National Tourism Industry Network

Tourism operators can now access the $20,000 Tailored Advisory Service offered through Enterprise Connect.


Enterprise Connect’s National Tourism Industry Network is a specialist national group. It brings together Business Advisers with expertise to help Australian businesses in the tourism sector. It is targeted at improving operations, productivity, competitiveness and sustainability by providing business advice, development services and industry linkages.

Tourism accommodation providers, tourist attractions, tour operators, travel agencies and businesses offering local food and beverage tasting experiences are eligible to apply for Enterprise Connect services.

To be eligible, tourism businesses must also be solvent, have an annual turnover between $1 million and $100 million, possess an Australian Company Number and have a trading history of at least three years.

Groups of tourism businesses may apply for assistance as well. The group must have minimum revenue or expenditure of at least $2 million combined, with the revenue or expenditure of each business at least $500 000.

Business Review

Our services begin with a comprehensive, confidential and independent Business Review delivered at no charge. The Business Review is conducted by a Business Adviser, supported by the National Tourism Industry Network, who will help you take your business to the next level.  Our Business Review provides an independent snapshot of your current business strategy and assistance to discover new ways to transform your operations.

Applications for a Business Review can be made by an individual business or a group of businesses, regardless of whether your business is located in a capital city, a major regional centre, or in rural or remote Australia.

Your Business Adviser will work with people throughout various operational levels of your business to develop a thorough view of:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of your business
  • Strategic business issues
  • Potential areas for improvement and
  • Potential areas for growth

Tailored Advisory Service

Once your business has completed a Business Review you may apply for the Tailored Advisory Service. This service will help you follow through on the recommendations of the Business Review, by engaging a consultant to implement recommended business improvements.

Workshops, Industry Intelligence and Networking

Enterprise Connect provides funding for seminars, workshops and other activities to help businesses gain access to events and networking opportunities in various sectors.

Researchers in Business

Funding is available to support the placement of researchers from universities or public research agencies into your business to help you research, develop and implement new commercial ideas.

Technology and Knowledge Connect

Technology and Knowledge Connect is a referral service linking businesses to experts in relevant technological fields. We will work with you and your Business Adviser to pinpoint technology and technical knowledge related issues and opportunities that need to be addressed as part of your business transformation.

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