Pastoral Water Grants Scheme (PWGS)

Up to $20,000 is available from PWGS to help pastoralists ease the intensity of grazing around degraded and overgrazed water points.

Pastoral Water Grants Scheme (PWGS)

Pastoral Water Grants Scheme (PWGS)

The Pastoral Water Grants Scheme (PWGS) provides grants for commercial pastoralists looking to develop alternative watering points to reduce grazing intensity around existing overgrazed and degraded water supplies.



The Pastoral Water Grants Scheme (PWGS) assists pastoralists in the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne / Murchison, Goldfields and Nullarbor regions. The intention of the PWGS is to overcome the problems associated with water supply deficiencies, grazing pressures around existing water supplies and poor household water quality and quantity.

The PWGS is designed to encourage pastoralists to invest in and improve water infrastructure. The planning and installation of improved water supplies will lead to improved reliability of homestead and livestock supplies. The overall outcome will contribute to pastoral properties increasing their water self-sufficiencies and reducing
grazing pressure on the rangelands.



The scheme:

  • encourages sustainable grazing management
  • enhances homestead water supplies
  • prevents water shortages.



Technical officers from the Department of Agriculture and Food assist pastoralists with the application process and provide advice regarding planning water supply improvements on their leases.

Under the scheme, pastoralists can claim:

  • up to $20,000 for each pastoral business, every ten years
  • up to 50 per cent of expenditure on approved water supply works.


Eligible Projects

The grant is available for:

  • construction and enlargement of dams and the construction and improvement of catchments
  • drilling, screening, casing, developing and pump testing of production bores or wells (the grant will only be paid on bores / wells where the quality and quantity is fit for intended use)
  • reticulation of water for livestock and domestic use from any on-property water source, and any off-property water source to which access is guaranteed for at least five years
  • pumping equipment, piping, storage tanks and drinking troughs for domestic and livestock use
  • water treatment equipment, eg filter and desalination equipment; and
  • refurbishment of major water supply systems (eg bores, wells, dams, catchments and tanks), to restore a reliable water supply system.


Eligible Applicants

Commercial pastoralists whose properties are located in the pastoral regions of Western Australia are eligible.

For the purpose of the PWGS, a “commercial pastoralist” is defined as one who:

  • has a current pastoral leasehold over the property
  • has the funds to cover operating costs, the replacement of plant and equipment, a significant proportion of an average family’s living costs and a reasonable return on capital given normal seasonal conditions and commodity prices
  • has an active ABN and is registered for GST.

The applicant must demonstrate the need for improved water supplies on the property. The need for additional water will relate to the quantity, quality and distribution of water required to service the normal demand for livestock and domestic purposes for the current level of development. Water supply improvements may be required to improve the management of the rangeland resource, without developing land for additional livestock.

Priority will be given to stations demonstrating the greatest water deficiency and/or anticipated benefit to the rangeland resulting from the proposed improvements.



Applications  close 30 June 2018.


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