MTP Manufacturing Voucher Program

What is the MTP Manufacturing Voucher Program?

The MTP Manufacturing Voucher Program  is a grant opportunity which aims to capitalise on WA’s significant capability in innovative medical technology and pharmaceutical (MTP) research and support the acceleration of this research into the development and manufacture of products such as medical devices (physical and/or digital), diagnostics, biologics and pharmaceuticals.



MTPConnect is charged by the Australian Government with driving innovation and growth in the medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and digital health (MTP) sector. In Western Australia (WA), MTPConnect has partnered with the WA state government and the University of Western Australia to form the MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub.

The WA Hub aims to capitalise on WA’s significant capability in innovative MTP research and support the growth of its burgeoning MTP sector. Key activities to drive MTP sector growth have been identified by MTPConnect as seven Sector Growth Priorities, each addressing specific elements of the MTP value chain.  Outlined in the annual Sector Competitiveness Plan, the priorities are:

  • Align investment in Knowledge Priorities that meet current and future market needs
  • Create a highly productive commercialisation environment from research to proof-ofconcept and early clinical trials
  • Transform the SME sub-sector to support the growth of smaller companies into larger, more stable and successful companies
  • Strengthen Australia as an attractive clinical trial research destination
  • Support the development of digital healthcare solutions: devices and data analytics
  • Position Australia as a preferred partner for international markets
  • Support advanced manufacturing as a part of the broader Australian innovation ecosystem.



Key objectives of the MTP Manufacturing Voucher Program:

  • Support growth of the MTP manufacturing sector in WA by building capacity and capability in the production of MTP products
  • Align with MTP Sector Priority and Knowledge Priority areas. This funding scheme will support all priority areas, and seeks to specifically address priorities 3, 5 and 7.



Funding of $50,000 – $100,000 is available for each project. A total of $400,000 is available for the MTP Manufacturing Voucher Program, which will fund between four and eight projects.

The applicant’s requested amount must be matched by at least a 1:1 cash co-contribution.


Eligible Projects

Proposals will be accepted for projects at any stage of the manufacturing value chain of MTP products: pre-production, production and post-production, as per the manufacturing ‘smile curve’ shown below. Projects that utilise or promote advanced manufacturing of medical products are encouraged.

It is preferred that all project activities be undertaken in WA. Applicants will need to fully justify activities conducted outside WA.

Examples of eligible projects may include but are not limited to:

  • Small proof-of-concept runs for early-stage companies/start-ups
  • Establishing or upgrading a relevant quality management system (e.g. ISO 13485)
  • Digitalisation of manufacturing industry technologies and processes relevant to the production of MTP products
  • Activities associated with clinical trials
  • Support for upscaling activities.

MTP products are broadly defined as those regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and includes medical devices (physical and/or digital), diagnostics, biologics and pharmaceuticals focused on human health.

Maximum project length is 9 months, project activities are expected to start in August/September 2021 and must be completed by 30 May 2022.


Eligible Applicants

The lead applicant must have:

  • An Australian business number (ABN)
  • Less than 200 full-time employees (i.e. be considered a SME)
  • A business activity that includes development, design, prototyping or manufacture of MTP products
  • Lead applicants cannot be a University or Research Institute.

An Australian organisation (SME or research) based in, or outside, WA can be a project partner on an application, but the application must financially benefit a WA-based SME manufacturer (<200 FTE).

Applicants can submit multiple proposals but can only receive funding for one project. An organisation can be named as a project partner on multiple applications. However, such an organisation cannot receive funding from multiple projects to undertake the same activities.



Applications close 11 June 2021.


More Information


Latest News

04 November 2021 – Western Australia invests $450,000 into new industry manufacturing

Five life science companies in Western Australia will be sharing in $450,000 of funding from the State Government, which is set to boost medical technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The WA Medical Technology and Pharmaceutical (MTP) Manufacturing Voucher Program aims to accelerate the development and manufacturing of medical technology and pharmaceutical products WA, such as medical devices, diagnostics, biologics and pharmaceuticals.

Through the funding, the selected companies will be able to commercialise their innovations.


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