Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program

What is the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program?

The Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program (MHGP) is a funding program that will assist small-to-medium size manufacturing firms located in each of the Cairns, Townsville and Central Queensland SA4 Regions to increase their advanced manufacturing capabilities both directly and through supply chain opportunities.

The Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program is administered by the State of Queensland through the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.



The Manufacturing Hubs in Cairns, Townsville and Rockhampton provide a catalyst to promote and deliver world-leading technologies, processes and practices to regional manufacturing small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and attract increased private sector investment and jobs to the regions.

Each hub focuses on strengthening key manufacturing sectors in each region, including:

  • Cairns – marine, aviation and food processing
  • Townsville – advanced metal production and food transformation
  • Rockhampton – rail manufacturing and technology, advanced metal production and food product innovation.

Participation in the regional Manufacturing Hubs provides regional manufacturers access to the ARM Hub. The ARM Hub, based in Brisbane provides access to cutting-edge robotics and associated technologies, robotics expertise, skills development and industry knowledge. The ARM Hub services will be provided in the regions to regional manufacturing businesses.



The key objectives of the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program are to support the Advancing Queensland’s Priorities and the Department’s Strategic Direction by:

  • supporting the growth of Queensland’s regional manufacturing industry by assisting local manufacturing SMEs to improve productivity, build international competitiveness, stimulate job generation and private sector investment, and support regional growth; and
  • assisting regional manufacturing SMEs to adopt new technologies and implement skills and training that results in:
    • integrated technology-led advances in equipment, robotics, processes, systems, software, data use and analytics
    • high performing workplaces including increased management capability, leadership, technical skills, the attraction, retention and development of skilled employees, apprenticeships and traineeships that reflect an advanced manufacturing workplace.

The Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program will address identified industry challenges and opportunities associated with manufacturing firms transitioning to advanced manufacturing.



The Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program (MHGP) offers grants up to $1 million to established regional Queensland manufacturers, particularly small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector, on their journey to Advanced Manufacturing – Industry 4.0. The MHGP is not available to start-up businesses or partnerships.


Eligible Projects

Financial assistance will be available to successful applicants to assist the building of their advanced manufacturing capabilities through:

  • Technology adoption
  • Skills and training
  • Business development
  • ARM Hub services.

Your project may include one or more of the below project examples and associated critical costs:

  • Process improvement
  • Advanced robotics
  • New technologies
  • Advanced systems
  • Professional advice
  • Improvement planning
  • Waste reduction planning
  • Market expansion planning
  • Associated project costs critical to the success of the proposed project


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to receive funding under the MHGP, applicants must:

  • be a Queensland-based, SME, or demonstrate that the business should be considered an SME, to DSDMIP’s satisfaction, whose principal activity and majority of annual turnover is derived from Manufacturing;
  • have its main operations located in the SA4 Region for the relevant Manufacturing Hub in Queensland, and have operated within Queensland for a minimum of three (3) consecutive years prior to the applicant submitting its application;
  • be registered for GST and hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • have a proposed Eligible Activity that targets Queensland’s manufacturing industry and be relevant to the national and international market, products and services of the applicant;
  • be able to demonstrate that the applicant can verify or validate the expected effectiveness and outcomes of the proposed Eligible Activity;
  • meet any professional pre-requisites for Eligible Activities;
  • have the financial capacity and standing necessary to conduct the proposed Eligible Activity, including the amount to be contributed to the project;
  • be willing to enter into a binding funding agreement with the State, stipulating that the financial assistance will be used to fund Eligible Activities;
  • not be insolvent or have owners or directors that are an undischarged bankrupts; and
  • not be a federal, state or local government entity, statutory authority or not-for-profit organisation.



Applications close 20 June 2022.


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Latest News

15 February 2022 – Cairns Manufacturing Hub receives $17 million boost

Permanent funding for the Cairns Manufacturing Hub has been announced by the Queensland government. It is part of a $17 million state-wide boost for the manufacturing sector. The investment in Manufacturing Hubs and Made in Queensland Grants has created and supported nearly 6,000 jobs.


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