Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund

What is the Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund?

The Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund is a grant opportunity that supports multicultural community groups to undertake upgrades to community facilities.



The 2020-21 Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund offers grants to Victoria’s culturally diverse communities to help them maintain, upgrade and renovate community infrastructure. It is a competitive grants program driven by eligibility and merit-based assessment of applications. This grant opportunity receives more applications than is possible to fund. Successful applications may only receive part of the total funding amount requested.



The objectives of the program are:

  1. to support Victoria’s culturally diverse communities to maintain, renovate, upgrade and build secure, safe and accessible community infrastructure
  2. to support and improve Victoria’s multicultural facilities to ensure communities can meaningfully celebrate, preserve and share their traditions and promote social cohesion
  3. to contribute to economic stimulus through immediate investment and job creation by supporting “shovel-ready” projects (where planning and building permits are in place)



The 2020-21 Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund round offers funding through 2 streams:

  1. Small: Grants up to $100,000 for upgrades and renovations.
  2. Large: Grants between $100,001$500,000 for larger projects, extensions and new builds.

There is a limit of 1 application per organisation to the 2020-21 Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund round.


Eligible Projects

The fund will support:

  • Pre-construction works for a new or existing community facility such as conceptual design, architectural or planning related works (but not planning permit or building permit fees or tribunal costs).
  • Construction, trades and works to create a new community facility
  • Works on an existing community facility such as:
    • maintenance—painting, tiling or structural repairs such as roofing, plumbing or flooring works
    • upgrades—kitchen or bathroom upgrades, energy efficiency improvements
    • renovations—alterations, extensions or internal remodelling to improve accessibility or create new rooms, kitchen or bathroom replacement, heating and cooling systems
    • security upgrades that are not electronic in nature—securing doors or windows, security lighting, facade works, fencing and perimeter security
    • outdoor areas—staging, pergolas, playgrounds, fencing, garden beds.

Pre-construction works are eligible for funding but later stage projects that can show they already have planning and building approvals in place and are shovel-ready will be prioritised for funding.


Eligible Applicants

In most cases, the applicant organisation will be a multicultural community organisation. Eligible groups include:

  • a not-for-profit entity
  • a social enterprise with a clearly stated purpose or mission related specifically to supporting multiculturalism

To be eligible, applicants must have:

  • A current Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • No overdue reports from previous Fairer Victoria funded grants, including from Multicultural Affairs. Organisations must return any overdue reports prior to applications closing to be eligible.



Applications close 15 February 2021.


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