R&D Tax Incentive – Extension of Time

R&D Tax Incentive - Extension of Time

What is an R&D Tax Incentive Registration Extension or Variation?

If you need more time to register your R&D activities for the R&D Tax Incentive, you can apply for an extension or variation. This allows you to go beyond the standard deadline.


Applications for R&D Tax Incentive registration extensions are processed through a dedicated customer portal, which helps keep things organised and trackable.

Why Consider an R&D Tax Incentive Registration Extension?

Extensions are essential for businesses that run into unexpected issues that prevent them from registering on time, ensuring they don’t miss out on the incentive.

Key Steps to Consider when applying for the R&D Tax Incentive Registration Extension

  • Deadline Awareness: You need to register your R&D activities within 10 months after your financial year ends.
  • Understanding Extensions: Short-term extensions of up to 14 days are common, but for anything longer, you’ll need to provide a solid reason.

How to Apply for an R&D Tax Incentive Registration Extension

  • Use the Portal: All requests for extensions must be submitted through the official customer portal.
  • Justify Your Request: Be clear and detailed about why you need more time, including any specific challenges you’ve faced.

Here are examples when extensions for the R&D Tax Incentive Registration are typically needed

  • Biotech Delays: A biotech firm might need more time due to delays in trial results, impacting their registration timeline 
  • Software Development Setbacks: A software company could be held up by unexpected development issues that necessitate an extension 
  • Manufacturing Staffing Shortages: A manufacturing business might need more time to address staffing shortages that affect their R&D activities
  • Agricultural Variability: An agricultural company could be delayed by unexpected seasonal changes that disrupt their data collection schedule


Consider this scenario to determine if you qualify for an R&D Tax Incentive Registration Extension

Imagine a company that loses crucial financial data due to a cybersecurity breach and needs extra time to gather and recompile their R&D documentation correctly.

Need Help?

Understanding the details of the R&D Tax Incentive and managing extensions can be tricky. At Bulletpoint, we have over ten years of experience helping businesses navigate these processes effectively. If you’re unsure about how to proceed or if you just need some expert advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to ensure your application is accurate and submitted on time.


An extension allows additional time beyond the standard deadline to register R&D activities if you meet specific criteria.

Apply through the official customer portal, detailing why you need more time and what prevented you from meeting the original deadline.

No, extension requests must be submitted through the designated customer portal, except under limited circumstances.

Valid reasons are typically beyond your control, such as unforeseen circumstances that directly impacted your ability to apply on time.

Yes, extensions beyond the statutory deadline are capped at 92 days unless it’s to await a decision on a related matter.

Missing the deadline without an approved extension can prevent registration of your R&D activities for that year.

Variations must be submitted through the customer portal, specifying the changes and reasons for the adjustment.

No, extensions of time to apply for Advance Findings or Advance Overseas Findings are not permitted.

An Advance Finding provides certainty about the eligibility of R&D activities before you register and claim.

Contact Bulletpoint, Australia’s highest-rated R&D tax consultant, for expert guidance through the process. Book a meeting or send us a message today.

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