollute Pty Ltd – Dewatering Tailings: An environmental improvement in mining

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