Low Carbon Product Manufacturing

Low Carbon Product Manufacturing Grant

What Is The Low Carbon Product Manufacturing Grant?

The Low Carbon Product Manufacturing Grant provides up to $900,000 in matched funding to NSW companies for manufacturing facilities that produce low carbon products, accelerating the shift towards a sustainable economy.



As part of its commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, the NSW Government has launched the Low Carbon Product Manufacturing Grant. This initiative is a cornerstone of the state’s Net Zero Plan, designed to decarbonize the manufacturing sector, spur economic growth, generate employment opportunities, and position NSW as a leader in renewable energy and low carbon manufacturing technologies.



The objectives of the Low Carbon Product Manufacturing are to:

  • Foster the development of manufacturing facilities for low carbon products in NSW.
  • Encourage the adoption of sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing sector.
  • Stimulate investment in new and expanded low carbon product manufacturing capabilities.


Eligible Entities

Applicants for the Low Carbon Product Manufacturing grant must meet the following criteria to be eligible under the program:

  • Australian-incorporated companies.
  • Research organisations with commercialisation arms.
  • State, Territory, or Commonwealth entities capable of establishing a manufacturing presence in NSW.
  • Entities seeking to innovate in the manufacturing of low carbon products.


Eligible Expenditure

The eligible expenditure for the Low Carbon Product Manufacturing are:

  • Project development activities leading to a financial investment decision.
  • Expansion of existing manufacturing facilities to include low carbon product lines.
  • Establishment of new manufacturing facilities focused on low carbon products.



Eligible Projects can apply for grants between $50,000 to $900,000 with matched funding on a 1:1 basis.


Eligible Activities

Eligible expenditure for the Low Carbon Product Manufacturing includes:

  • Manufacture building materials, ‘green’ chemicals, biofuels, or other low carbon products.
  • Demonstrate a clear pathway to commercial scalability and sustainability.
  • Have the potential to significantly reduce emissions associated with manufacturing processes.


How to get the Low Carbon Product Manufacturing grant

In order to get the Low Carbon Product Manufacturing grant you will need to focus on:

  1. Evidence of Innovation and Sustainability: Demonstrate the innovative aspects of your manufacturing process or product that lead to significant reductions in carbon emissions, highlighting the sustainability benefits.
  2. Project Development and Readiness: Provide detailed plans for project development activities, showing readiness to proceed to a financial investment decision (FID) for building or expanding manufacturing facilities.
  3. Financial Viability and Co-funding: Outline your project’s financial viability, including a clear plan for matching the grant with at least equal co-funding from non-government sources.
  4. Market Demand and Commercial Potential: Present evidence of market demand for your low carbon product and the commercial potential of your project, including a pathway to market and scale-up plans.
  5. Technical Feasibility: Describe the technical feasibility of your project, including technological readiness levels (TRLs), expected outcomes, and how the project will overcome technical challenges.
  6. Team and Organisational Capability: List key team members and organisational capabilities, highlighting relevant experience and expertise in low carbon product manufacturing and project management.
  7. Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies: Identify potential risks to project success and outline clear mitigation strategies to manage these risks effectively.
  8. Environmental and Social Benefits: Detail the environmental impact of your project, including anticipated carbon emissions reduction and any positive social impacts, such as job creation in the local community.
  9. Detailed Budget and Use of Funds: Provide a detailed budget that outlines how the grant and matched funding will be utilised, ensuring all expenses are eligible under the grant guidelines and clearly linked to the project’s successful delivery


The closing date for the Low Carbon Product Manufacturing is 3 May 2024.


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