Innovation Impact Grant Programme

Up to US$100,000 is available from  Innovation Impact Grant Programme to support projects from around the world, based on their potential to impact the environment positively and generate real social value.


Innovation Impact Grant Programme

The Expo Live Innovation Impact Grant Programme aims to fund novel and innovative solutions that encapsulate the spirit of Expo 2020 Dubai’s overall theme: ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. Expo’s three subthemes, Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, are focus areas for funding.



Expo Live is an innovation and partnership programme launched by Expo 2020 Dubai to fund, accelerate and promote creative solutions that improve lives while preserving our planet. Expo Live will harness the convening power of a World Expo to demonstrate how innovations coming from all places and people can advance the pace of progress and inspire a more inclusive and prosperous future.

With an allocation of USD 100 million, Expo Live will combine grant programmes, innovation challenges and knowledge-sharing events to promote collaboration and provide technical assistance and exposure to Global Innovators.



Expo Live has four objectives:

  1. Innovation -Make Expo 2020 Dubai an engine of global innovation that inspires and acts as a catalyst for creative and scalable solutions.
  2. Partnerships -Establish a network for collaboration between nations, organisations and innovators around shared global challenges.
  3. Engagement -Engage participants and stakeholders on the journey to Expo 2020 Dubai by connecting minds to seek and support solutions across Expo’s subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, while contributing high-quality and relevant content to be exhibited during the event.
  4. Impact -Create a tangible and quantifiable impact to improve the lives of people around the world by supporting the development and transfer of new solutions.



The Innovation Impact Grant Programme focuses on smaller, startup and social enterprise organisations that could utilise grants of up to USD100,000 to fuel and capacitate projects in their journey to scale.

Funding levels will depend on the stage of maturity of the project, its capacity to implement and grow, and the extent  of its impacts in the subtheme areas as well as at community level. Tranched funding against milestones will be introduced for larger projects, multi-year initiatives and startup ventures.



Eligible applicants are legally registered entities such as social entrepreneurs, SMEs, not-for-profit organisations and government-related entities.

  • Projects related to youth empowerment and/or initiated by youth are encouraged to participate through their institutional affiliations (e.g. community-based organisations).
  • In the case of individual innovators applying for grants, they must have a legally registered entity.
  • The applicant may act individually or with co-applicants. Co-applicants must satisfy the same eligibility criteria as the applicant.

No individuals or organisations with questionable legal status or standing may apply. These could include:

  • Being convicted of an offence concerning their professional conduct by the judgment of a competent authority.
  • Non-compliance with social security or tax payments in accordance with the legal provisions of the country in which they are established or those of the country where the contract is to be performed.
  • In financial trouble, which may include bankruptcy or suspended business activities.
  • Legally convicted of fraud, corruption, involvement in a criminal organisation, money laundering or any other illegal activity.
  • Misrepresentation in supplying the information required in this application process.

Application is:

  • Open to entrepreneurs, SMEs, NGOs and government entities
  • Innovations must have reached prototype level
  • Benefit to society, the environment or both
  • Legally registered entity



Applications for the fifth cycle will open later in 2019.


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