Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program

Funding is available for outreach maternity services teams in regional, rural and remote communities.



MSOAP-MS aims to increase access to a range of maternity services, for women and their families in rural and remote communities throughout the antenatal and postnatal stages.

The multi-disciplinary team approach will result in improved access to a range of maternity services for women in their home locations, less disruption to family life due to the reduced need to travel to access services, and improvements to the viability of existing community health services.

The objectives of the MSOAP-MS measure are to:

  • support health professionals to provide outreach maternity services to rural and remote communities
  • increase the range of maternity services offered by visiting health professionals to effectively support women and their families through pregnancy and the postnatal stage
  • improve ongoing management and continuity of patient care
  • increase and maintain the skills of health professionals in rural and remote areas in accordance with local need

Health professionals supported by the MSOAP-MS measure:

  • Midwives
  • Medical specialists
  • General Practitioners
  • Allied Health professionals

The MSOAP-MS guidelines can be viewed here.


Current Service Schedule

Please click here for the current service schedule (updated January 2013)



Services delivered to communities in Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) – Remoteness Area (RA) 2 (Inner Regional) to 5 (Very Remote) are eligible to be supported under this measure.  However, where possible the MSOAP-MS measure will focus on the delivery of outreach services in communities situated in remote (RA 4) and very remote (RA 5) locations.

Further information on the ASGC can be found at or by accessing the Remoteness Area Locator at

Planning and Services

GPQ undertakes a comprehensive planning and review process to ensure services are meeting the health needs of the community in a culturally appropriate and coordinated way.

All relevant stakeholders are consulted throughout the planning stages to ensure the service is targeted and effective.

The service delivery model, such as ‘fly-in fly-out’, ‘hub and spoke’ or ‘circuit’ is dependent on transport, community access, location, the home base of the provider and local resources and infrastructure.

Prior to the start of service delivery, GPQ ensures all providers participate in an orientation visit which includes local cultural awareness training.

Eligible Activities

The MSOAP-MS measure is able to assist with funding to support new and established services or expand established antental and postnatal services.

Service delivery time should, where possible, be claimed against the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) by general practitioners, some allied health professionals and medical specialists.

Consultation rates for services by other health professionals who cannot claim against Medicare will be reimbursed at an hourly rate appropriate for the professional’s qualifications.

Expenses which MSOAP-MS funds include:

  • travel – flights, mileage, hire car
  • accommodation costs
  • meals and incidentals – in line with the ATO rates
  • facility costs – fee for hiring a service venue
  • administration support for the delivery of outreach services – includes organising appointments, processing correspondence, following up with patients
  • professional support – informal support provided by the visiting health professionals to local medical and health professional  through telephone/email support once the health professional has returned to their principle practice
  • absence from practice allowance –  payable to private service providers to compensate for spent travelling to and from a location where they are delivering an outreach service
  • upskilling – informal educational and upskilling activity provided to local medical practitioners, health professionals and community members such as carers to:
    • develop or enhance specific skills
    • share clinical/practical knowledge
    • enhance ongoing patient care


More Information

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