Jobs and Regional Growth Fund

Up to $10M is available from Jobs and Regional Growth Fund to support projects which create employment and economic growth opportunities.

Jobs and Regional Growth Fund

Jobs and Regional Growth Fund

The $130 million Jobs and Regional Growth Fund is part of the government’s broader $200M Jobs and Regional Growth Package, targeted at growing regional economies and jobs for Queenslanders. The fund will help facilitate private sector projects which create employment and economic growth opportunities in regional areas outside South East Queensland facing significant economic and employment challenges.



The Government recognises that the private sector is the key jobs generator in the Queensland economy and this fund will incentivise regional private sector projects, investment and job creation.

The fund will:

  • support regional growth and job creation, by leveraging additional investment in the region
  • assist businesses to grow and expand in Queensland
  • target businesses and sectors such as agriculture, resources, tourism, manufacturing and construction.



The fund will provide one-off financial assistance ranging from $100,000 to over $10 million in either direct grants or relief of State charges (e.g., payroll tax, stamp duty).


Eligible Projects

Financial assistance is provided for the following:

  • projects that require direct and immediate assistance to help early stage development, such as feasibility studies; or
  • more substantial assistance for more developed businesses to expedite or facilitate expansion of operations; or
  • development of common user infrastructure opportunities that underpin the development of multiple projects.

The type and level of assistance will be determined on a case-bycase basis.

Projects must not ‘crowd out’ private sector investment that would otherwise have eventuated in the absence of the project.


Eligible Applicants

The fund will consider applications across a broad range of businesses, with both new and existing proposals for expansion in Queensland.

There is a preference for medium to large businesses and growth proposals that maximise benefits for regional employment.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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