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Manufacturing Grants

A range of grants are available to manufacturers that provide up to 50% of the costs to invest in new equipment.

Manufacturing Grants


A summary of the most popular manufacturing grants has been provided below:

Investing in Manufacturing Technology (IMT)

Up to $250,000 is available to purchase cutting edge technology

Melbourne’s North Innovation and Investment Fund (MNNIIF)

Up to 50% of capital costs are available for projects that lead to jobs growth

Geelong Region Innovation and Investment Fund (GRIIF)

Up to 50% of capital costs are available for projects that lead to jobs growth

Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Programme

Up to $20,000 is available to engage a consultant to assist with strategic issues

R&D Tax Incentive

Up to 45% rebate on your expenditure to develop new products.


Success Stories

Bulletpoint has assisted a number of clients secure manufacturing grants.Some of these clients include inAbey, Keech, AMRHewitts and Osteon Medical.

IMT Grant AssistanceIMT Grant ConsultantInvesting in Manufacturing TechnologyIMT Grant
Abey Australia is a manufacturer of plumbing and building products.Keech is a manufacturer of high integrity steel castings based in Bendigo.AMR Hewitts is a manufacturer of Print Packaging based in TullarmarineOsteon is a manufacturer of dental prosthetic products based in Ringwood
Abey received a grant of $250,000 to buy high-tech equipment that will increase exports by $500,000 per year.Keech received a grant of $141,700 to purchase a 3D digital printer for prototyping and pattern makingAMR Hewitts received a grant of $135,000 to purchase a new forme cutting machine to reduce turnaround times .Osteon received a grant of $74,000 to purchase a 5 axis simultaneous CNC milling machine.


Expert Assistance

Writing a good quality grant application is a critical element in the application process. An application needs to be well thought through, written concisely, have clear objectives and purpose, and show clear links to the objectives of the grant guidelines.

The grant application must answer all questions, provide all required information and respond to the merit criteria. It should also reflect your organisation’s business strategy.

Writing a good application takes time and effort, and requires particular writing skills.

Bulletpoint are expert grant consultants and can assist with all aspects of grant preparation. We are an independent grants consultancy and not affiliated, associated nor endorsed by any government agency.

We know what it takes to secure this grant.

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