Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program

What is the Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program?

The Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program is a grant opportunity which aims to assist Victorian manufacturers and medical technology businesses to build capability and capacity by supporting new manufacturing projects and scale-up activities. 


Track Record

Medtech Manufacturing Grant - Polynovo

Bulletpoinst assisted PolyNovo secure $500,000 from the Victorian Government’s Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program.

PolyNovo plans to use the funding to support the purchase of new equipment and the upgrading of existing equipment used for manufacturing our NovoSorb SynPath product, used for amongst other things diabetic foot ulcers (DFU).

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Other Case Studies

Bulletpoint has assisted numerous companies secure manufacturing grants.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint helped Greenbear secure a grant of $500,000. Based in Tottenham, Victoria, Greenbear is a processor of waste and recycled materials. They received funding to build a fully-automated waste sorting line for residential Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste more feasibly and efficiently than current disposal methods.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Harry & Larry’s secure a grant of $1,200,000. Based in Brunswick, Harry & Larry’s manufacture a range of specialty ice creams. The grant will see 30 new jobs created and investment in a factory expansion with custom engineered production lines, including the latest freezing technology, to make a range of gourmet ice creams and desserts in complex shapes and layers.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Cottage Cheese Farm secure a grant of $765,000. Based in Glenroy, Victoria, Cottage Cheese Farm is a speciality cheese manufacturer making mainly Haloumi, Ricotta and Mozzarella cheeses. They received funding to assist with construction of a $6M purpose built cheese and yoghurt manufacturing facility. The project will allow them to expand current operations and introduction of new product lines.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Abey Australia secure a grant of $250,000. Based in Gisborne, Victoria, Abey is a manufacturer of plumbing and building products. They received a grant of $250,000 to buy five high-speed of five robots and 3 conveyors.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Osteon Medical secure a grant of $74,000. Based in Mulgrave, Victoria, Osteon Medical manufacture a range of dental and facial implant prosthetic products. They received a  grant to purchase a 5 axis simultaneous CNC milling machine.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Keech secure a grant of $141,700. Based in Bendigo, Victoria, Keech is a manufacturer of high integrity steel castings. They received a grant to  based in Bendigo. Keech received a grant to purchase a 3D digital printer for prototyping and pattern making.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted AMR Hewitts secure a grant of $135,000, Based in Tullamarine, Victoria,  AMR Hewitts is a print packaging for the pharmaceutical and food packaging industries. They received a grant to purchase a new forme cutting machine to reduce turnaround times.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

Bulletpoint assisted Class Plastics secure a grant of $250,000. Based in Truganina, Victoria, Class Plastics is a manufacturer of industrial and retail plastic liquid containers. They received a grant to purchase a series of accumulated blow moulding machines and feed in conveyors.


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The Australian Medtech Manufacturing Centre (AMMC) is a $20 million Victorian Government initiative to grow medtech manufacturing in Victoria, creating more jobs, investment, and innovation in the sector. AMMC aims to encourage medtech manufacturing in Victoria. It will make it easier for medtech product developers to find and access local expert medtech services and infrastructure and to undertake design and /or manufacturing process testing (verification and validation) activities that they may otherwise carry out offshore.

The Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program (MMCP) has been launched by the Australian Manufacturing Council (AMMC). Applicants can apply for funding for projects that are at the prototype and/or scale up stage of the product development cycle. AMMC will administer the program through the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.



The objectives of the Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program are to:

  • increase the capability and capacity of businesses to manufacture medtech products in Victoria and strengthen the value chain
  • enable more Victorian manufactured medtech projects to be generated and delivered creating business growth
  • accelerate the development, clinical and regulatory approval, and production of medtech projects to create increased employment and revenue opportunities.



The Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program will provide eligible applicants with funding for projects that are at the prototype stage and/or the scale up stage of the product development cycle.

Grants of between $100,000 and $500,000 (excluding GST) will be available. Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program grants will be provided on a 1:1 cash co-contribution basis.


Eligible Projects

A Project proposed for Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program grant funding must be to develop a manufactured medtech product or for the development of value chain inputs for a manufactured medtech product where the product:

  • is or will be for the duration of the project wholly or partially manufactured in Victoria
  • is a medical device, the purpose of which is to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat or alleviate a disease or injury, or modify or monitor anatomy or physiological functions of the body, or are intended to be used in a healthcare environment including medical equipment, scientific instrumentation and consumables or medical disposables or
  • an enabling medtech product or device using assistive, additive manufacturing or 3D printing technologies
  • is relatively advanced in development, that is at least at proof-of-concept stage equating to GAITS Stage 3, as considered by the Applicant against CIMIT’s Guidance and Impact Assessment Tracking System or
  • has been verified with research and development or other pre-clinical studies.

Eligible Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program project expenditure must:

  • be incurred by the grant recipient within 12 months of execution of the grant agreement
  • be a direct cost of the project and
  • be exclusive of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).


Eligible Applicants

The Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program (MMCP) is open to Victorian manufacturers and medical technology businesses to support the development of scale up product manufacturing or manufacturing processes and other related activities that will enable local manufacturing.

This may include activities that would otherwise be carried out overseas or that would be brought forward by at least a year with the addition of program funding.

To be eligible to apply for the Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program, the business must:

  • be developing an eligible medtech product at the time of application
  • have existing operations in Victoria
  • be incorporated in Australia
  • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be an employing business registered for WorkCover Insurance with WorkSafe Victoria
  • have an annual turnover of $50 million or less
  • match any grant funding on a 1:1 cash co-contribution basis
  • provide financial reports for the last three financial years to enable DJPR to conduct a financial risk assessment
  • participate in future program evaluation activity.



Applications for the Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program closed on 5 April 2022.

Latest Recipients

The Victorian Government has announced the 12 businesses that will share in $3.2 million of funding through the Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program. 

  • Anatomics Pty Ltd
  • Care Essentials Pty Ltd
  • Compumedics Limited
  • Cyban Pty Ltd
  • Dolphin Products Proprietary Limited
  • Global Kinetics Pty Ltd
  • Medmont International Pty Ltd
  • Navi Medical Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Neo-Bionica Pty Ltd
  • Polynovo Limited
  • Schott Minifab Pty Ltd
  • 4DMedical



How to get the Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program grant?

You will need to demonstrate:

  1. how the funding of activity will be used to scale up or develop the business to manufacture the product
  2. the need for the product been researched and identified 
  3. how well a market for the product has the been identified and evidenced  
  4. outcomes potential for new clients or markets reached as a result of the product
  5. new revenue or investment 
  6. job creation
  7. export revenue growth 
  8. other value-add for the medtech industry
  9. track record of managing similar projects
  10. need for government funding


More Information

Latest News

The Victorian state government is funding local medtech manufacturers and innovators to help them to compete in the booming global market and create local high-skilled jobs in the industry.

Minister for industry support and recovery Ben Carroll has announced that $2.4 million from the Labor government’s Australian Medtech Manufacturing Centre and Biotechnology Fund will go towards establishing the Victorian Connected Health Innovation and Commercialisation Centre in Melbourne’s CBD.

Delivered by ANDHealth, the new centre will support up to 500 local companies each year, connecting them with healthcare professionals, innovators and investors. It will help them fast-track the development of new digital health products such as the Atmo Gas Capsule and PKG Watch.

The announcement follows the state government’s recent $3.2 million investment into 12 Victorian medtech businesses through the Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program which will create more than 90 new jobs across the state.



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