Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP)

What is Queensland Arts Showcase Program?

The Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP) is a funding to support individuals, organisations or collectives to deliver vibrant and accessible arts and cultural experiences for Queensland.



The Queensland Government recognises the important role of arts and culture in delivering significant social and economic outcomes for Queenslanders.

Creative Together 2020-2030 is the Queensland Government’s 10-year vision, which will see Queensland renewed and transformed through arts, culture and creativity, with a focus on growing a strong and sustainable sector that can adapt to meet audience demand, embrace innovative delivery models, attract investors and build financial sustainability.

Creative Together priorities:

  • Elevate First Nations arts
  • Activate Queensland’s local places and global digital spaces
  • Drive social change across the state
  • Strengthen Queensland communities
  • Share our stories and celebrate our storytellers.

The Queensland Government’s $22.5 million two-year Arts and Cultural Recovery Package as part of Queensland’s Economic Recovery Strategy: Stage Two underpins this. The Arts and Cultural Recovery Package is a down payment on Creative Together: A 10-year Roadmap for arts, culture and creativity in Queensland that aims to help revitalise creative industries, support infrastructure and jobs, and power Queensland’s plan for economic recovery, and will support the Roadmap’s first two-year action plan, Sustain 2020-2022.



The Queensland Arts Showcase Program invests in:

  • the development and growth of a vibrant and accessible arts and cultural sector in Queensland
  • strengthening the Queensland arts and cultural sector’s connection with new audiences state-wide, nationally and internationally
  • supporting artistic and non-artistic collaborations to develop innovative and quality arts and cultural experiences
  • strengthening professional development and the creation of employment and training opportunities for Queensland’s small to medium arts and cultural sector.



Arts Accelerate and Arts Activate provide up-front, one-off grants of up to $30,000 (sole-funding) and up to $60,000 (co-funding).

Arts Advantage provides one-off grants of up to $60,000 (co-funding) for arts and cultural initiatives.


Program Streams

The Queensland Arts Showcase Program provides project funding to support vibrant and accessible arts and cultural experiences in Queensland created by individuals, organisations or collectives and is delivered through three streams:

Arts Accelerate

Funding for new works by Queenslanders that:

  • supports creative development, and public or digital presentation responding to audience demand
  • create new employment opportunities and/or cultivate new and emerging talent
  • extends artists’ and/or organisations’ practice, audiences and markets
  • stimulates sector recovery with a focus on demonstrated track record of presenting work in a venue.

Arts Activate

Funding for diverse arts and cultural events in Queensland that:

  • creates employment opportunities and/or collaboration between artists
  • supports vibrant and diverse range of original arts and cultural experiences for Queensland communities
  • contributes to the activation of community and cultural infrastructure, including digital infrastructure.

Arts Advantage

Funding for quality arts-led projects and programs which provide social benefits and social benefit outcomes to Queenslanders across a variety of community sectors including but not limited to health, justice, aged care, disability, LGBTQIA+, First Nations, culturally diverse, education and early childhood. This may include start-up funding costs. 

Arts Queensland expects Arts Advantage funding will:

  • Create employment opportunities (for artists/ arts workers and/or participants)
  • Develop and implement new programs that deliver social benefits and social benefit outcomes
  • Foster collaboration and/or partnerships with government, business (particularly small-to-medium enterprises and social benefit suppliers) and not-for-profit agencies.



To be eligible, all applicants must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • be over 18 years of age or have the application co-signed by their legal guardian confirming they will take responsibility for managing any funding that may be offered to the applicant;
  • have satisfied the reporting requirements of any previous Arts Queensland funding;
  • be based in Queensland or show evidence as to how the activity will directly benefit Queensland arts and culture;
  • where applicable, show evidence of demand and support for activities that involve Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people;
  • not be an educational institution or program;
  • not be a state government agency;
  • not have already been awarded funding under this Program in the same calendar year;
  • not have already submitted an application to the Program which is currently undergoing assessment;
  • not be a current Arts Queensland employee or former employee who ceased employment less than six months before applying. Employees of Arts Statutory Bodies and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet should consult the ‘Important Information for Applicants’ document before applying; and
  • satisfy the additional eligibility criteria for the relevant stream of funding, as outlined in the guidelines.



Applications for Arts Accelerate and Arts Activate Round 5 close 1 October 2021 and Arts Advantage Round 5 close 29 October 2021


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