How to Maximise the R&D Tax Incentive

Are You Eligible For The R&D Tax Incentive?

What is the R&D Tax Incentive?

The R&D Tax Incentive is a grant designed to give you money back for developing something new.

Are you an innovator?

You might not think so, but if you are developing a new product or process…

You could get up to 43.5% of your development costs back from an R&D grant.

Check out my free Top 5 Tips to maximise the R&D Incentive to find out more.

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Over 70% of eligible small businesses could claim the R&D Tax Incentive, but they don’t! In fact, only 1% of companies apply for an R&D grant.

Want to know what my tips are to maximise the R&D tax incentive are?

What does the book contain?

I will give you a quick snapshot into what the R&D Tax Incentive is without all the government speak.

Can you claim the rebate?

Many companies are doing some form of R&D and qualify for the rebate, but just don’t know it.

What are my tips?

As an R&D tax consultant, I know the tricks and ins and outs to better approach the Tax Incentive:

  1. How to think about R&D differently
  2. How you can make your costs eligible
  3. How to provide evidence of R&D activities
  4. How to find other costs to boost your claim
  5. How to avoid potential ineligible activities

In my step-by-step guide, I try to avoid ‘Government speak’ on R&D grants.

I will give you my top 5 tips on maximising your claim. From eligible activities to eligible expenses.

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“It was an easy experience, they kept in touch and let me know how the process was working.

I was kept very well informed which was really great.

The general level of knowledge of my business by Bulletpoint was impressive.

We have gained access to grants we wouldn’t otherwise have known about, with minimal input from our end.”

– Scott Williams, Managing Director

We have already highly recommended Bulletpoint. We most appreciated their proficiency, frequency and helpfulness around communication, and getting the result that we needed.

I continually say to people I have had a positive experience with Ben and the Team, and we will use them again.

The obvious knowledge and understanding of the subject matter was impressive, and this had two benefits to us. The first being it helped us navigate through what we were trying to get through, so we could provide the right information.

The second benefit was that this information was then collated and put into the format it needed to be, to get the desired result. Pricing and what you represent was spot on.”

– Martyn Ryan, CEO

“We would absolutely recommend Bulletpoint. I’ve dealt with Ben and the lady that helped us last year, and find them both to extremely good and helpful, and find the treating of the client very good. Ben is an exceptional people person, he really understands how to speak to people, and how to get the best out of them, which I found really impressive.

I was also impressed with the follow up, and the way that they communicated.

We only had to do the pointers, they did most of the work in writing the whole thing up, putting the right things in and discussed with us how to put the claim in, again, with excellent communication skills. We are happy we got the claim through, if you don’t then that’s a lot of time wasted. This is the third time we have made a claim, I don’t know how long it is going to continue, hopefully for a while longer yet, and we will certainly use Bulletpoint for as long as we can.”

– John Rezga, General Manager


Call 1300 658 508 for assistance.

Most companies I meet don’t realise what they are doing qualifies for the R&D tax incentive.

They are either not claiming because they have never heard about the R&D Tax Incentive or under-claim because they are conservative.

As well as being a registered tax agent, I have degrees in Engineering and Science.

I help you to apply a scientific approach to your activities to ensure that you can maximise the eligibility of your R&D activities.

I know that you would prefer to be working on your business rather than filling out forms.

My approach is to simplify the process and minimise the burden on you.

I want you to keep innovating.

I work with your technical team to determine your eligible R&D activities.

I work with your finance team to determine your eligible R&D expenses.

I work with your accountant to prepare your Income Tax Return.

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