Prevention Partnership Program

Up to $350,000 is available to help projects that focus on prevention and reduction of gambling related harm within local communities across Victoria.

Prevention Partnership Program

Prevention Partnership Program

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s Prevention Partnership Program  aims to help prevent and reduce gambling-related harm within local communities across Victoria.

Applicants will need to demonstrate how their project objectives align with at least one of the following six streams of funding. Projects may align with more than one stream.

  • Interrupts the normalisation of gambling.
  • Builds social connectedness and community resilience, to prevent the onset of at-risk gambling behaviours.
  • Reduction of stigma in terms of gambling harm and help seeking.
  • Work with a range of professionals to build understanding of gambling as a public health issue, and support available.
  • Builds the capacity of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) organisations to prevent and respond to gambling harm.
  • Expansion of funding for projects that have demonstrated excellence (Note, this stream is only open to the 17 projects presently funded through the foundation’s current Local Prevention Grants Program, and applicants under this stream must demonstrate how their project aligns with at least one of the other five streams listed above.)



The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation is an independent statutory authority established under legislation by the Victorian Government. The foundation aims to reduce the prevalence of problem gambling, reduce the severity of harm related to gambling, and foster greater understanding and awareness of responsible gambling in the community.

Working within a broad public health framework, the foundation seeks to address gambling-related harm through delivering programs aimed at prevention, education, treatment and support, through conducting research and evaluation, and providing information about gambling regulation and license approval processes.



Prevention Partnership Program aims to contribute to the prevention and reduction of gambling-related harm through initiatives that test new ideas and deliver prevention activities to at-risk populations across Victoria, building the evidence for effective practice in the prevention of gambling harm.



Over a two-year period, the foundation is offering grants of up to $250,000 (‘tier one’) and $350,000 (‘tier two’), based on both the level of evidence supporting project ideas, and the scale of the projects. Although a maximum funding period of 24 months (1 July 2017 to 30 June 2019) applies to all projects, applicants are welcome to request shorter timeframes where it is appropriate for their project, for example 12 or 18 months.


Eligible Projects

Prevention Partnership Program will fund:

  • Project proposals that align with the funding requirements
  • Costs associated with day to day monitoring of projects, including data collection and reporting, of up to ten per cent of the total submitted budget
  • Overhead surcharges, management costs or administrative fees of up to twenty five per cent of the total submitted budget
  • Reasonable reimbursement of staffing costs for existing employees that are delivering agreed activities, or costs to engage a contractor
  • Design, publication or production costs for materials and collateral where clear foundation branding is included
  • Reasonable advertising or media costs for activity promotions
  • Reasonable costs of facilitation for approved events related to the project, such as catering, facility hire and administrative costs


Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be a single corporate entity such as a not for profit organisation, social enterprise, local government and community or public health organisation. Individuals or sole traders are not eligible to apply. Eligibility for this program is restricted to entities with a presence in Victoria. This is consistent with the foundation’s mission to provide prevention, education, information and research, treatment and support services to all Victorians. In determining whether an entity has a presence in Victoria, the foundation will consider this based on the State in which the entity is incorporated.

Please note that all funding must be used for the community benefit and cannot be used to generate a profit for individuals.

Only one application per organisation will be accepted. Partner organisations can, however, be involved in more than one application.



Applications close 14 March 2017.


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