Quality Use of Pathology Program

$8 M program for projects that promote and or develop the quality use of pathology. 

Quality Use of Pathology Program


The Australian Government aims to ensure access to high quality, safe, clinically relevant and cost effective pathology services.

The Quality Use of Pathology Program (QUPP) was established in 1999 under pathology Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between pathology stakeholders and the Australian Government (represented by the Department of Health and Ageing).  There has been a continued commitment to the QUPP in the recent 2011-12, Pathology Funding Agreement.  Program funding of up to $2 million per annum is allocated towards supporting innovative approaches to improving the quality of pathology services.



The three key objectives of the Quality Use of Pathology Program are:

1.  Quality Consumer Services:  To develop and improve consumer-focused, accessible and coordinated services that promote informed choice and meet consumer need;

2.  Quality Referrals (Requesting/Ordering):  To support referral practices that are informed and facilitated by best practice professional relationships and protocols between referrers and providers that are informed by evidence; that maximise health benefits; and that inform and engage consumers; and

3. Quality Pathology Practice:  To support professional practice standards that meet consumer and referrer needs and provide evidence-based, best practice, quality-assured services that are safe, cost effective and efficient.


Eligible Projects

For the 2012-13 Funding Round priority will be given to Quality Use of Pathology Program proposals that:

  • are aimed at reducing risks in pathology requesting/testing/reporting processes
  • improve pathology service provision and/or access to pathology in regional and rural areas of Australia
  • will lead to enhanced decision support mechanisms
  • are aimed at streamlining or coordinating the education of medical students and resident medical officers with respect to the cost effective use of diagnostic pathology services
  • will improve linkages between patient health information databases that incorporate pathology test results, particularly with a view to examining the impact of pathology testing on clinical outcomes.

Previous Quality Use of Pathology Program proposals for funding which addressed the three key objectives were categorised in the following themes:

  • risk minimisation strategies, including incident monitoring
  • quality issues related to emerging technologies
  • promoting evidence-based practice in pathology requesting and reporting (with a possible focus on new/junior requester groups)
  • pathology requesting and reporting and consumer focus
  • e-Health capability (particularly those aspects affecting quality and safety)
  • workforce capacity and competence
  • consumer information strategies
  • access initiatives/awareness-raising of the special needs of high priority target groups
  • communication and stakeholder engagement to promulgate QUPP investment outcomes



Quality Use of Pathology Program funding of up to $2 million per annum is allocated towards supporting innovative approaches to improving the quality of pathology services.  Both short-term and long-term projects may be considered.  However, the funding agreement period(s) will depend on the applications for funding received by the Department.



Applications for the Quality Use of Pathology Program close 2.00pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time, Thursday 28 March 2013.


Expert Assistance

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