Funding is available to community organisations for projects that encourage large scale ideas that have great public reach, benefit future generations or provide for significant change.



The Lotterywest grants provide funding for big ideas tends to be small, though the range varies enormously.

Regardless of their diversity, grants typically:

  • Have strong community support
  • Offer widespread community involvement
  • Provide significant, enduring impact
  • Are unique, often world-class
  • Attract major support from a number of sources (whether financial or in-kind)
  • Involve partnership between government, community and the private sector


Eligible Applicants

Lotterywest provides grants for organisations ranging from small unincorporated groups to large multi-functional organisations.  These must be either a not-for-profit organisation or local government authority to be eligible.  Lotterywest provide grants for purposes that are charitable or benevolent (in other words, for public good). Your request for a grant should relate to your organisation’s objectives, as outlined in your constitution or mission statement.

Eligible Projects

Lotterywest gives grants to organisations and projects across the breadth of community life.  This includes support for services, events and celebrations, buildings and facilities, research, organisational development, helping to address disadvantage and conserving heritage.

Lotterywest intends their grants to complement other sources of support, including a contribution from an organisation’s own resources. Lotterywest can help you to combine their grant with other sources of support.

Most importantly, Lotterywest want to understand what your needs and ideas are. Talking to them first is the best way.


Assessment Criteria

  • The main assessment criteria include:
  • Possibility to help more people join in community life.
  • Significance of, and support for, the asset, project or event.
  • Sustainability of the asset, project or event.
  • Potential to build a stronger community.
  • That the project relates to the organisation’s role and objectives.
  • Endorsement from community organisations and government agencies.
  • Ability for the organisation to deliver the project.
  • Feasibility of the proposal.
  • A high level of project planning (including financials).
  • Funding from other sources (or there is reason to be confident that the necessary support will be secured).
  • Long term impact.
  • Sustainability of the asset, project or event.


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