National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) Project Fund

Up to $3M is available from NERA Project Fund to improve energy efficiency, productivity and sustainability within the energy resources sector.

National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) Project Fund

National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) Project Fund

The National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) Project Fund has been established to support collaborative projects by providing matching funding to industry-led projects which address one or more of the knowledge priorities identified in the NERA Sector Competitiveness Plan as outlined in table 1.  Further details on the Sector Competitiveness Plan, the knowledge priorities and initiatives can be found at



National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) has been established to maximise the value to the Australian economy by having an energy resources sector that is globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse. Through a national focus, NERA’s role is to grow collaboration and innovation to assist the energy resources sector manage cost structures and productivity, direct research to industry needs, deliver the future work skills required and promote fit-for-purpose regulation.

NERA enables growth in the Australian energy resources sector through identifying industry-led opportunities, innovation, knowledge-sharing and commercialisation of research and innovation.

NERA’s role is to bring stakeholders together and identify, develop, connect, facilitate and support collaborative projects to maximise the value of Australia’s energy resources sector.



Project Funding can be between $100,000 and $3 million in any financial year.  The Project Fund does not provide funding for any project with a total budget below $100,000.  However, NERA may be able to support these initiatives by way of the NERA Innovation Voucher Program or through operational seed funding.



To be eligible:

  • Proposed projects must be linked to one or more of the knowledge priorities outlined in NERA’s Sector Competitiveness Plan. Projects must demonstrate innovative approaches, clear commercialisation applications, pathways and implementation timeframes. Project Funds are not intended to support discovery or basic research.
  • Proposed projects need to be undertaken in collaboration with other parties in the form of a consortium, whether from research, industry or other areas.
  • Proposed project duration must be no more than two years.
  • The consortium must have access to, or ownership of, the intellectual property (IP) necessary to conduct the Project should it be required.
  • The project should have a national benefit for Australia, with the results available to the whole energy resources sector as far as possible.

Projects Funds may be used for activities directly related to the project, for example equipment testing, software, laboratory disposables, equipment directly related to the activities in the project, materials, travel and accommodation for field activities in Australia. Project Funds can be used for capital works where the works are directly related to the project.



Applications close 20 October 2017.


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