Live Music Noise Attenuation Program

Up to $250,000 is available to help live venue owners and operators pay for soundproofing.

Live Music Attenuation Assistance Program



The Live Music Attenuation Program is a government initiative to provide financial assistance to live music venue owners and operators who were required to attenuate noise from their premises due to recent residential encroachment.

The Victorian Government recognises that live music is a vital part of Victoria’s culture. Settlement trends over recent years are increasing the level of residential development in mixed use areas, particularly in the inner city. While this creates more efficient and vibrant environments, close proximity between residential and entertainment uses can sometimes cause conflict.



The Live Music Noise Attenuation Program has been established to help venue owners and operators who were vulnerable to complaints from ‘encroaching noise-sensitive residential use’ to attenuate music noise from their premises. It can provide reimbursement of expenses for completed buildings or planned works where they directly relate to this purpose.



The total amount of grants available under the Live Music Noise Attenuation Program is $250,000.


Eligible Projects

Grants must be used to reimburse expenses for buildings or works for acoustic attenuation measures to minimise noise emissions from a live music entertainment venue to protect an encroaching noisesensitive residential use. Noise attenuation measures that may be supported by the Program include:

  • installing acoustic insulation in walls, ceiling and floors
  • installing acoustic glazing
  • installing sound absorbing materials such as heavy drapes and carpet
  • installing acoustic or air-lock doors
  • sealing gaps in doors and windows.

Acoustic attenuation measures funded under this Program must be validated by a suitably qualified acoustic engineer, or with the approval of the local council or a registered building surveyor.


Eligible Applicants

Live music entertainment venue owners and operators who undertook or proposed noise attenuation works between 4 September 2010 and 4 September 2014 may apply for financial assistance.

Applications will be assessed against criteria relating to the applicant, venue and acoustic attenuation measures.

An applicant or venue may receive funding for one application only.



To be announced


Media Release

Announcing the grant recipients today, Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation Jane Garrett said Victorian venues were invited to apply for support through the Live Music Attenuation Assistance Program.

Successful applicants for the grants are:

  • Bakehouse studios
  • Bendigo Hotel
  • Cherry Bar
  • Ding Dong Lounge
  • 1000 Pound Blend
  • Revolver Upstairs

Soundproofing works, such as the installation of acoustic insulation and glazing and air-lock doors and windows, help to cancel or reduce noise from live music venues and its impact on neighbours.

Grant recipients will be reimbursed for soundproofing works completed or contracted between 4 September 2010 and 4 September 2014.

Recipients also include venues where a nearby residential development received a planning permit before the Agent of Change Principle was introduced yet the construction did not commence before 4 September 2014.

The Agent of Change Principle states the onus for soundproofing is now on developers or residents that move near an established venue.

The Government is investing $12.2 million in the sector to support emerging musicians and live music venues, which boosts tourism and creates jobs.

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