Up to $25,000 is available to assists the people of NSW participate in sport and active recreation.

Local Sport Grant Program


The Local Sport Grant Program aims to increase regular and on-going participation opportunities in sport and active recreation.

There are four project types within the Program:

  1. Sport Club Development
  2. Community Sport Events
  3. Sport Access
  4. Facility Development and Capital Equipment.



Sport and active recreation deliver many personal and community benefits including developing self-esteem, maintaining health and fitness, nurturing talented athletes and contributing to individual enjoyment of life.

Sport and active recreation can also contribute to a range of government priorities including tackling childhood obesity and building safer communities.



The overall objectives of the Program are to:

  • Increase regular and on-going participation in sport or structured physical activity.
  • Address barriers to participation in sport or structured physical activity.
  • Assist sport clubs provide quality service to their members.



  • Funding is available for projects throughout NSW
  • $50,000 has been allocated for successful projects within each NSW electorate
  • Applicant must identify the electorate where the project will occur

The maximum amounts available are:

  • Sport Club Development – $2,000
  • Community Sport Events – $5,000
  • Sport Access – $5,000
  • Facility development and capital equipment – $20,000.

The minimum amount available is $250 for all project types with the exception being for facility development and capital equipment which has a minimum request of $1,000.

Organisations may apply for one project per project type. The maximum available to any one organisation is $25,000 in a financial year. The amount organisations request should reflect the scale of the project.


Eligible Projects

Sport Club Development

  • Training programs that will lead to volunteer coaches, officials and club administrators gaining required education and accreditation e.g. a club could apply for funds to allow it to run a coach accreditation course.
  • Projects that improve a club’s community presence, ability to communicate with members or undertake administrative functions e.g. a club could purchase accounting software to assist it manage its finances.

Community Sport Events

  • Events that promote participation in sport and physical activity and provide a focal point for community building and engagement e.g. a club could host a specific event/tournament.  An event is conducted on a specified day or consecutive days at specified location/s.
  • Events that primarily involve sporting competition or mass participation in an organised physical activity e.g. a club could organise a community fun-run.  NB:  Does not include regular ongoing weekly/monthly sporting competitions.

Sport Access

  • Costs associated with overcoming a barrier to participation in sport e.g. sporting equipment and uniforms.
  • Subsidised travel costs to assist club athletes aged under 18 years access first class coaching or participate in higher levels of competition e.g. hire a team bus to a training camp.

Facility Development and Capital Equipment

  • Enhance existing facilities e.g. watering systems, safety netting, lighting and upgrade of surfaces
  • Provide ancillary facilities at established facilities e.g. sun protection shelters, change rooms, shower and toilet blocks
  • Are for construction of new fixed and portable facilities and infrastructure including capital equipment with a life expectancy of 15+ years
  • Have received development approval (DA) from the relevant Council or can demonstrate that such approval is not required
  • Have land owners consent.

Applications for all project types must clearly demonstrate an identified need for the project and articulate how the project outcomes will be achieved.


Eligible Applicants

Incorporated, not-for-profit sport clubs. Where applicable, the club will also be affiliated with a recognised State Sporting Organisation.

Applicants will be required to identify the type of project for which they are applying as different information is required for each project type. An organisation may apply for more than one project but must register separate projects for different project types. An organisation may apply only for one project under each project type.



Applications close 11 November 2016.


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