Primary Health Care Infrastructure Grants (Tasmania)

Up to $2M is available for capital infrastructure for general practices, primary care and community health services


The Australian Government is making a significant investment in GP Super Clinics and has committed $650.4 million to build more than 60 GP Super Clinics around Australia and upgrade and extend around 425 existing general practices, primary care and community health services, and Aboriginal Medical Services.

The Department of Health and Ageing is seeking applications for funding from individuals and organisations to establish or upgrade primary health care infrastructure in the Sorell and Brighton and surrounding region that will support the delivery of services that meet the health needs and priorities of local communities.

Up to $2 million (GST exclusive) has been committed for the Primary Health Care Infrastructure Grants (Tasmania) initiative in Sorell and Brighton and surrounding region. Applications to establish new premises or upgrade or extend existing premises in the Sorell, Brighton and Clarence Local Government Area (LGAs) will be considered.
A total of $2 million is available for the initiative. There are three streams of funding available with differing requirements commensurate with the level of funds available:

  • Stream A – for grants of $150,000 to less than $500,000
  • Stream B – for grants of $500,000 to less than $1,000,000
  • Stream C – for grants of $1,000,000 up to the total of $2,000,000

A flexible approach

Funding will be used flexibly across the three funding streams with no more than a total of $2 million being available for all grants. For example:

  • two Stream A applications for $200,000 and $300,000 respectively, along with a Stream C application for $1.5 million could be funded
  • alternatively, a Stream A application for $400,000, and three Stream B applications totalling $1.6 million could be funded
  • there is also potential for a single $2 million proposal to be funded, should this application be assessed to be the strongest application in the field.

Who can apply for funding?

Applications will be considered from general practices (GP), primary care and community health services, State and local government and Aboriginal Medical Services within the Sorell, Brighton and Clarence LGA’s or within the inner metropolitan Hobart region to provide outreach services to these regions. The applications will be assessed in accordance with the selection criteria set out in these Guidelines at Section 4 and contained in the Invitation to Apply documentation.

What locations are covered by the grants?

Funding is available for capital works projects located within the 30km arc surrounding Sorell, with the exception of Hobart.

What can Stream C funding be used for?

Primary Health Care Infrastructure Grants (Tasmania) funding is provided to assist the development of infrastructure that will support the move towards multidisciplinary integrated models of care. Within the total funding available for a location, funds can potentially be allocated across three components: capital, recurrent and relocation incentives.

Organisations and key individuals will need to demonstrate that they have the appropriate expertise, time and resources available to support the establishment of a GP Super Clinic style facility.

Capital Funding

Funding is primarily for capital works projects. Capital funding can be used to construct a new building or purchase or refurbish and/or extend an existing building. This includes:

  • Building activities required to design and construct/refurbish the building;
  • Direct building costs associated with building new or upgrading existing premises (for example building, plumbing, electrical etc);
  • Purchase of an existing property;
  • Information management and technology systems installation; and
  • Purchase of land.

Capital funding may also be used for some establishment costs for:

  • Purchase of equipment necessary to provide comprehensive primary care and resuscitation including those listed on the RACGP list of practice equipment. Funding may also be considered for the purchase of other significant items such as electrocardiogram machines and vaccination refrigerators, depending on local health needs and priorities;
  • Ensuring that adequate free car parking is available; and
  • Infrastructure required for tele-health services.

Capital funding cannot be used for:

  • A capital works project that has been contracted, commenced or completed prior to the execution of a Funding Agreement;
  • Ongoing operating costs including rent, utilities, salaries and building maintenance;
  • Professional health service delivery (including services to which an MBS item relates);
  • Maintenance of medical equipment;
  • The purchase of consumables for medical equipment (other than a consumables pack that may be supplied with equipment on delivery);
  • The purchase of office consumables;
  • The purchase of existing health facilities or businesses;
  • Capital works, other than IT or associated infrastructure required to support outreach services, at a location not in the Sorell, Brighton and Clarence LGAs (as shown in Map 1 on page 5);
  • Attendance at seminars or conferences;
  • Travel and accommodation; and
  • Student and or staff overnight/residential accommodation.

More information

Grant applications close 2:00 pm on 27 February 2012.

In the last 12 months we have prepared a number of health infrastructure grant applications totalling over $15 M. If you require expert assistance to make sure application is competitive please contact us on 03 9005 6789

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