Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

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What is the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund?

The Manufacturing Modernisation Fund is a grant that provides up to $1 million to manufacturers to purchase new technologies to be more productive and create more jobs.


Bulletpoint Track Record

Bulletpoint has assisted numerous companies secure manufacturing grants.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint helped Greenbear secure a grant of $500,000. Based in Tottenham, Victoria, Greenbear is a processor of waste and recycled materials. They received funding to build a fully-automated waste sorting line for residential Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste more feasibly and efficiently than current disposal methods.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Harry & Larry’s secure a grant of $1,200,000. Based in Brunswick, Harry & Larry’s manufacture a range of specialty ice creams. The grant will see 30 new jobs created and investment in a factory expansion with custom engineered production lines, including the latest freezing technology, to make a range of gourmet ice creams and desserts in complex shapes and layers.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Cottage Cheese Farm secure a grant of $765,000. Based in Glenroy, Victoria, Cottage Cheese Farm is a speciality cheese manufacturer making mainly Haloumi, Ricotta and Mozzarella cheeses. They received funding to assist with construction of a $6M purpose built cheese and yoghurt manufacturing facility. The project will allow them to expand current operations and introduction of new product lines.

Manufacturing Modernisation FundBulletpoint assisted Abey Australia secure a grant of $250,000. Based in Gisborne, Victoria, Abey is a manufacturer of plumbing and building products. They received a grant of $250,000 to buy five high-speed of five robots and 3 conveyors.

Manufacturing Modernisation FundBulletpoint assisted Osteon Medical secure a grant of $74,000. Based in Mulgrave, Victoria, Osteon Medical manufacture a range of dental and facial implant prosthetic products. They received a  grant to purchase a 5 axis simultaneous CNC milling machine.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Keech secure a grant of $141,700. Based in Bendigo, Victoria, Keech is a manufacturer of high integrity steel castings. They received a grant to  based in Bendigo. Keech received a grant to purchase a 3D digital printer for prototyping and pattern making.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted AMR Hewitts secure a grant of $135,000, Based in Tullamarine, Victoria,  AMR Hewitts is a print packaging for the pharmaceutical and food packaging industries. They received a grant to purchase a new forme cutting machine to reduce turnaround times.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Class Plastics secure a grant of $250,000. Based in Truganina, Victoria, Class Plastics is a manufacturer of industrial and retail plastic liquid containers. They received a grant to purchase a series of accumulated blow moulding machines and feed in conveyors.

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Manufacturing Modernisation Fund



An extra $53.9 million has been committed for round 3 of the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund to help small and medium manufacturing businesses which will co-fund capital investments by manufacturers across the National Manufacturing Priority areas to adopt new technologies enabling them to scale up, grow and compete internationally.

An additional $4.7 million will support women to build a career in Australian manufacturing, contributing to a strong, diverse and skilled manufacturing workforce for the future.

Building on the success of the National Manufacturing Priorities of Space, Defence, Recycling and Clean Energy, Medical Products, Food and Beverage, and Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing, over the next 12 months the Government will work with industry to finalise Manufacturing Investment Plans for each priority sector to guide further long-term investment in Australian manufacturing.


Manufacturing Modernisation Fund Grant Size

The Manufacturing Modernisation Fund has a total pool of $50 million over 3 years, which will be delivered through two streams of funding:

  • Small Grants ($20 million) – to support technology and efficiency improvements with the value of $50,000 to $100,000 (50% funding ratio)
  • Large Grants ($30 million) – to support transformative investments in technologies and processes with the value of $100,000 to $1 million (25% funding ratio)


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund you must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be non-tax exempt
  • be registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST)

and be:

  • an entity incorporated in Australia, including start-ups, and a trading corporation where your trading activities:
    • form a sufficiently significant proportion of your overall activities as to merit it being described as a trading corporation; or
    • are a substantial and not merely peripheral activity of your corporation.

You must also be:

  • a manufacturing small and medium-sized Australian enterprise (SME) with up to 199 employees (headcount)
  • have a minimum of $400,000 in eligible project expenditure
  • able to identify the level of Australian job creation expected from your project
  • able to demonstrate your project aligns with one or more of the six National Manufacturing Priorities:
    • resources technology and critical minerals processing
    • food and beverage
    • medical products
    • recycling and clean energy
    • defence
    • space.

You must also be able to provide evidence that:

  • the project is supported by your board
  • you can complete the project
  • you can meet the costs of the project not covered by grant funding.

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Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Eligible Projects

Eligible projects include:

  • buying, constructing, installing or commissioning of manufacturing plant and equipment
  • integrating production-related software that is directly related to your capital investment
  • relevant training and skills development to assist you to integrate the new technology into your business, including upskilling and accreditation in advanced processes.
  • process design and engineering directly related to your capital investment
  • fit-out, alterations and/or extensions to buildings directly related to your capital investment.

The maximum project period is 2 years.


Expert Assistance

Writing a good Manufacturing Modernisation Fund application takes time and effort, and requires particular writing skills.

Bulletpoint are expert grant consultants and can assist with all aspects of grant preparation.

We know what it takes to secure the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund.

Keep in mind, that we dont represent the Government or act as their agents. We are independent consultants.

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Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

How to get the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund?

In order to get the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund you will need to demonstrate the following points:

Project Level

  1. adopt new or transformative manufacturing technologies
  2. deliver efficiency improvements
  3. increase jobs and a more highly skilled workforce in your business
  4. use design and engineering excellence
  5. create innovative and efficient business processes, to enhance the competitiveness of your business
  6. take advantage of a market opportunity in Australia and overseas
  7. align to AMGC’s strategic priorities

Business Level

  1. a track record in managing similar projects
  2. access to personnel with the right skills and experience, including management and technical staff
  3. a solid plan to manage the project including scope, implementation methodology, timeframes, delivery risks and budget access
  4. access to any required infrastructure, capital equipment, technology, intellectual property and regulatory or other approvals.

Grant Level

  • will help the project to proceed
  • will have positive impact on the size, scale or timing of your project
  • co-contribution and additional benefits to the project and business



Round 3 applications opening soon

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Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund More Information


Can you beat these Top 20 projects?

You might be eligible for the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund, but can you beat these projects funded under the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund?

  1. Commercial scale Boron Nitride Nanotube plant
  2. Automating the production of world-first heavy-duty LED drivers
  3. Surface Mount Technology (Electronics Fabrication Facility
  4. Inorganic explosive trace detector
  5. Driveline and Induction Innovation for Global Vehicle Platforms
  6. Digital Manufacturing Through Additive Manufacturing
  7. Grape marc washing for production of export tartrates
  8. Manufacture Dental Aligners
  9. National Dental Implant & Prosthetics Manufacturing Hub of Excellence
  10. Olive nutraceutical ingredient extraction facility
  11. Nano-Active Materials
  12. Development of High-Volume Moulding Process for CF wheel manufacture
  13. Surface Mount Technology Advanced Manufacturing Production Line
  14. Anterior Insight Manufacturing Ramp
  15. Developing advanced architectural glass manufacturing capabilities
  16. Advanced Friction Automation Technology
  17. Design and build of Australia’s first industrial Carbon Fibre line
  18. Manufacture of Polymer Microfluidic Devices
  19. Improving preclinical research outcomes
  20. Advanced Manufacturing to achieve Human IV fluid supply

Latest News

The Australian chief executive of snack and drinks giant PepsiCo, Kyle Faulconer, has called on the government to provide more certainty about its assistance plans for local manufacturing. Mr Faulconer, in an interview, said the company would embark on a $40m upgrade to its production lines in Adelaide. The industry wanted the government to clarify its policies in the wake of an election promise to abolish the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund, Mr Faulconer added.

Anthony Albanese government has said it will abolish a range of existing industry assistance funds, replacing them with a $15bn National Reconstruction Fund as part of its plans to boost the local manufacturing industry.

While the government says it will honour existing commitments made under the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund and others like it, a lack of details about the government’s policies for the sector are creating increasing uncertainty in the industry.




The Treasurer has outlined the government’s aims for growing a modern and resilient manufacturing industry. Mr Frydenberg said events in Ukraine reminded us that we must increase our self-reliance. New funding will make Victoria the first place in the southern hemisphere to manufacture the mRNA vaccines.

An additional $200 million in funding has been promised as part of the Regional Accelerator Program, to strengthen sovereign manufacturing capability. An additional $53.9 million is to be committed to the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund Round 3, to co-fund capital investments for small and medium manufacturers.


An extra $328 million has been allocated over five years for manufacturing programs not restricted to the regions. This includes $250 million for the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund which targets “shovel ready” projects, and $6.9 million for new Manufacturing Investment Plans. The spending was detailed in the budget as text but did not appear as a line item because of commercial in confidence clauses.

More than 200 projects worth a combined $3.4 billion have received a government commitment for funding under the MMS. But only 143 projects have executed agreements, worth $317.8 million, and just $113 million has reached manufacturers so far. This is well short of the near billion dollars’ worth of announcements made by the federal government.


The minister for Industry, Energy and Emission Reductions has highlighted the importance of pre- and post-production roles in the manufacturing process. He said new technologies and production methods are becoming more focused on bespoke, higher value, advanced manufacturing.

Australian manufacturers are undergoing a test of resilience following the COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent challenges have been related to pressure on workforces and supply chains. Manufacturing Priorities of Space, Medical Products, Food and Beverage, Defence and Recycling and Clean Energy are part of the Modern Manufacturing Strategy. Collaboration stream can co-fund up to one third of eligible project costs. $107.2m Supply Chain Resilience Initiative aims to strengthen access to critical inputs and products. 84 Australian businesses awarded $55m to develop new technologies and create high-skilled jobs.


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