R&D Tax Concession – Deadline Extension

The deadline for lodging an R&D Tax Concession application for registration is 10 months after the end of a company’s income year. This means that companies with a 30 June 2010 balance date who wish to apply for the R&D Tax Concession for the 2009-10 income year must lodge their registration application with AusIndustry by Monday 2 May 2011 (due to deadline falling on a weekend). When mailing your application, you should allow sufficient time for delivery.

You will receive an acknowledgement confirming receipt of your R&D Tax Concession application or an electronic receipt if your application has been lodged online. The R&D Tax Concession registration number will be mailed to your nominated contact. Please remember to:

  • Always use the latest version of the R&D Tax Concession Registration Application which can be downloaded from our website. Delays will occur if an old version of the registration application form is used.
  • Complete all parts of the R&D Tax Concession form, even if you only have access to estimated figures.
  • Enter whole dollar figures only.
  • R&D Tax Concession Expenditure amounts should not include clawback calculations or negative figures.
  • Ensure that the total at Question 15(k) corresponds to the total at Question 19.
  • Ensure that the contact named at Question 22 is the person you wish to be advised of your registration number. The registration notice letter will be sent to this person. A covering letter or compliment slip attached to the registration form is not taken to mean that the third party is authorised by the applicant company.
  • If the applicant company is part of a consolidated group, provide information relating to the applicant company, not the consolidated group, at Questions 9, 10 and 11.
  • Ensure that the R&D Tax Concession form is signed by an appropriate company officer.
  • Send your form in early. Peak processing periods are April/May and October/November.
  • Consider lodging your form online. Online applications are usually registered within 10 working days of lodgement.

For Assistance with R&D tax concession lodgement, please feel free to contact us.

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