Priority Sector Collaborative Grants

Up to $1M is available from Priority Sector Collaborative Grants to help NT consortia with the costs of building common-use infrastructure, services or data.


Priority Sector Collaborative Grants

Priority Sector Collaborative Grants provide funding for consortia, consisting of three or more parties, within Territory priority, emerging growth and regional sectors to collaboratively progress sector-wide initiatives which will advance local industry capability, innovation and business development.



Priority Sector Collaborative Grants provide funding for project consortia designed to support both identified growth and developing sectors. Grants may be provided on a 50% matching basis to consortia of organisations to support collaborative projects for activities, which could include:

  • shared infrastructure, technology and innovation solutions
  • piloting new technologies, such as demonstration plant equipment
  • testing and validating new services, or
  • consolidating and developing industry capability.



The program is expected to comprise a two-stage grant funding framework:

  • Stage 1: up to $100,000 on matching basis for sector based scoping, planning and feasibility studies. Eligible activities may include road mapping, demand analysis, supply chain analysis, sector capability audits, economic impact analysis, feasibility studies, sector opportunity analysis, and market development strategy. Funded works need to be performed by appropriately qualified third parties.
  • Stage 2: up to $1 million on matching basis to consortia for implementation of sector based projects which deliver common-use infrastructure, services or data.

Program funds will target common-use industry sector infrastructure which is able to be utilised by market participants on an open access and non-discriminatorily priced basis.



A standard eligibility criteria applies for all businesses and projects seeking to access the Local Jobs Fund.

The business applying to the fund must have:

  • a significant presence in the Territory
  • high growth and job creation potential
  • sound governance, management and operating systems in place
  • registered for corporate and tax purposes in Australia.

Projects in the Territory’s 10 growth and developing sectors, a related supply or service sector or other sector in which the Territory has a comparative advantage will be eligible to apply.

The Territory’s growth and developing sectors are set out in the Economic Development Framework.

Growth sectors are:

  • agribusiness
  • tourism
  • energy and minerals
  • international education and training
  • Defence and defence support industries.

Developing sectors are:

  • tropical health and research
  • creative industries
  • renewable energy
  • environmental services
  • human services.

Related service and supply sectors include industries that provide specialised goods or services to a growth or developing sector. For example, marine maintenance services is a related service and supply sector to the energy and minerals and defence sectors.

Other sector in which the Territory has a comparative advantage, include any sector where the Territory has a unique advantage in competing in national and global markets.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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