Loan Facilities

Up to $400,000 is available to assist filmmakers with cash-flow requirements during the production of their project.

Loan Facilities


Loan Facilities are available to projects within the range of activity that Screen NSW supports which includes animation, documentary, features, shorts, television, web series, children’s television and creative interactive.



Loan Facilities aims to provide production loan finance to fully financed productions receiving production finance from Screen NSW.



The Loan Facilities program offers:

  • Production Loan Finance – loans are capped at $400,000
  • Short term Minor Cashflow Loans – up to $150,000 is available


Eligible Projects

To be eligible for a Screen NSW loan the project will need to satisfy the criteria relating to Production Finance.

Production Loan Finance is only available to fully financed projects.

Short term Minor Cashflow Loans are available to assist projects with a cash-flow requirement during the important period leading up to production or to cashflow the costs of delivery to a domestic broadcaster.


Eligible Applicants

Screen NSW general eligibility requirements can be found in our Terms of Trade, which should be read in conjunction with these guidelines.



Application is on an ongoing basis.


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