Practice and Research Development Grants

What is the Practice and Research Development Grants?

The Practice and Research Development Grants is a program that provides funding to artists and organisations for practice-based research and experimentation related to making and presenting work in a living-with-COVID environment.



The Practice and Research Development Grants provides funding of up to $20,000.


Eligible Projects

Grants for practice-based research and experimentation related to making and presenting work in a living-with-COVID environment. Proposals which explore new ways to collaborate and make work as well as new COVID-safe audience engagement models are encouraged.

Funding will support redevelopment of existing work for a living-with-COVID environment.

Funded activity/outcomes may include:

  • studio-based research and experimentation
  • residency-based research and experimentation
  • consultation
  • proof of concept through trial collaborations and development showings.

Eligible costs include, but are not limited to:

  • administration costs
  • creative fees (such as performers, composers, choreographers, designers, curators)
  • producer fees
  • technical personnel and production costs
  • travel, living allowance
  • materials
  • hire of studio, venue, and equipment
  • photography and documentation
  • exhibition costs.

The program will not fund:

  • Projects without professional outcomes, such as amateur productions, fundraising, competitions, awards and prizes
  • Costs for study for a tertiary education qualification (undergraduate, postgraduate), including projects forming part of a course of study or graduation ceremonies
  • Design projects with a purely commercial outcome
  • Screen-based projects aimed at the cinema, film festivals or television; media and gaming projects with a purely commercial outcome. Some activity will be eligible when incorporated into projects in other art form areas
  • Start-up business costs and the purchase of basic equipment
  • Manuscripts aimed at the education sector
  • Framing costs
  • Costs associated with self-publishing (e.g. printing costs). The preparation of work intended for self-publishing may be supported where a compelling case can be made. This would include evidence of a strong track record of published work and a viable marketing/distribution plan.


Eligible Applicants

Applications will be accepted from:

  • independent artists and groups
  • small to medium state government funded organisations employing independent artists to undertake research and experimentation.



Applications close 6 December 2021.


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