Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund Initiative

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What is the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund?

The Manufacturing Modernisation Fund is a grant that provides up to $1 million to manufacturers to purchase new technologies to be more productive and create more jobs.


Bulletpoint Track Record

Bulletpoint has assisted numerous companies secure manufacturing grants.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint helped Greenbear secure a grant of $500,000. Based in Tottenham, Victoria, Greenbear is a processor of waste and recycled materials. They received funding to build a fully-automated waste sorting line for residential Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste more feasibly and efficiently than current disposal methods.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Harry & Larry’s secure a grant of $1,200,000. Based in Brunswick, Harry & Larry’s manufacture a range of specialty ice creams. The grant will see 30 new jobs created and investment in a factory expansion with custom engineered production lines, including the latest freezing technology, to make a range of gourmet ice creams and desserts in complex shapes and layers.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Cottage Cheese Farm secure a grant of $765,000. Based in Glenroy, Victoria, Cottage Cheese Farm is a speciality cheese manufacturer making mainly Haloumi, Ricotta and Mozzarella cheeses. They received funding to assist with construction of a $6M purpose built cheese and yoghurt manufacturing facility. The project will allow them to expand current operations and introduction of new product lines.

Manufacturing Modernisation FundBulletpoint assisted Abey Australia secure a grant of $250,000. Based in Gisborne, Victoria, Abey is a manufacturer of plumbing and building products. They received a grant of $250,000 to buy five high-speed of five robots and 3 conveyors.

Manufacturing Modernisation FundBulletpoint assisted Osteon Medical secure a grant of $74,000. Based in Mulgrave, Victoria, Osteon Medical manufacture a range of dental and facial implant prosthetic products. They received a  grant to purchase a 5 axis simultaneous CNC milling machine.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Keech secure a grant of $141,700. Based in Bendigo, Victoria, Keech is a manufacturer of high integrity steel castings. They received a grant to  based in Bendigo. Keech received a grant to purchase a 3D digital printer for prototyping and pattern making.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted AMR Hewitts secure a grant of $135,000, Based in Tullamarine, Victoria,  AMR Hewitts is a print packaging for the pharmaceutical and food packaging industries. They received a grant to purchase a new forme cutting machine to reduce turnaround times.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Class Plastics secure a grant of $250,000. Based in Truganina, Victoria, Class Plastics is a manufacturer of industrial and retail plastic liquid containers. They received a grant to purchase a series of accumulated blow moulding machines and feed in conveyors.

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An extra $53.9 million has been committed for round 3 of the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund to help small and medium manufacturing businesses which will co-fund capital investments by manufacturers across the National Manufacturing Priority areas to adopt new technologies enabling them to scale up, grow and compete internationally. 

An additional $4.7 million will support women to build a career in Australian manufacturing, contributing to a strong, diverse and skilled manufacturing workforce for the future.

Building on the success of the National Manufacturing Priorities of Space, Defence, Recycling and Clean Energy, Medical Products, Food and Beverage, and Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing, over the next 12 months the Government will work with industry to finalise Manufacturing Investment Plans for each priority sector to guide further long-term investment in Australian manufacturing. 


Manufacturing Modernisation Fund Grant Size

The Manufacturing Modernisation Fund has a total pool of $50 million over 3 years, which will be delivered through two streams of funding:

  • Small Grants ($20 million) – to support technology and efficiency improvements with the value of $50,000 to $100,000 (50% funding ratio)
  • Large Grants ($30 million) – to support transformative investments in technologies and processes with the value of $100,000 to $1 million (25% funding ratio)


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund you must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be non-tax exempt
  • be registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST)

and be:

  • an entity incorporated in Australia, including start-ups, and a trading corporation where your trading activities:
    • form a sufficiently significant proportion of your overall activities as to merit it being described as a trading corporation; or
    • are a substantial and not merely peripheral activity of your corporation.

You must also be:

  • a manufacturing small and medium-sized Australian enterprise (SME) with up to 199 employees (headcount)
  • have a minimum of $400,000 in eligible project expenditure
  • able to identify the level of Australian job creation expected from your project
  • able to demonstrate your project aligns with one or more of the six National Manufacturing Priorities:
    • resources technology and critical minerals processing
    • food and beverage
    • medical products
    • recycling and clean energy
    • defence
    • space.

You must also be able to provide evidence that:

  • the project is supported by your board
  • you can complete the project
  • you can meet the costs of the project not covered by grant funding.


Eligible Projects

Eligible projects include:

  • buying, constructing, installing or commissioning of manufacturing plant and equipment
  • integrating production-related software that is directly related to your capital investment
  • relevant training and skills development to assist you to integrate the new technology into your business, including upskilling and accreditation in advanced processes.
  • process design and engineering directly related to your capital investment
  • fit-out, alterations and/or extensions to buildings directly related to your capital investment.

The maximum project period is 2 years.


Expert Assistance

Writing a good Manufacturing Modernisation Fund application takes time and effort, and requires particular writing skills.

Bulletpoint are expert grant consultants and can assist with all aspects of grant preparation.

We know what it takes to secure the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund.

Keep in mind, that we dont represent the Government or act as their agents. We are independent consultants.

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How to get the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund?

In order to get the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund you will need to demonstrate the following points:

Project Level

  1. adopt new or transformative manufacturing technologies
  2. deliver efficiency improvements
  3. increase jobs and a more highly skilled workforce in your business
  4. use design and engineering excellence
  5. create innovative and efficient business processes, to enhance the competitiveness of your business
  6. take advantage of a market opportunity in Australia and overseas
  7. align to AMGC’s strategic priorities

Business Level

  1. a track record in managing similar projects
  2. access to personnel with the right skills and experience, including management and technical staff
  3. a solid plan to manage the project including scope, implementation methodology, timeframes, delivery risks and budget access
  4. access to any required infrastructure, capital equipment, technology, intellectual property and regulatory or other approvals.

Grant Level

  • will help the project to proceed
  • will have positive impact on the size, scale or timing of your project
  • co-contribution and additional benefits to the project and business


Project Financials



Round 3 applications to be announced.


Manufacturing Modernisation Fund More Information


Round 2 Recipients

Applicant OrganisationGrant Amount SupportedTotal InvestmentProject DescriptionSuburbState

Annex Foods Pty Ltd



Raise the Bar for Annex Foods via major Industry 4.0 Automation project

Clayton South


Asurequality Australia Pty Ltd



AsureQuality Manufacturing Expansion and New Market Entry.



Atmo Biosciences Pty Ltd



Manufacturing Automation and Scale-Up of the Atmo Gas-Sensing Capsule

Box Hill


Australian Eatwell Pty Ltd



Australian Eatwell Non-Soy Tofu Expansion Project



Australian Honeybee Pty. Ltd.



Advanced Automated Digital Manufacturing of Australian Smart Bee Hives



Australian Plastics Extrusions Pty Ltd



Project Recyclable Soft Plastics

Heidelberg West


Ballistic Beer Company Pty Ltd



Beverage Pre-packaging Stability and Quality Upgrade



Batlow Fruit Company Pty Ltd



Batlow Happles – Advanced integrated manufacturing facility



Bean Growers Australia Limited



Transforming to value added advanced food manufacturing



Bentspoke Brewing Company Pty Ltd



BentSpoke Brewing Co. Cannery Capacity Expansion



Bickford’S Australia Pty Ltd



Highly Flexible Automated Intrinsically Safe Bottling Line

Salisbury South


Birch & Waite Foods Pty Ltd



Project Monarch



Bonissimo Pty Ltd



Project Neon

Osborne Park


Brick Lane Brewing Co Pty Ltd



Pearl Jam

Dandenong South


Buontempo Enterprises Pty. Ltd.



Roma Food Products Manufacturing Facility

Carrum Downs


Burleigh Baker Pty Ltd



Koji-cultured Spreads

Varsity Lakes


C.N.C. Design Pty. Ltd.



Virtual Smart Factory for Composite Printing and Machining



Calix Limited



BIOME – Transforming the Manufacture of Bio-active Materials



Capital Brewing Co Pty Ltd



Automated and Digitised Capacity Overhaul of R&D and Production Facility



Chess Engineering Pty Ltd



Securing the future as an Advanced Manufacturer



Coconutz Australia Pty Ltd



CocoNutZ – Leading modernisation of the Australian Sugar Industry



CQ Field Mining Services Pty Ltd



CQ Field Mining Services – transforming METS service for future growth



Currumbin Minerals Pty. Ltd.



New mineral sands processing facility for Currumbin Minerals

Currumbin Waters


D.T.R. Holdings Pty. Ltd.



Install Next Generation food processing technology



David Brown Santasalo Australia Pty Ltd



National Manufacturing Capability Enhancement 2025 Strategy – Stage 1



Delphi Measurement Pty Ltd



Force and Pressure Calibration Upgrade

Burleigh Heads


DHDS Pty Ltd



Deep Hole Drilling Services capability investment for defence and mining



Dollar Sweets Company Pty. Limited



Sweet success for Dollar Sweets via major automation facility investment



Doogood Powder Coating Pty. Ltd.



On-shoring and establishing a modernised local production line



Duratray International Pty Ltd



Manufacturing facilities

Cranbourne West


E3Sixty Limited



Australia’s E-Waste Recycling Facility



East Coast Canning Pty Ltd



Sustainable aluminium can decoration via direct-to-shape digital printing

Culburra Beach


Ennio Pty. Limited



New technology for producing tubular netting bags and auto packing

Holden Hill


Ferndale Confectionery Pty. Ltd.






First Graphene Limited



First Graphene Manufacturing Optimisation and Automation Project



Forager Foods Pty Ltd



Establishment of a world class freeze drying and processing facility

Western Junction


Frosty Boy Australia Pty Ltd



Frosty Boy Australia Pty Ltd- Rapid Multi Sales Channel Expansion Project



Garlo’S Pies Pty Ltd



Transforming pastry manufacturing for global markets



Hudson Marketing Pty Ltd



Australian Attapulgite Plant Upgrade



Inflatable Packers International Pty Ltd



Perth Inflatable Packer Manufacturing Facility Upgrade and Expansion



Interpack Pty Ltd



Next generation technology for sustainable food-safe glass jar closures.

Deer Park


Ipantry Trading Pty Ltd



World leading food automation facility for iPantry

Sunshine West


Ital Foodgroup Pty. Ltd.



New Industry 4.0 packaging line for ITAL Foodgroup



Jenkin Bros Engineers (Australia) Pty. Ltd.



New advanced production line for manufacturing specialised metal



K.A.C. Services Pty. Ltd.



Massons CFAB Centre of Excellence (CFAB CoE) Project



Kam Fu Food Manufacturers Pty Ltd



Automating production of deep fried noodle and noodle cracker products

Wetherill Park


Kico Knee Innovation Company Pty Limited



Advanced Orthopaedic Manufacturing



Kyvalley Dairy Group Pty Ltd



State-of-the-art, value-added dairy processing facility build in Geelong

North Geelong


Lyka Smith Pty Ltd



Lyka Smith investing into rapid cranio maxillofacial device manufacture

Altona North


M. O. Brewing Company Pty. Ltd.



Brewing NORT, Modus’ new full flavoured non-alcoholic beer



Macro Meats – Gourmet Game Pty Ltd



Transformative vacuum skin processing technology modernisation

Athol Park


Medipharm Labs Australia Pty Ltd



Manufacturing Innovation and Capacity Optimisation Project (the “Project”)



Micro-X Ltd



Mobile Backscatter Imager Manufacture



Midway Metals Pty Ltd



Addition of Stretcher Leveller capability to Melbourne Blanking line

Laverton North


Minifab (Aust) Pty Ltd



Enhanced capability to manufacture molecular point of care diagnostics



Mitchell Plastic Welding Pty Ltd



Sustainable Aquaculture Injection Moulding

Castle Forbes Bay


Moon Dog Brewing Pty Ltd



Postmix Alcoholic Seltzer Innovation



Nova Farms Pty Ltd



Transformation to medicinal usage of honey by using robotics and AI V2.0

Gepps Cross


Poly Transport Systems Pty Ltd



Project Darling – Australia’s first Recycled HDPE Extruded Pipe Man. Plant



Poultry Plus Distributors Pty. Ltd.



New manufacturing process automation service for Poultry Plus



Preshafood Pty Ltd



Creation of High Pressure Processed, Additive Free Hummus and Dips Line

Wetherill Park


QPP Pty Ltd



Investment in Robotic Injection Moulding Machine with IoT control



Race Dental Pty Ltd



Digital Additive and Automated Manufacture of Dentures and Clear Aligners

Castle Hill


Real Foods Pty Ltd



Integrated Grain Popping Process Optimisation



Rotacaster Wheel Pty Ltd



50mm Omnia Wheel Production Automation



S.M.W. Installations Pty. Ltd.



Increasing capacity of plant based dairy product manufacturing.



Sealite Pty. Ltd.



Sealite’s state of the art Automated Electronic Circuit Board capability.



Serinna Pty Ltd



Modernization and automation of the production of bread based products.



Seven Mile Brewing Company Pty Ltd



Seven Mile Brewing Production Modernisation



Speedx Pty Ltd



New Medical Diagnostic Product Manufacturing Facility



Spreadies Pty Ltd



Next-Gen Blast Freezer and Capacity Extending Assets for Export Expansion



Sun Cable Pty Ltd



Solar Array Manufacturing for rapidly deployable low cost solar farms.



Tamburlaine Wine Services Pty Ltd



Improve the capacity, quality and efficiency of bottling and packaging wine



Techno-Plas Pty. Ltd.



Establish three new advanced technology food packaging manufacturing cells

St Marys


The Best Multiple Food Co. Pty. Ltd.



The Best Multiple Food Company – New Facility Fitout



The Blasta Group Pty. Ltd.



Blasta Advanced Manufacturing 4.0 Project

Perth Airport


The Ilume Kitchen Pty Ltd



New automation facility for ILUME – leading petfood innovation



Tindo Operations Co Pty Ltd



Australian Solar Panel Manufacturing: Leadership, Value and Innovation

Mawson Lakes


Tresmine Pty Ltd



Reshoring Electronics Manufacturing

Bella Vista


Tridon Australia Pty Ltd



Australian specialty fastener manufacturing



Troy Laboratories Pty Ltd



Project BIC (best-in-class)



True Foods Pty Ltd



Tortilla Manufacturing Technology Upgrade



Veem Ltd



Defence : Hunter project

Canning Vale


W T G Pty Ltd



Advancing Australia’s Carbon Fibre Capabilities for Space and Defence



Wearoptimo Pty Ltd



Nanoimprint Lithography for advanced manufacture of wearable health sensors



Zeroco.Com.Au Pty Ltd



World-First Reusable Pouch Cleaning & Sterilisation Machine




Can you beat these Top 20 projects?

You might be eligible for the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund, but can you beat these projects funded under the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund?

  1. Commercial scale Boron Nitride Nanotube plant
  2. Automating the production of world-first heavy-duty LED drivers
  3. Surface Mount Technology (Electronics Fabrication Facility
  4. Inorganic explosive trace detector
  5. Driveline and Induction Innovation for Global Vehicle Platforms
  6. Digital Manufacturing Through Additive Manufacturing
  7. Grape marc washing for production of export tartrates
  8. Manufacture Dental Aligners
  9. National Dental Implant & Prosthetics Manufacturing Hub of Excellence
  10. Olive nutraceutical ingredient extraction facility
  11. Nano-Active Materials
  12. Development of High-Volume Moulding Process for CF wheel manufacture
  13. Surface Mount Technology Advanced Manufacturing Production Line
  14. Anterior Insight Manufacturing Ramp
  15. Developing advanced architectural glass manufacturing capabilities
  16. Advanced Friction Automation Technology
  17. Design and build of Australia’s first industrial Carbon Fibre line
  18. Manufacture of Polymer Microfluidic Devices
  19. Improving preclinical research outcomes
  20. Advanced Manufacturing to achieve Human IV fluid supply

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Latest News

13 May 2022 – Government announced funding for new manufacturing initatives

The Treasurer has outlined the government’s aims for growing a modern and resilient manufacturing industry. Mr Frydenberg said events in Ukraine reminded us that we must increase our self-reliance. New funding will make Victoria the first place in the southern hemisphere to manufacture the mRNA vaccines.

An additional $200 million in funding has been promised as part of the Regional Accelerator Program, to strengthen sovereign manufacturing capability. An additional $53.9 million is to be committed to the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund Round 3, to co-fund capital investments for small and medium manufacturers.


April 7, 2022 – $250 million to support “shovel ready” projects

An extra $328 million has been allocated over five years for manufacturing programs not restricted to the regions. This includes $250 million for the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund which targets “shovel ready” projects, and $6.9 million for new Manufacturing Investment Plans. The spending was detailed in the budget as text but did not appear as a line item because of commercial in confidence clauses.

More than 200 projects worth a combined $3.4 billion have received a government commitment for funding under the MMS. But only 143 projects have executed agreements, worth $317.8 million, and just $113 million has reached manufacturers so far. This is well short of the near billion dollars’ worth of announcements made by the federal government.


28 February 2022 – Minister Taylor highlights Australian manufacturing resilience

The minister for Industry, Energy and Emission Reductions has highlighted the importance of pre- and post-production roles in the manufacturing process. He said new technologies and production methods are becoming more focused on bespoke, higher value, advanced manufacturing.

Australian manufacturers are undergoing a test of resilience following the COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent challenges have been related to pressure on workforces and supply chains. Manufacturing Priorities of Space, Medical Products, Food and Beverage, Defence and Recycling and Clean Energy are part of the Modern Manufacturing Strategy. Collaboration stream can co-fund up to one third of eligible project costs. $107.2m Supply Chain Resilience Initiative aims to strengthen access to critical inputs and products. 84 Australian businesses awarded $55m to develop new technologies and create high-skilled jobs.


31 May 2021 – Christian Porter delays announcement on $50M of Covid response grants

Embattled Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Christian Porter delays the announcements of Covid response grants for at least another month.

Round 2 of the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund is supposed to support transformation in small and medium manufacturing businesses with $50 million made available. Mr Porter, is currently on mental health leave after historical rape allegations were made against him. Mr Porter is the fifth Industry minister in the Coalition government in the last five years, and the seventh Industry minister since the Coalition won government in 2013. Mr Porter is also in the midst of legal action against the ABC over its reporting of the historical rape allegations made against him.

Former Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, said the MMF Round Two was a key element of the government’s $1.5 billion Modern Manufacturing Strategy. “The Morrison Government knows that manufacturing is central to our nation’s economic future and creating jobs for the recovery from COVID-19 and for future generations.

This delay will cause the postponement of over 2,500 new jobs and the ability for Australian manufacturing to recover from Covid.

04 May 2021 – Doubt over local mRNA plans as major companies pull out of Australia

Vaccine development experts say it will take at least $250 million plus the support of a major pharmaceutical company to set up mRNA manufacturing in Australia, cooling hopes of a local jab in the next year.

Manufacturing a vaccine under the tightly controlled conditions demanded by medical regulators is an enormous, costly and difficult challenge that only a few companies globally are capable of.

However, since the start of the pandemic, big pharmaceutical companies have been pulling out of manufacturing in Australia.

Only two companies – Pfizer and Moderna – make COVID-19 mRNA vaccines that have been approved for use anywhere in the world.

Pfizer has already ruled out making its vaccine in Australia in the short term.


05 October 2020 – Government wants to boost Australian manufacturing after learning lessons of COVID-19

The Federal Government will pump close to $1.5 billion into Australia’s manufacturing sector, outlining plans to shore up local production and strengthen supply chains in the wake of COVID-19.

Under the manufacturing strategy unveiled on Wednesday, $107 million will be dedicated to strengthening supply lines for essential goods.


01 October 2020 – Prime Minister plan to boost manufacturing and create more jobs

Industry will be promised $1.5 billion to sustain local manufacturing as part of a budget plan that aims to secure a “sovereign capability” in six priority areas ranging from food to medicine and clean energy.

The government estimates its manufacturing plan could create 80,000 direct jobs and about 300,000 more indirect jobs by helping companies modernise their factories and ramp up exports.

The six priority sectors to receive the new funding will be resources technology and critical minerals processing; food and beverage manufacturing; medical products; clean energy and recycling; defence; and space.


Large Scale Projects Recipients

Applicant OrganisationGrant Amount SupportedTotal InvestmentProject DescriptionSuburbState
4 Pines Brewing Company Wholesale Pty Limited$700,000$3,421,727Automated multi-function packaging line with data capture & analyticsBrookvaleNSW
Alcolizer Pty Ltd$181,156$724,627Automation of the Druglizer “Test Cartridge” productionBalcattaWA
Allshelter Pty Ltd$747,213$2,988,864Engineered Tensile Fabric Manufacturing plant Stage 2Lake CargelligoNSW
Architectural Designer Products Pty Limited$850,000$3,561,059Project 336UnanderraNSW
ATP Science Pty Ltd$1,000,000$4,973,483Collagen Protein Bar LineLoganholmeQLD
Australian International Foods Pty Ltd$750,000$3,800,000Project SkippyScoresbyVIC
Australian Plastics Extrusions Pty Ltd$998,223$3,992,892Project Polymer EvolutionHeidelberg WestVIC
Ben Furney Flour Mills Pty Ltd$1,000,000$7,427,070Extrusion Plant Capital UpgradeDubboNSW
Beurteaux (Australia) Pty Ltd$932,500$3,730,000Advanced Manufacturing of the Smart Part Seat for Global MarketsHendersonWA
Bracton Industries (N S W) Pty Ltd$136,978$547,915In-Housing Design Processes: Purchasing Robotic Welding Machine & CNC MillBrookvaleNSW
Brauer Natural Medicine Pty. Ltd.$1,000,000$6,357,000Nutraceutical Manufacturing Line to Meet Export GrowthTanundaSA
Brent & Warburton (N’Cle) Pty Ltd$133,000$532,7605-Axis Machining CapabilityTomagoNSW
Cathrx Ltd$204,146$816,587Acquisition of an Automated Laser Slot CutterRydalmereNSW
Cirrus Ag Pty Ltd$675,676$2,702,707Efficient Granule ManufacturingKawanaQLD
Class Plastics (Aust) Pty Ltd$228,305$913,220Class Plastics will invest in an Electric Extrusion blow moulding machineTruganinaVIC
Cloyne Holdings Pty Ltd$280,875$1,123,500The modernisation and transformation of Springhill FarmDelacombeVIC
CNC Components Pty Ltd$260,000$1,040,000Next Level CNC MachiningGeebungQLD
Cop-A-Mate Products Pty Ltd$497,875$2,001,500Modernising Manufacturing through Internalising Manufacturing ProcessesHeidelberg WestVIC
Country Chef Bakeries Pty Ltd$562,027$2,248,111Project Pillar – Transformative Growth through Technology and InnovationKunda ParkQLD
Daecon Trusses Pty Ltd$685,616$2,742,467Advanced Automation for Timber Frame and Truss Manufacturing at Derrimut.TullamarineVIC
Darkon Pty. Limited$304,987$1,219,950Acquiring plant to increase competitiveness, quality & production capacityCollingwoodVIC
Directed Electronics OE Pty Ltd$513,475$2,053,903Phase Four – Advanced Manufacturing For AutomotiveMelbourne AirportVIC
Droneshield Limited$120,486$481,944Build manufacturing test chamber and new cloud-based testing processSydneyNSW
Ellenex Pty Ltd$700,000$3,170,379Modernisation of manufacturing process for pressure and level sensorsSouth MelbourneVIC
Epicurean Products Pty Ltd$294,983$1,339,933Industry 4.0: Rapid Development & Flexible Manufacture – Dressings & SaucesYandinaQLD
Essential Flavours And Ingredients Pty Limited$247,500$990,000Enhancement of Encapsulation CapacityCarrum DownsVIC
Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Proprietary Limited$950,000$7,356,888Robotics Led Automation of Bakery Manufacturing – Future Bake ProjectKeilor ParkVIC
Ferretti International Ottoway Pty Ltd$750,000$4,021,000Install new equipment to create Ferretti Whyalla modularisation hub coreWingfieldSA
Firefeast Pty. Limited$316,133$1,404,534FF 6.0WindsorNSW
Flavour Makers Pty Ltd$986,588$3,946,355HFFS Dry Sachet Packing Line Capital Investment ProjectBraesideVIC
George Lovitt (Manufacturing) Proprietary Limited$765,750$3,063,000Next Generation Machining Technology for Expanded Aerospace OpportunitiesGreensboroughVIC
Giddyup Enterprises Pty Ltd$223,944$895,779Life Savers for LivestockMaryboroughQLD
Hydraulic Controls Pty Ltd$272,300$1,089,214Transformation of Hydraulic Controls Pty Ltd’s manufacturing technologyBrookvaleNSW
Klinger Limited$514,750$2,059,000Modernization of Klinger Metal Gaskets Manufacturing Plant in PerthWelshpoolWA
LAI Industries Pty Ltd$1,000,000$5,400,000Industry 4.0 for Switchboard ManufacturingFerryden ParkSA
Laserbond Limited$548,217$2,192,871Modernising Manufacturing at LaserBond – Automated Laser Cladding CellSmeaton GrangeNSW
Light Culture Australia Pty Ltd$125,000$501,350Light Culture Factory Equipment UpgradeSomersbyNSW
Macnaught Pty Ltd$250,000$1,583,616Automated machines for manufacturing MX series Flowmeter PartsTurrellaNSW
Majans Pty. Ltd.$1,000,000$5,109,518Majans’ Industry 4.0 Smart Factory IntegrationSumnerQLD
Marpac Pty Ltd$240,211$960,847Project Reclaim & ReplaceKnoxfieldVIC
Mayfield Industries Pty Ltd$397,488$1,589,955Transformation for Sustainable Growth 2EdinburghSA
Merino Country Pty. Ltd.$330,500$1,322,000Sustainable Merino Manufacturing – From Farm to FashionShailer ParkQLD
Mickies Bikkies Pty Ltd$882,806$3,531,224Kez’s Kitchen Factory Modernisation, Innovation and ExpansionNoble Park NorthVIC
Nissan Casting Australia Pty Ltd$862,537$3,450,150Nissan Casting Australia TdC Efficiency upgrade Gen2Dandenong SouthVIC
Omniblend Pty Ltd$800,000$5,196,209Advanced manufacturing infrastructure for solid form nutritional foodsMordiallocVIC
Oxworks Trading Pty Ltd$305,000$1,342,000Transformation to an Advanced ManufacturerCrestmeadQLD
Pakpot Pty Ltd$800,000$3,200,000Expansion of capacity for the production of thin-walled containers.WingfieldSA
Palla Pharma Limited$263,371$1,053,484A manufacturing system for the efficient recovery of alkaloid from waste.CoolarooVIC
Roband Australia Pty Limited$669,317$2,677,270Fibre Optic Laser & Auto Panel Bender – increased capacity & efficiencyCromerNSW
Robern Menz (Mfg) Pty Ltd$1,000,000$5,241,984Transforming manufacturing for global marketsGlyndeSA
Seer Medical Pty Ltd$1,000,000$5,201,250Manufacturing wearables for epilepsy diagnostics and managementMelbourneVIC
TJM Group Holdings Pty Ltd$1,000,000$6,780,778New automation facility for TJM Group Holdings, leading food innovationSunshine WestVIC
Top Cat Installations Pty. Ltd.$1,000,000$5,450,000Modernisation of Engineered Stone Technology for Silica OHS ComplianceCampbellfieldVIC
Trumps Pty Ltd$171,272$685,090Increased Efficiency with AutoCoding Software & Automatic Labelling SystemsRockleaQLD
Tumbuh Pty Ltd$922,212$3,688,851Advanced Manufacturing for Live BiotherapeuticsCoolum BeachQLD
Unsurpassed Australian Grown Bio Nutrients Limited$489,654$1,958,618Advanced winding hollow-wall pipe, extrusion-moulding production lineCollaroyNSW
V-B Granite (Aust) Pty. Ltd.$934,681$3,738,727VBG SilicaSafe Automtion Project (Phase 2)CheltenhamVIC
Vossloh Cogifer Australia Pty Ltd$1,000,000$15,816,900VCA Castlemaine Modernisation Project Stage 1CastlemaineVIC
Wine In A Glass Pty. Ltd.$210,250$841,000WIAG: Advanced manufacturing technology & facilityEchucaVIC

Small Scale Projects Recipients

Applicant OrganisationGrant Amount SupportedTotal InvestmentProject DescriptionSuburbState
17 Rocks Pty Ltd$100,000$220,000Automating Functional Chocolate ProductionSeventeen Mile RocksQLD
3Done Australia Pty Ltd$100,000$205,0003Done Cancer Treatment Additive Manufacturing ExpansionSalisburyQLD
Adelaide Trimmings Pty. Ltd.$100,000$273,150Stenter Production ProcessSomerton ParkSA
Advanced Composite Structures Australia Pty Ltd$85,000$175,982Automated Multi-purpose System to Manufacture Advanced Composite StructuresPort MelbourneVIC
Alba-Edible-Oils Pty Ltd$100,000$363,400Export Plus – Value add innovationHamilton HillWA
Alevo Pty Limited$100,000$269,195Robotics automation cell investment for leading manufacturer Athlegen.AlfredtonVIC
All Fish For Dogs Pty Ltd$100,000$449,000Pet Treat Production Expansion with Computerised Extrusion TechnologyMission BeachQLD
Alliance Electroplaters Pty Ltd$98,000$285,000Alliance Tesla Project ModernisationCampbellfieldVIC
Allied Heat Transfer International Pty Ltd$99,945$235,491Improved efficiences in pressure vessel manufactureCanning ValeWA
Allmould Plastics Pty Ltd$100,000$495,400Allmould Optimisation of Modernisation and CapacityOrangeNSW
Altair Aviation Pty. Limited$99,550$199,100Efficiency & capability improvement through installing a 4-axis CNC machineCarpendeitVIC
Arrosto Investments Pty Ltd$99,550$199,100Automated bottling for innovative liquid coffee products and power upgradesRenmarkSA
Aset Engineering Pty Ltd$100,000$327,044Upgrade of manufacturing equipment to improve efficiency and create jobsHartleySA
Aussie Lifts Pty Ltd$99,450$198,900Operations Modernisation ProjectAcacia RidgeQLD
Australian Construction Systems Operations Pty Ltd$91,329$182,658Industry 4.0 automated jump form kit manufacturing investmentCampbellfieldVIC
Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd$100,000$252,716ACP Process Optimization and Export Facilitation ProjectCaringbahNSW
Australian Distilling Pty Ltd$100,000$309,364Distillery Manufacturing ExpansionHenley BrookWA
Australian Water Engineers Pty Ltd$100,000$215,000Modernising Manufacturing Operations with CNC Fibre Laser CuttingRiverviewQLD
B.E. Switchcraft Pty. Ltd.$100,000$291,787Upgrade of manufacturing equipment to improve efficiency and create jobsRoyal ParkSA
Baker & Mcauliffe Holdings Pty Ltd$100,000$200,000Intralux CNC ProjectDarlinghurstNSW
Ballistic Beer Company Pty Ltd$79,008$158,017Brewhouse UpgradeSalisburyQLD
Beechworth Honey Pty Ltd$100,000$440,313Honey Diversity & Differentiation for Food SecurityBeechworthVIC
Beeinventive Pty Ltd$100,000$200,000Flow Hive Factory – Laser UpgradeNewrybarNSW
Bendigo Woollen Mills Pty. Ltd.$100,000$200,000Upgrading Fibre Carding Process & Introduction of ERP for ManufacturingBendigoVIC
Bespoke Engineering Pty Ltd$92,000$192,0005 Axis CNC Machine for local manufacture of an Australian designed engineLonsdaleSA
Boron Molecular Pty Limited$99,325$198,650Increased fine chemical manufacturing capacity and capabilityNoble ParkVIC
Byron Aviation Pty Limited$100,000$387,000Grow Australian capability in efficient high-quality aircraft refurbishmentWetherill ParkNSW
C.E. Bartlett Proprietary Limited$100,000$321,830Improving competitiveness through advanced cutting capabilityWendoureeVIC
Calabria Family Wines Pty Ltd$100,000$417,600Membrane Contact – Sparkling Wine ProductionGriffithNSW
Cathrx Ltd$94,954$189,908Development of an Automated Cardiac Catheter Electrode Filleting RobotRydalmereNSW
CCMSM Manufacturing Pty Ltd$100,000$367,300Leading Edge CNC Composite Machine investmentEppingVIC
Chemistry House Pty Ltd$100,000$380,000Expansion of Plant to Provide Agile, Efficient Consumer Packaged ProductMolendinarQLD
CNC Components Pty Ltd$100,000$1,040,000Next Level CNC MachiningGeebungQLD
Coldstream Brewery Pty Ltd$100,000$255,000Automated and Innovative Bottling Technology for CSBColdstreamVIC
Columbia Corporation Pty. Ltd.$100,000$267,000ACORA’s investment in Robotic Welding technologiesEdenNSW
Converte Pty Ltd$97,700$195,400Manufacturing modernisation for Slow Release bio fertiliserGriffithNSW
CQ Fibreglass Direct Ops Pty Ltd$99,972$212,488Automated Filament Winding Production LineBondoolaQLD
Croydon Industries Pty. Limited$54,852$109,704Purchase of new CNC RouterMarrickvilleNSW
Crystalaid Manufacture Pty. Ltd.$100,000$313,000Modernising Print Circuit Board ManufacturingTingalpaQLD
Davidson Engineering (Victoria) Pty Ltd$100,000$274,447Davo’s Fencing Clip Machinery UpgradeWando BridgeVIC
DBW&Co Pty Ltd$54,771$109,542Industry 4.0 automation for indulgent artisan chocolate experiencesBuderimQLD
Diacon Australia Pty Ltd$100,000$250,000Modernise Diacon Australia’s Manufacturing Operations – $100k Grant FundingNorth MackayQLD
Direct Injection Systems Pty Ltd$100,000$763,800Increase innovation of DIT’s Technology Manufacturing Plant in TownsvilleToowoomba CityQLD
Direct Solutions (Australia) Pty. Ltd.$100,000$230,580OMSG Shot Blasting Machine CommissioningTruganinaVIC
DJM Fabrications (Vic) Pty Ltd$100,000$201,062Investment in welding automation technology for growth & diversificationWarragulVIC
Dolphin Products Proprietary Limited$100,000$253,000Installation of a high-precision machine for complex over-moulded plasticsHeidelberg WestVIC
Dresslier And Company (Australia) Pty Ltd$100,000$334,655New Filling and Capping Production LinesNewtonSA
Elexsys Energy Pty Ltd$100,000$233,003EleXsys Grid Stabilisation SupportEnoggeraQLD
Encat Pty. Limited$100,000$251,575Encat’s Advanced Manufacturing Pedestrian Fencing Production LineUnanderraNSW
F. & D. Normoyle Engineering Pty. Limited$100,000$702,401Water Cutting UpgradeSt PetersNSW
Fairmont Medical Products Pty. Limited$100,000$270,000Insufflation Tubing Assembly AutomationBayswaterVIC
FH Management Pty Ltd$90,000$185,000Advanced Manufacturing of Timber Building SystemsWestburyTAS
Five Rings Aerospace Pty Ltd$52,520$105,0403D Scanning and Rapid Prototyping CellKeilor EastVIC
Fortress Systems Pty Ltd$88,812$195,386Sheet Metal Fabrication Capability ImprovementBraesideVIC
Gelista Pty Ltd$100,000$322,865To strategically grow the production output of artisan stick ice creamsRidleytonSA
Gin Gin & Dry Pty Ltd$100,000$200,000Innovative “Fruit Water” Closed Drying TunnelGin GinQLD
Glenroy Bakery Pty. Ltd.$100,000$479,985Manufacturing Modernisation ProjectGlenroyVIC
Go Medical Industries Pty. Ltd.$100,000$348,846Modernised Characterisation Techniques for Controlled Release Film CoatingsSubiacoWA
Grounded Pleasures Pty Ltd$100,000$232,500Global Artisan – Drinking Chocolate Manufacturing Flow Line, Export & MoreBallarat CentralVIC
Howard Mining Systems Pty Ltd$100,000$319,658Rapid design & prototyping capability for mining & industrial applicationsThorntonNSW
ICT International Pty Ltd$96,742$193,484Creating a competitive advantage: Accredited Calibration ServiceArmidaleNSW
ILLUMODx Pty Ltd$100,000$220,000Point-of-care diagnostics for infectious diseasesFairfieldVIC
Intel Engineering Pty Ltd$100,000$244,911Advanced Manufacturing Robotics Welding & Chassis Automation Line InstallCampbellfieldVIC
Intellidesign Pty Ltd$99,999$245,600Advanced Robotic Coating and Encapsulation EquipmentSeventeen Mile RocksQLD
Jardin Estate Pty Ltd$50,000$100,000Expansion of Production CapabilityCowaramupWA
Jax Wax Pty Ltd$100,000$264,581Visual Robotics Automation programme for specialty wax manufacturer in VICOfficerVIC
K2K Holdings Pty Ltd$100,000$240,291Manufacturing Scale Up ProjectSeafordVIC
Kangaroo Island Distillery Pty Ltd$100,000$350,000Acquisition of new still to improve productivityMenziesSA
Keech Castings Australia Pty Limited$100,000$254,200Keech ERP Modernisation ProjectEast BendigoVIC
Kingston Estate Wines Pty Ltd$100,000$363,557Red Fermenter Air InjectionKent TownSA
Kolmark Pty Ltd$100,000$335,000Spirit Still Manufacture for the 21st CenturyWestburyTAS
Kookaburra Sport Pty. Ltd.$100,000$307,762Blending artisan skills and robotic automation for cricket ball productionMoorabbinVIC
LBFR Creative Pty Ltd$100,000$256,085Garment Cutter Automation for Modernising and Scaling Local ManufacturingBurleigh HeadsQLD
Lee Mu Tsai Investment Pty Ltd$85,780$171,560Bio-sludge fertiliser manufacturing facilityWaterloo CornerSA
LGM Industries Pty Ltd$73,000$146,150LGM Welding Capability UpgradePicton EastWA
Little Bang Brewing Company Pty Ltd$100,000$206,682Little Bang manufacturing modernisation and efficiency projectStepneySA
Luxmy Furniture Pty Ltd$50,893$101,786Install New Robotic Arm to Existing Edge Banding MachinePunchbowlNSW
Lyrian Pty Ltd$92,000$185,000New CNC MachineWagga WaggaNSW
Magnetica Limited$100,000$323,352MRI Accessory Manufacturing Facility UpgradeEagle FarmQLD
Mansalem Pty Ltd$100,000$205,066Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Crainofacial DisfigurementTanah MerahQLD
Mark’S 4WD Adaptors Pty Ltd$98,801$197,603Robotic Welding Cell installation to improve efficiency & qualityDingley VillageVIC
Marmik Holdings Pty Ltd$100,000$1,529,415Segment machineBeckenhamWA
Medikane Operations Pty Ltd$100,000$432,500World first facility to manufacture value added products from sugar wasteNorth RydeNSW
Melbourne Chef (Aust) Pty. Ltd.$100,000$320,000Sustainable packaging and sauce line investmentKensingtonVIC
Melvelle Equipment Corp. Pty Ltd$100,000$214,035Machining & Fabrication ModernisationMarylandNSW
Merino Country Pty. Ltd.$73,500$147,0004.0 Smart Merino Garment ManufacturingShailer ParkQLD
Milford Industries Pty Ltd$100,000$413,583Advanced Manufacturing Capability – Robotic Welding Cell (Strategic Stage)Camden ParkSA
Miller Metal Imaging Pty Ltd$88,529$177,058Purchase and implementation of a DSE Aluprinter 100Byron BayNSW
Milliken (Australia) Pty Ltd$100,000$345,840Smart factory robotic loading system for bespoke carpet tile printingNorthmeadNSW
Modular Innovations Pty Ltd$87,309$174,618Automate Manufacturing of AcoustiSorb Noise PanelsKurnellNSW
Moon Deck Pty Ltd$100,000$374,000Moon Deck Growth ProjectWy YungVIC
Moove Holdings Pty Ltd$70,000$145,206Machine Vision Systems & Robots in cutting wheel productionCampbellfieldVIC
MPI Global Pty Ltd$100,000$227,536Bending MachineCunderdinWA
Multipanel Pty Ltd$100,000$264,876Increasing production efficiency of the innovative MULTIPANEL productMount ElizaVIC
New Touch Industries Pty Ltd$100,000$284,870Deburring and Edge Rounding machine for increased sector competitivenessBayswaterVIC
Nowra Chemical Manufacturers Pty Ltd$98,000$370,138Pharma AutomationNowraNSW
Omni Tanker Pty. Ltd.$100,000$242,500Automated Waterjet Manufacture CellSmeaton GrangeNSW
Oneva Holdings Pty. Ltd.$99,999$200,000Vegan cheese and pastry manufacturingAlstonvilleNSW
Opti Grow Pty Ltd$87,500$175,000Unique Air-Drying System for Biopharmaceutical and Nutraceutical ProductionKelvin GroveQLD
Optotech Pty. Ltd.$99,350$198,700Laser Workstation for Processing Ceramics and Welding Medical CapsulesSouthbankVIC
Paarhammer Pty Ltd$85,000$170,000Lifting Equipment for diverse workforce & Veneer Press for new product lineBallanVIC
Pacer Profiles Pty Ltd$100,000$265,000Acquisition of a plastic extruder for drainage channelEdinburgh NorthSA
Parnham Group Pty Ltd$97,500$195,000Pathfinder Material Cutting Machine for Parnham GroupCheltenhamVIC
Patterson Glass Pty Ltd$50,000$100,000CNC MachineNerangQLD
Perfection Food Group Pty Limited$100,000$240,000Modernisation and expansion of ice cream plantBotanyNSW
Pharmaoil Pty. Ltd.$95,033$190,067Manufacturing Capability and Capacity Increase for Overseas ExportDandenongVIC
Platypus Fishing Pty Ltd$92,468$184,937Braided Fishing Line Manufacturing ModernisationBrendaleQLD
Polytuff Automotive Pty Ltd$62,313$124,6273-Belt Curing Line Oven for Polyurethane Auto PartsBrendaleQLD
Porcelain Bear Pty Ltd$100,000$250,000Porcelain Bear Factory UpgradeCollingwoodVIC
Proform Gourmet Pty Limited$100,000$465,355Production streamlining using IQFMount Kuring-GaiNSW
Provectus Algae Pty Ltd$100,000$350,000Next generation biologics from AlgaeCooloola CoveQLD
PTE Hydraulics Pty. Ltd.$67,703$135,407Spline Measuring & Hydraulic Fluid Analysis for Hydraulic Rotary ActuatorsAcacia RidgeQLD
Quincey Jones Jelly Preserves Co. Pty Ltd$60,156$120,313Modernising Manufacturing at Quincey Jones Jelly Preserves Co.MoamaNSW
Rapid Spray Pty Ltd$97,995$195,990Automated Bulk powder handing and dispensing systemMcDougalls HillNSW
Ray Fry Investments Pty. Ltd.$100,000$259,820AMM Project Procurement SMEC SL3500AL CNC LathePortsmithQLD
Red Range Stock Supplements Pty Ltd$94,022$188,045Automated Manufacturing Solution with Sales & Operations IntegrationKununurraWA
RiE Group Pty Ltd$100,000$475,000Calibrations and Well Site Services – Surat & Eromanga BasinsChinchillaQLD
Sentek Pty. Ltd$86,255$172,510Automated Encapsulation Process LineStepneySA
Stabilcorp Pty Ltd$90,450$180,900Increasing the efficiency of the ShoulderMaster manufacturing processWauchopeNSW
Starkbrau Pty Ltd$100,000$200,000Canning Line for Brewery Production GrowthBeechworthVIC
Stealth Special Vehicles Pty Ltd$100,000$250,382OzPOD Mobilisation ProjectSpringvaleVIC
Stritek International Pty Ltd$80,500$161,000Purchasing Cutting-Edge Elite Sportswear Manufacturing TechnologyBroadmeadowsVIC
Tactical Research Pty Ltd$90,000$180,000Establishing an Electro-Optical Advanced Manufacturing CapabilityJindabyneNSW
The Bench Top Factory Pty Ltd$97,189$194,379Advanced Manufacturing for StonemasonryBraesideVIC
Third Zeton Pty Ltd$100,000$245,000Tieman Tankers – investing in state of the art automated welding equipment.CampbellfieldVIC
Tip Top Blinds (Victoria) Pty Ltd$96,067$192,135Modernisation of Blind Manufacturing ProcessClaytonVIC
TJM Group Holdings Pty Ltd$100,000$270,484Automation investment for TJM Group Holdings, leading food innovationSunshine WestVIC
Trafford Group Pty Ltd$100,000$200,000Implementation of a Manufacturing ERP System & Modernising ProcessesNathaliaVIC
Travtel Investments Pty Limited$100,000$692,000CAD CAM Innovation and Boutique Dental ClinicWoollahraNSW
Treat Enterprises Pty Ltd$89,100$178,200Product Equipment ModernisationFairfieldVIC
Tribotech Pty. Ltd$98,500$197,000Robotic automation to manufacture conveyor rollers and framesWangaraWA
Trimec Industries Pty Ltd$99,008$198,016Modernisation of calibration facilities to increase product marketabilityCaringbahNSW
Ums: Production Services Pty Ltd$100,000$275,312Pre-production Automation and Efficiency ProjectBrooklynVIC
U-Neek Bending Co. Pty Ltd$100,000$486,942Uneek Integration of Revolutionary Bending TechnologyDandenong SouthVIC
Urban Aluminium Pty Ltd$55,000$110,527Urban Aluminium Pty Ltd – CNC MachineMount Kuring-GaiNSW
Violet Light Pty Ltd$100,000$338,000Revolutionary thermodynamic cycle technology and automation for brewingThornburyVIC
Wayne Duffy Consulting Pty Ltd$99,650$199,850ERP system for the whole of company efficiency and resources utilization.BeverleySA
Westurn Engineering Pty Ltd$100,000$286,885Implementation of Advanced Portable Metrology Tools in CNC Machine WorkshopGreenfieldsWA
Willow Springs Packaging Pty Ltd$100,000$416,224Willow Springs Packaging Automation and Recycling ProjectNobbyQLD
Young Henrys Brewing Company Pty Ltd$100,000$223,600Fermentation CO2 sequestration/recovery and greenhouse gas abatementNewtownNSW
Zuster Pty Ltd$100,000$206,613Leading edge design differentiation via advanced technologyHawthornVIC
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