Primary Care Infrastructure Grants

$64M program to assist with existing facilities to expand or to upgrade space for  health care professionals.

Primary Care Infrastructure Grants


The Primary Care Infrastructure Grants enable existing facilities to expand or to upgrade space for GPs,  nurses and/or allied health professionals, strengthen team-based care services, establish or extend clinical training facilities and provide GP Super Clinic-style services.



Around 23 new GP Super Clinics will be provided, comprising:

  • approximately 9 new large GP Super Clinics. In addition to doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, these clinics are expected to include more specialised services such as renal dialysis, minor surgical procedures, rehabilitation services, radiology and state funded services. They will have significant capacity for inter-professional clinical training and education.
  • approximately 14 new medium GP Super Clinics will also provide access to a wide range of health professionals and services, scaled to suit a smaller population than the large clinics.



Three streams of government grants will be provided to build the capacity of about 425 existing general practices, primary care and community health services, and Aboriginal Medical
Services to deliver GP Super Clinic style services:

  • Government grants of up to $150,000 will be available to existing general practices, primary care and community health services, and Aboriginal Medical Services to expand or upgrade, for example, allied health services or provide accommodation for an additional GP or practice nurse.
  • Government grants of up to $300,000 will be available to existing facilities that, for example, expand or upgrade accommodation for additional doctors, allied health professionals or practice nurses, strengthen team based care services and offer extended hours.
  • Government grants of up to $500,000 will be available for existing facilities that, in addition to the previously identified elements, also establish teaching facilities and transition to a GP Super Clinic style facility.

Direct and competitive government grants will commence in 2010-11 to establish medium and large GP Super Clinics. Competitive grants will also be available to upgrade and extend existing primary care services.



The Primary Care Infrastructure Grant initiative has five Objectives across the three grant streams. These Objectives are to:

  1. Upgrade or extend existing facilities to provide space for additional general practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals and/or students on clinical placements;
  2. Provide access to new services that meet local community health needs with a focus on preventative activities and better chronic disease management;
  3. Strengthen team-based approaches to the delivery of care by providing, for example, additional space for case conferencing and/or group activities such as lifestyle modification clinics and/or shared service delivery by more than one health professional;
  4. Provide extended hours of service where these do not exist, for example additional services in the early morning, later in the evening or on weekends; and
  5. Develop new, or enhance existing, clinical training facilities.


Eligible Expenditure

Primary Care Infrastructure Grant funding can be used for:

  • Professional fees for the design of the capital works project;
  • Professional fees for legal and accountancy advice relating directly to the capital works project;
  • Application fees for Development Approval, Building Permits and the like;
  • Direct construction, including fit-out, costs for labour and materials for builders, plumbers, electricians etc;
  • Supply and installation of information and communication technology equipment including both hardware and software; or
  • Supply and installation (as appropriate) of essential medical equipment.

Government grants cannot be applied towards the cost of:

  • Ongoing operating (recurrent) costs (e.g. rent, utilities, salaries, maintenance);
  • Professional health service delivery;
  • The purchase of consumables (other than a consumables pack that may be supplied with equipment on delivery);
  • The purchase of existing facilities, businesses or land;
  • Travel and accommodation; or
  • Student or staff overnight/residential accommodation.


Eligible Applicants

Applications for government grants are open to organisations or individuals operating existing facilities which are providing general practice (GP) services e.g. general practices, primary care and community health services and Aboriginal Medical Services.



This grant has now closed.

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