Latrobe Valley Microgrid Program (LVMP)

Up to $3M is available from LVMP to support the reduction of energy costs for local businesses and encourage new investment in the region.

Latrobe Valley Microgrid Program (LVMP)

Latrobe Valley Microgrid Program (LVMP)

The Victorian Government is investing in a series of commercial ready, smart, microgrid demonstration projects across Victoria. These commercial demonstrations will include battery storage and new technology solutions with the potential to boost renewable energy dispatching using smart systems.

These demonstration projects will showcase the use of energy storage in different settings and in combination with other complementary technologies. The demonstration of smart microgrids will help Victorians attract international interest and provide education, skills, investment and job creation opportunities.



The objective of the Latrobe Valley Microgrid Program (LVMP) is to support the delivery of a microgrid project that will lower the cost of energy for participating local businesses and industry and will deliver economic benefits to the region.

The LVMP aims to

  • Lower the cost of electricity for participating businesses (customers)
  • Lead to the attraction of new businesses, expansion or retention of existing businesses in the region
  • Deliver economic development outcomes (direct and indirect jobs and investment) and support the transition of the Latrobe Valley to a low-emission economy.



The Latrobe Valley Microgrid Program (LVMP) will contribute up to $3 million in grant funding for a microgrid project based in the Latrobe Valley.


Eligible Projects

The Program is seeking to fund a microgrid project where:

  • a microgrid is considered a subset of the broader electricity network and includes key components of generation, storage and load within a bounded and controlled network.
  • Eligible projects include microgrids, smart embedded networks and virtual power plant projects.

The LVMP will fund a new microgrid project that:

  • Utilises microgrid technologies to benefit multiple business/industry customers
  • Utilises technology that is commercially-ready new energy technology
  • Is located in the Latrobe Valley (in either the Local Government Areas of Latrobe City, Baw Baw and
  • Uses renewable energy generation technology or technologies
  • Will be completed by June 2022


Eligible Applicants

Eligible organisations must:

  • Operate in Victoria
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Be able to demonstrate that the organisation has at least three years operating history
  • Meet the minimum $1:$3 funding ratio (Government:Private)

Applicants should review the guidelines to confirm their eligibility.



Applications close 17 September 2018.


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