NHMRC Partnership Projects Grant

What is the NHMRC Partnership Projects Grant

Partnership Projects Grant is an initiative from NHMRC that will support connections, within the Australian context, that translate research evidence into health policy and health practice, to improve health services and processes.



The NHMRC Partnership Projects Grant program aims to support the work of healthcare policy and service delivery implementation agencies by supporting the translation of research outcomes into policy and practice and the evaluation of current policy and practice to identify gaps in knowledge.

This type of research is normally conducted outside of Universities and Medical Research Institutes. It is for this reason that Universities and Medical Research Institutes are generally not eligible to partner with researchers through the grant program. Universities and Medical Research Institutes can continue to participate as an Administering or Participating Institution.

Partnership Projects will address the delivery, organisation, funding and access to services and programs that affect the health of Australians. Research may involve preventative programs, primary and community health care, hospitals, community services, the health workforce and



The objectives of the NHMRC Partnership Projects Grant are to:

  • meet the need for a more effective integration of research evidence into health policy and service delivery
  • create partnerships among policy makers, managers, service providers and researchers
  • provide support to answer often complex and difficult questions that policy makers, managers and service providers face when making decisions and implementing policies that affect Australians’ health and health care
  • be highly responsive to the priorities of government, the community and health professionals
  • enable applicants to apply for funding at any time during the year to allow researchers and partner organisations to develop timely collaborations



The provisional funding allocation for the NHMRC Partnership Projects Grant 2020 is estimated to be approximately $30 million. NHMRC’s Research Committee annually reviews and recommends indicative budget amounts to be awarded across individual funding schemes.

Applications must be joint submissions from an Administering Institution and one or more Partner Organisations. Partner Organisations must contribute at least 50% of the total value of the research project in cash and/or in kind. The level of funding requested from NHMRC must not exceed the total contribution from the Partner Organisations. The maximum amount of funding that can be requested from NHMRC for a Partnership Project grant is $1.5 million.


Eligible Projects

Funding provided by NHMRC for a Research Activity must be spent on costs directly incurred in relation to that Research Activity. The Administering Institution must agree to provide basic facilities, where relevant to the project, which will not be funded under Partnership Projects.

Partnership Projects funds may be expended on salaries, Direct Research Costs (DRCs) and equipment. Further guidance can be found in the NHMRC Direct Research Costs Guidelines and Budget mechanism for funding for funding commencing in 2020, on the NHMRC website.

Under the Partnership Projects grant opportunity, NHMRC will provide funding to an equal or lesser value of the funding committed by the policy/practice Partner Organisation(s) identified in the application, provided that it is justified and is consistent with the Partnership Projects grant opportunity. The funding requested from NHMRC should cover research expenses not already paid for by the Partner Organisation(s), and not exceed $1.5 million. NHMRC reserves the right to adjust budgets and to not match partner support where it would be inappropriate or is not justified. Partner funding can be provided as cash and/or in-kind. While there is no mandated ratio of cash vs. inkind contribution, cash contributions provide strong evidence of the Partner Organisation’s commitment to the research and its eventual outcomes and are strongly encouraged.

Partner Organisations must make a combined total contribution of at least the same value (in cash and/or in-kind) as is sought from NHMRC. Detailed explanation of the purpose of the cash contribution and justification of in-kind contributions will be required. Funding committed by the Partner Organisation must be declared and confirmed in a letter of support to be provided as part of the application. A value must be placed on each contribution, for either cash or in-kind. Where no value of support is stated, NHMRC will not list the organisation as a Partner Organisation in the event that the application is successful. Partner Organisations should not offer funding from sources yet to be confirmed, funding that has already been provided prior to the application being submitted and from funding provided by NHMRC under other grant opportunities.


Eligible Applicants

The maximum number of CIs allowed on a Partnership Projects 2020 application is 10.

NHMRC invites applications involving Partner Organisations whose decisions and actions affect Australians’ health, health policy and health care delivery in ways that improve the health of Australians. Organisations that are capable of implementing policy and service delivery and would normally not be able to access funding through most NHMRC funding mechanisms are highly valued as partners. They include organisations such as:

  • those working in federal, state, territory or local government – in the health portfolio or in other areas affecting health, such as economic policy, urban planning, education or transport
  • those working in the private sector such as employers, private health insurance providers or private hospitals
  • non-government organisations and charities
  • community organisations such as consumer groups
  • healthcare providers
  • professional groups.

Partnerships with an overseas Partner Organisation are acceptable provided the objectives of the Partnership Projects grant program are fully met. Each Partner Organisation must demonstrate, through the application and Partner support letter, how they will function as a policy/practice partner for the purpose of the particular application.



Applications close 02 December 2020.


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