Landing Pads

Landing Pads are an initiative of the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship.


Landing Pads Program

The Landing Pads program provides Australian start-up businesses with a workspace for up to 90 days in a global innovation hub. The space includes access to coaching, investors, customers, training opportunities, tailored networking events and state-of-the-art facilities to develop their business model.



The Landing Pads program provides market-ready startups and scaleups with potential for rapid growth a cost effective option to land and expand into major global innovations hubs around the world. Five Landing Pads have been established in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Berlin and Singapore.

Landing Pads provide market-ready startups and scaleups with:

  • a ninety day residency in a co-working space to help them grow their business by facilitating in-market business development, introductions to investors and mentor networks and strategic partnership opportunities
  • business services and in-market learnings from local and international experts
  • access to a curated community that supports Australian entrepreneurs who want to go global via shared insights and collaboration opportunities, and
  • assistance post residency with business advice to help them continue to grow their business.



Businesses that are ‘born global’, and by their very nature will disrupt the marketplace to achieve their potential as high-growth and high-return enterprises.

Landing Pads program is looking for Australian startups that are ready to go global and have:

  • Vision – what are your startup’s objectives and how are you going to achieve them?
  • Scalability – can you deliver your product or service to 100 or 1 million customers?
  • Traction – do you have a proof-of-concept, existing sales and customers, funding, investors and partners?
  • Differentiation – how does your offering disrupt its marketplace, and what is your value proposition and vision for growth?
  • Market relevance – how would 90 days in a Landing Pad make a difference to your startup?

Landing Pads participants are required to meet all costs associated with their travel, accommodation and insurance, and obtain an appropriate visa for the market.

If you are offered a space at a Landing Pad, Austrade will put in place an agreement with you that sets out the program’s terms and conditions and mutual obligations.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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What is the Landing Pads program?

Landing Pads provide Australian market-ready startups with access to global innovation hubs.   You will be immersed in an environment that will give you opportunities to bring your ideas to market and take your business global.


Where are the Landing Pads located?

Landing Pad locations are selected based on their status as a global innovation hub, their innovation and startup ecosystem, and their accessible network of entrepreneurial talent, mentors and investors.

  • San Francisco – The San Francisco Landing Pad is located at RocketSpace, in the geographical and cultural heart of the new technology boom. The neighbourhood is peppered with startups, technology investors and established companies, all of which combine to provide a rich environment of skills and talent for Australian companies to draw from. Notable alumni of RocketSpace include Spotify, Uber and Zappos.
  • Tel Aviv – The Tel Aviv Landing Pad will be located at SOSA (South of Salame). Described as ‘the town centre for the innovation industry’ in Tel Aviv, SOSA was founded by a community of innovation stakeholders, including some of the most prominent angel and venture capital investors in Israel. Occupying four stories of a vintage industrial building in South Tel Aviv, SOSA offers its members a uniquely crafted space, designed to promote interaction, creativity and collaboration.
  • Shanghai – The Shanghai Landing Pad is located at coworking space XNode. XNode strives to be the bridge between China and the rest of the world by bringing together the top local and China based international startups into one community. Through its Xelerator program, XNode grows fledgling companies into successful, scalable, and sustainable businesses while simultaneously working with fully developed corporate companies to foster innovation within their organisations. XNode has a strong focus on tech, investor pitch training, demo days, and mentorship from some of China’s top business minds.
  • Berlin – The Berlin Landing Pad is located at coworking space betahaus – one of Berlin’s best known locations for startups. betahaus brings together international startups and major German and European corporations to facilitate investment opportunities and the nurturing and acceleration of new technologies and business ideas. betahaus aims to foster entrepreneurship, creativity, rapid prototyping and innovative product development.
  • Singapore – The Singapore Landing Pad is located at BASH, Singapore’s largest integrated startup space. BASH is positioned in the centre of the Singapore startup ecosystem and is part of the larger innovation community including other stakeholders and technology innovation hubs centred around Fusionopolis, Biopolis and Research Institutes such as the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology University.


What does the Landing Pads program include?

Landing Pads participants will have access for one representative to work in a collaborative workspace within an established startup accelerator for a period of up to 90 days.

You will be provided with information, advice and assistance before, during and after your time in the Landing Pad.


Does Austrade offer any financial support which my startup may be able to access?

Austrade administers the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) which is designed to assist aspiring and current exporters. The scheme supports a wide range of industry sectors and products and provides eligible Australian businesses reimbursement for international marketing and promotion expenditure.


Application Process

Who can apply?

We are looking for market-ready Australian startups that are ready to go global.

How do I apply?

Interested companies must complete and submit an online application form.


When is the application deadline?

There is no cut-off date for applications. As space becomes available at the Landing Pad, it will be offered to the next successful participant.


How are Landing Pads participants chosen?

Your business will be assessed based on its track record; ability to scale up and what makes your products or services stand out in the market. A selection panel will assess applications.


If I am not accepted, can I reapply?

Absolutely. Space is limited at the Landing Pads and the program is very competitive. You are encouraged to apply again.


Can I apply for more than one location?

Yes, select the Landing Pads locations that you are interested in when completing the application form.


When will I know if my company has been selected?

Austrade will inform you if you have been selected for the Landing Pad after the panel has reviewed and assessed your application.


Can I choose when I go to the Landing Pad?

It is best to apply when you are ready to be in market. Please contact Austrade if there is a particular time you would like to be at the Landing Pad.


Once Accepted

What should I expect from my time at the Landing Pad?

You will receive:

  • Support from an Austrade Landing Pad coordinator based in market who can help you identify customers, partners and investors, and negotiate the local business culture
  • Access to a state-of-the-art workspace among like-minded global entrepreneurs for one representative
  • Introductions to experienced mentors and advisors
  • Access to industry leaders, venture capitalists and other key influencers
  • Opportunities to network with potential partners and investors.


What expenses will Austrade cover during my time in the Landing Pad?

Austrade will provide you with a workspace in an existing accelerator and a suite of services free of charge.

  • You will need to meet all other costs, including:
  • Flights and other travel costs
  • Accommodation for the duration of your stay
  • Living expenses while in market
  • Visas
  • Insurance.


What will I need to organise before going to the Landing Pad?

  • You should organise:
  • Return flights
  • Accommodation for the duration of your stay
  • Visas
  • Insurance.


How much can I expect my in-market costs to be?

Costs will vary based on the Landing Pad location. You should research accommodation and travel costs prior to applying for the Landing Pads program.


Who should we send to the Landing Pad?

The CEO, founder or a senior team member are the best people to send to maximise the Landing Pad experience and gain traction in the local market.


Can I extend my stay beyond 90 days?

No. You can only stay at the Landing Pad for a maximum of 90 days.


Who should I contact for more information?

If you have any other questions about the Landing Pads program, guidelines or deadlines, contact Austrade on 13 28 78

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