International Wine Tourism State Grants

Up to $1M is available from International Wine Tourism State Grants to attract and maximise international wine tourism in their state.

International Wine Tourism State Grants

International Wine Tourism State Grants

The International Wine Tourism State Grants provide state wine industry associations with access to a pre-determined funding allocation. These funds are intended to support a collaborative, strategic approach towards attracting and maximising international wine tourism in their state.



The Australian Government’s Tourism 2020 strategy is focused on building the resilience and competitiveness of Australia’s tourism industry and growing its contribution to the Australian economy. Australia’s exceptional food and wine tourism are important planks in this strategy.

The Export and Regional Wine Support Package  has been designed to complement and contribute to the objectives of Tourism 2020. The Package is a $50 million commitment, focused on building Australia’s international wine exports in such a way that will benefit wine producers and assist export-focused businesses to grow. It is also designed to improve the wine tourism experiences and opportunities on offer and build international wine tourism. There are two grant components within the Package designed to support the growth of international wine tourism in Australia: International Wine Tourism State Grants and International Wine Tourism Competitive Grants.



The objective of the International Wine Tourism State Grants program is to support stakeholders to implement initiatives, which will grow the number of and/or spend by tourists visiting a region of Australia for the purposes of international wine tourism.



The following eligible applicants are able to apply for a single grant, to a maximum amount (excluding GST) as outlined below.

  • New South Wales Wine Industry Association Incorporated (which covers ACT) – $1,000,000
  • Queensland Wine Industry Association Incorporated – $500,000
  • South Australian Wine Industry Association Incorporated – $1,000,000
  • Victorian Wine Industry Association Incorporated – $1,000,000
  • Wine Industry Association of Western Australia Incorporated – $1,000,000
  • Wine Industry Tasmania Limited – $500,000


Eligible Activities

Grant applications can be made for one or more of the following activities:

  • Research to inform the development of wine tourism strategies within the state directed at growing international wine tourism.
  • Facilitation of collaborative planning processes to develop wine tourism strategies within the state directed at growing international wine tourism.
  • Implementation of international wine tourism activities identified in a strategy developed by an Australian State Wine Association or an Australian State Government.
  • Trialling new initiatives specifically aimed at growing international wine tourism, provided the proposed activity includes an evaluation of the results of the trial which can be shared publicly.

Funding for events or marketing activities will only be approved in certain circumstances. It is intended as seed-funding to support inaugural events, trial new approaches or fund a one-off expansion of an existing event or activity. Applicants will need to clearly outline their strategy to fund future and expanded events or activities without Australian Government funding in their applications. Core funding for business-as-usual activities will not be eligible.



Applications close 2 March 2018.


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