Manufacturing Transition Programme

$50 M is available to assist Australian manufacturers to transition to higher value manufacturing activities.


Manufacturing Transition Grants Programme


Over $1.5M raised for Manufacturers

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The Manufacturing Transition Programme provides grants to help manufacturing businesses become more competitive and sustainable.


Success Stories

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The Manufacturing Transition Programme is about moving firms away from low-tech commodity style production that may not be globally competitive, to advanced manufacturing where Australia’s specialised knowledge and skills give us an advantage.

The Manufacturing Transition Programme is part of the Government’s broader strategy to enhance Australia’s competitive strengths and build Australian industry’s most productive sectors, like advanced manufacturing, that have the most economic potential.


Eligible Activities

The Manufacturing Transition Programme supports capital investment projects that help businesses:

  • move or expand into higher value or niche manufacturing activities
  • build skills in higher value and knowledge intensive activities in new or growing markets.



Manufacturing Transition Programme grants are available for up to 25% of eligible costs for projects with a minimum investment of $4 million.



Applications for Round 1 of the Manufacturing Transition Programme closed on 24 October 2014.


Expert Assistance

Writing a good quality grant application is a critical element in the application process. An application needs to be well thought through, written concisely, have clear objectives and purpose, and show clear links to the objectives of the grant guidelines.

The grant application must answer all questions, provide all required information and respond to the merit criteria. It should also reflect your organisation’s business strategy.

Writing a good application takes time and effort, and requires particular writing skills.

Bulletpoint are expert grant consultants and can assist with all aspects of grant preparation. We are an independent grants consultancy and not affiliated, associated nor endorsed by any government agency.

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More Information


Round 1 Recipients

19 manufacturers share in $48M to transition to higher value manufacturing activities.


Bega Cheese -$5,004,446

Bega Cheese Limited will purchase plant and equipment to increase their production of lactoferrin from existing milk solids. The increased production of lactoferrin will satisfy a growing demand for the bionutrient in global markets. The grant will help Bega Cheese accelerate the investment in capital equipment at their Bega, NSW facility to capitalise on these opportunities. The project will lead to export and employment opportunities in the local manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

Hickory Building Systems -$5,000,000

Hickory Building Systems will invest in innovative modular construction technology to transition its prefabricated building capacity towards an integrated structural system (ISS) capability at its Brooklyn facility in Victoria. Involving a high level of automation, the new technology will provide increased efficiencies and new market opportunities.

Fero Group -$4,900,000

Fero Group will design and build a new, state-of-the-art, highly automated galvanising plant at its Kewdale facilities in Western Australia which will result in an expanded range and size of superior galvanised products for local and export markets. The grant funds will significantly speed up the timing of the project leading to a more competitive business, greater exports and more employment.

National Glass -$4,607,750

National Glass will establish a state-of-the-art glass processing plant enabling the manufacture of custom laminated and insulated glass products in Boondall, QLD. The project will result in the manufacturing of superior, energy efficient and high performance glass in a straight through process that eliminates manual handling and improves safety.

Cochlear -$3,250,000

Cochlear Limited will use grant funds to purchase plant and equipment in order to bring back manufacturing capability on-shore for its next-generation hearing implants. The grant funds will also be used for projects focussing on production and assembly process enhancements and increasing capacity and capability at their Newstead, QLD, Lane Cove, NSW and Macquarie University, NSW facilities. The projects will utilise the company’s strong history of collaboration with the Australian tertiary and research sectors to continue to produce its next generation hearing devices including an integrated high-tech device that will eventually be the first in the world to be fully implantable.

Ecolab -$3,000,000

Ecolab will be investing in new manufacturing capabilities and transition to a high value manufacturing network nationally. This investment will significantly advance the company’s Australian operations for the Revesby NSW, Darra QLD, Kwinana WA and Cheltenham VIC facilities. The project will lead to the establishment of a centre of excellence in Darra QLD, further develop local manufacturing and transform the company’s Australia organisation into a more internationally competitive business.

Oakmoore -$2,529,659

Oakmoore will purchase equipment to enable production of enhanced value added plastics for diverse markets including high end automotive accessories, building products and customised display products at their Salisbury, QLD facility. The project will establish the world’s first tonneau vacuum forming line with automated moulding, assembly, trimming and handling.

Philmac – $2,404,000

Philmac will purchase new injection moulding machines, tooling and related infrastructure for their North Plympton, SA manufacturing plant. The project will result in an expansion of Philmac’s award winning specialist compression fitting and valve product ranges, and ensure cost efficient manufacture to underpin expansion of their plumbing, mining and large scale irrigation markets both domestically and internationally.

Ferra Engineering – $2,018,939

Ferra Engineering will invest in new technology, processes and facilities for the ongoing development and production for Joint Direct Attack Munition Extended Range (JDAM ER) weapons kits. The project will transition Ferra into a new area of high end defence and aerospace sub-system development and manufacture.

Hedweld Engineering – $2,001,025

Hedweld Engineering will purchase equipment and construct a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The project will enable the business to diversify into new sectors such as the agribusiness, defence, construction, civil engineering and underground mining markets. Grant funds will be used to transform the company’s Mount Thorley, NSW facility into one of the most highly automated operations in the region that will increase their competitiveness, create new employment opportunities and increase exports.

Mulgowie Fresh – $1,782,706

Mulgowie Fresh will implement innovative processing technology and automated processing equipment to produce packaged fresh ready-to-use vegetables. The project will increase production capacity and expand product ranges; enabling the development of products for new premium and export markets.

Vegco – $1,775,000

Vegco will introduce High Pressure Processing (HPP) into the manufacture of delicatessen salads in their western Sydney production facility. This new technology allows for the destruction of pathogens in food without the need for heat or chemical preservatives, dramatically increasing shelf life without sacrificing quality and flavour. HPP provides numerous benefits including extensive opportunities for broader distribution both nationally and potentially export.

Hofmann Engineering – $1,750,000

Hofmann Engineering will extend its mining equipment manufacture operation into the underground mining sector. The project represents an expansion in the production of knowledge intensive industrial gear transmissions and other high performance and precision replacement parts for the mining industry. It includes the establishment of a facility in Newcastle, NSW to capitalise on the area’s coal mining concentration.

Romar Engineering – $1,646,854

Romar Engineering will purchase equipment and upskill staff to develop and expand its advanced plastic and silicone engineering, moulding, assembly and production facility in Sefton, NSW. The project will result in establishing capabilities at Romar that will provide more complex and higher value-added components for the electronics and medical devices industry.

WTG – $1,428,645

WTG , trading as CST Composites, will purchase plant and equipment to double its production capacity for the manufacture of high-tech composite fibre tubing in Australia. Greater economies of scale and greater capacity will enable the company to capture new larger markets; including in specialised segments of the mining industry.

Reinforced Concrete Pipes – $1,412,500

Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia (Holdings) will establish a new facility in Somersby, NSW that will manufacture thin wall normal cement and geopolymer concrete pipes using first of its kind pipe manufacturing technology. The next generation manufacturing process will produce higher performance pipe using recycled waste materials making greener products with greatly reduced embedded carbon content.

Nissan Casting – $1,377,500

Nissan Casting Australia will purchase tooling and equipment for the manufacture of two new electric vehicle (EV) powertrain components at its Dandenong South (VIC) facility. The project will transition the plant’s current manufacturing capabilities to enable production of these two components, which form a water jacket assembly used in electric vehicles made by Nissan.

Gelita Australia – $1,250,000

Gelita Australia will purchase capital equipment to increase production of gelatine products and to transition its manufacturing to target the higher-value pharmaceutical market. Upgrades will occur at their Josephville, QLD facility, the only gelatine production facility in Australia. The grant funds will be used to increase gelatine production by 750 tonnes per annum, replacing the need for imports of high-value pharmaceutical grade product.

GlaxoSmithKline -$1,000,000

GlaxoSmithKline Australia will invest in new technology, expanding a pilot facility into a full-scale facility for the production of biologicals in Blow Fill Seal packaging. The project will result in their Victorian facility being at the forefront of commercialising this state-of-the-art technology.

Media Release

Nationwide, more than a quarter of a billion dollars will be injected into Australia’s advanced manufacturing thanks to more than $200 million invested by Australian manufacturers and $48 million from the Manufacturing Transition Programme.

The Manufacturing Transition Programme was announced in the 2014 Budget. It fulfils an election commitment to ensure a secure future for manufacturing in Australia by focusing on areas of competitive strength.

The programme encourages manufacturers to invest in more sophisticated and knowledge-intensive manufacturing, creating high-skilled jobs in areas of greatest economic opportunity.
This is a highly competitive programme that supports transformation to build our manufacturing capability for the future.

Nineteen manufacturers will receive grants between $1 and $5 million. The funded projects will drive investment in new capital equipment and improvements to plant and processes, which will deliver growth that builds on Australia’s competitive advantages.

Grants were awarded through a competitive, merit-based process and based on advice from an expert technical committee to ensure the projects have a sound commercial basis.


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