Mentor Program NSW

Mentor Program provides small businesses with mentoring services and a $500 rebate to help them develop their workplace health and safety standards and practices.


Mentor Program NSW

The NSW Mentor Program aims to make NSW businesses safer and more productive.  The program pairs small business with safety experts who are willing to share their expertise and best practice in workplace health and safety.



The SafeWork NSW Mentor Program connects businesses to share knowledge and identify new ways to make impactful change to safety in the workplace. This free program pairs experienced businesses (mentors) with small businesses (mentees) to help identify new ways to address safety, provide insight into the challenges facing the industry, exchange knowledge and ideas, as well as creating a supportive network of peers.

If you are motivated and ready to invest your time to make safety a workplace priority, you will find the SafeWork NSW Mentor Program is a great fit. The program generally runs for three to six months with mentors and mentees investing time for a mentee workplace visit, creating an Action Plan and check-ins to track progress. They are also invited to attend SafeWork supported events.

  • Site-Visits: Mentors will visit their mentee’s workplace to provide tailored safety advice to the business. Site visits and check-in interactions have a flexible timeframe and approach.
  • Action Plan: Mentees, with guidance from their mentor, will develop an Action Plan, identifying safety issues and solutions for their business. Mentees must be willing to invest their time to work on actions recommended by their mentors.
  • Networking Events: Mentors and mentees are invited to networking events including a program launch and end-of-year wrap. These are great opportunities for paired mentors and mentees to catch up, work on action plans and interact with other businesses and safety professionals.
  • Safety Rebate: The small business rebate gives up to $500 back to small business owners who buy and install eligible safety items to address a safety problem in their workplace.



To become a mentee you will be:

  • a small business with up to 20 employees operating in NSW
  • available to attend free advisory and educational sessions, for example webinars
  • prepared to attend the launch and closing ceremonies
  • willing to have your mentor visit your workplace during the program
  • genuinely interested in improving your workplace safety, workers compensation and injury management systems
  • committed to developing an action plan with your mentor and work towards implementing agreed solutions.

To become a mentor you will be:

  • an experienced business professional with expertise in workplace health safety and injury management, operating in NSW
  • interested in proactive workplace safety
  • willing to make a site visit to your mentee’s business
  • keen to share your knowledge and expertise with small business.

Mentors and mentees can improve the reputation of their businesses and create safer, more productive workplaces with this free program.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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