Up to $10,000 are available to support events that brings people to the State.

Marketing Tasmania Grants


The Marketing Tasmania Grants will support your event to approach and attract a specific target market so as to bring more people to Tasmania, get more visitors and locals travelling to a Tasmanian regional area, and importantly get people hearing about and talking about Tasmania. The images and stories about Tasmania that event organisers provide to their audiences through various channels including print, digital, PR and social media, and that their audiences also share, are valuable marketing tools and often referred to as ‘content’.



Established in 2002, the Events Tasmania Grants Program has provided funds to over 1000 events. Around $350,000 is available through the Events Tasmania Grants Program this year under the following grant categories:

  • Touring Grants
  • Marketing Tasmania Grants
  • Championship Grants
  • One-off Assistance Grants

Events are an incredibly important part of the visitor economy. They create a trigger for travel, promote regional dispersal of visitors and generate fantastic stories and images that in turn increase people’s desire to visit Tasmania.

Events supported through Events Tasmania return around $100 million to the Tasmanian economy each year, as well as creating jobs and engendering pride in the state.



The Marketing Tasmania Grants have been developed to maintain a balanced events portfolio that:

  • attracts people to Tasmania; supporting the joint strategy between the tourism industry and government to increase visitor numbers to Tasmania to 1.5 million per year by 2020;
  • encourages Tasmanians to move around the state; and
  • gets people talking about Tasmania through their own circles of influence.



To support this important work being done by events, Events Tasmania is offering grants of up to $10,000 in funding which must be matched equally in cash expenditure by the event organisers.

Marketing Tasmania Grants are assessed within competitive grant rounds, grant funding is limited and demand for this program is high.



Successful applicants will be event organisers who:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of how to market their event
  • Show an understanding of event and destination marketing in general
  • Present a compelling plan for their additional Marketing Tasmania project
  • Have identified a target market and an effective way to reach them
  • Have set a measurable target to assess the success of the project
  • Can commit to matched grant funding on a 1:1 basis

Applicants can be based anywhere in Australia, and must be able to enter into a funding agreement with the Tasmanian Government.

Marketing Tasmania Grants are not intended to provide general support for an event or organisation, nor be a contribution towards your event’s overall marketing plan. They are provided for the delivery of a specific event marketing project within an event or event organisation, in addition to planned marketing.

Details of your specific event marketing project will be the core component of your grant application.



Applications close 18 March 2016.