Up to $75,000 to create, develop and showcase contemporary music.

Music Works Grants



The Music Works Grants support musicians, music managers and industry organisation to create, develop and showcase Victorian contemporary music.



The Music Works Grants program aims to:

  • Support strategic professional development and career opportunities for Victorian contemporary music artists, musicians, performers and associated industry professionals where funding or access to resources are a barrier
  • Increase the capacity and market share of the Victorian contemporary music industry
  • Showcase Victorian content locally, nationally and internationally
  • Strategically invest in economic growth and long term sustainability in the Victorian contemporary music industry
  • Fund projects that nurture creative talent and strengthen Victoria’s unique and diverse creative culture.



Major Funding Round Grants offer funding of:

  • $2,500 to $20,000 for individuals; or
  • $2,500 to $75,000 for groups/organisation

All requests must include an appropriate level of cash and/or in-kind contributions to the project.


Eligible Projects

1. CREATING CONTENT – The creation and recording of original musical content

2. BUILDING CAPACITY – Workshops, masterclasses, industry conferences and professional development opportunities

3. CONNECTING TO MARKETS – Activities that help the industry win new audiences, including support for regional, national and international touring


Eligible Applicants


Unless otherwise specified, to be eligible for Creative Victoria funding as an individual you must be:

  • An Australian citizen currently residing in Victoria; or
  • A Permanent Resident (holding an appropriate visa) who has resided in Victoria for at least two years immediately prior to the date of your application.


To be eligible to receive Creative Victoria funding an organization must be legally constituted. Organisations that are not legally constituted may apply to some funding programs through an auspicing body.

Groups of individuals who join together informally to collaborate in the creation, development or presentation of work may apply to some funding programs. However, you must nominate either an individual or an auspicing body to sign the funding agreement and take legal and financial responsibility for the grant.


Each program has specific eligibility requirements, so it is important that you carefully read the relevant section of the Creative Victoria website and obtain a copy of the relevant program information and guidelines before making an application.



The next major funding round will open in January 2017 and close 15 February 2017.


Major Funding Round Recent Recipients

Adrian Rafter (Milwaukee Banks), Fitzroy – $14,500

The recording, mixing and mastering of Milwaukee Banks’ second album, alongside some international publicity costs.

Alex Lahey, Albert Park – $20,000

Alex Lahey to record, mix and master her debut album with accompanying artwork.

Banoffee, Clifton Hill – $18,784

Recording, writing and marketing of Banoffee’s debut album.

Hannah Cameron, Fitzroy North – $8,550

The publicity campaign and production of a music video in support of the release of a second album by alternative folk artist Hannah Cameron.

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks, Thornbury – $12,377

Rock and country blues band Cash Savage and the Last Drinks to undertake their second tour of Europe.

City of Greater Geelong, Geelong – $11,000

The creation and recording of three songs and accompanying video clips – to be written by three musicians in mentorship with three established musicians, all from the Geelong region.

Gabriella Cohen, Balaclava – $17,149

Gabriella Cohen to tour North America in support of her new album.

Stephanie Crase, Collingwood – $7,850

The recording, mixing and mastering of a new release by solo performer Stephanie Crase, aka ‘Summer Flake’.

Damien Charles Lines, Castlemaine – $8,000

The filming of a music video clip for Coda Chroma’s fourth single ‘Bide My Time’.

Frank Trobbiani (MAMMOTH MAMMOTH), Carlton – $8,000

The recording and mixing of a fourth album by heavy rock band, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH.

Husky Gawenda,  St Kilda – $19,032

Husky to tour Europe and the UK in 2017 in support of their third album.

Sam Gill, Brunswick East – $7,990

The recording, mixing and mastering of a debut album by electronic act Ara Koufax.

Heart of the Rat Records on behalf of Freya Hollick, Ballarat Central – $5,005

Publicity campaign for Freya Hollick’s second album and an associated national tour.

Jonathan Heilbron, Elwood – $6,000

For Phonetic Orchestra to tour Portugal including concert performances, festival performances and a residency.

High Tension, North Warrandyte – $10,450

The recording, mixing and mastering of a third album by heavy metal band High Tension.

Hollow Everdaze, Bacchus Marsh – $9,942

The manufacturing, marketing and promotion of Hollow Everdaze’s debut album, ‘Cartoons’.

Eliza Hull, Castlemaine – $5,000

The promotion of a fourth release titled ‘All The Things I Could Not Say’ (an EP), through publicity, social media and the production of a music video.

Jack Robbins, Parkville – $3,700

The promotion of ‘Ten Months’, a debut album by solo folk artist Forever Son.

JAZZ PARTY, Caulfield South – $15,000

The recording, mixing, mastering and production of the debut album by Jazz Party.

Kllo, Collingwood – $20,000

A tour to the UK, Europe and North America, following the release of the debut EP by electronic, soft-pop band Kllo.

Jae Laffer, Thornbury – $12,000

The recording and mixing of the second LP by singer-songwriter Jae Laffer.

Laura Jean, Preston – $14,675

The recording, mixing and mastering of the fifth album of Laura Jean, blending modern popular music with folk music.