Multicultural One-off Grants

Up to $15,000  is available to develop and strengthen multicultural communities.

muticultural one off grants


Multicultural One-off Grants (SA) are for all multicultural projects however priority will be given to projects that support women, youth or rural and remote communities.



Multicultural Grants is a South Australian Government grants program. This program was first established in 1978 as the Ethnic Grants Scheme with an allocation of $40,000 extended by an additional $40,000 in 1979. The grants were intended to act as a catalyst to innovation and self-help, meeting the areas of greatest need in ethnic communities that were not covered by grants from other government agencies.

The South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission (SAMEAC) was established under the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Commission Affairs Act, 1980. Members from SAMEAC are appointed by the Chair to the Grants Advisory Committee that assess applications and recommend funding to the Minister for Multicultural Affairs.



The Multicultural One-off Grants aim to:

  • increase understanding of the culturally diverse community in which we live
  • celebrate and value cultural diversity
  • improve equality and acceptance in society
  • increase participation by South Australians of all backgrounds in society.



Funding available for each application is up to $15,000.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for a Multicultural One-off Grants,  you must:

  • be a non-government, not-for-profit, incorporated community-based organisation
  • provide services or support for culturally diverse South Australian communities
  • have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN)


Eligible Projects

Projects that support an open, inclusive, cohesive and equitable multicultural society, where cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity is understood, valued and supported.

One-off projects can include:

  • community education and learning projects
  • community development projects (including equipment purchases)
  • media to promote multiculturalism
  • cultural events.



Applications close 31 March 2016.


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