Recycling and Jobs Fund

Recycling and Jobs Fund

What is Recycling and Jobs Fund?

The Recycling and Jobs Fund – Industry Development (RJFID) provides up to $10 million to enterprises for large-scale recycling projects in Queensland.


The Recycling and Jobs Fund – Industry Development (RJFID) is initiated by the Queensland Government to enhance the state’s recycling capabilities and support the transition to a circular economy. This initiative forms part of the Queensland Resource Recovery Industries 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan, aiming to reduce reliance on landfill, boost local manufacturing, and improve the sustainability of resources. The fund is designed to foster significant advancements in recycling technology and infrastructure, thereby driving economic growth and environmental sustainability across Queensland.


The objectives of the Recycling and Jobs Fund – Industry Development are to:

  • Enhance Queensland’s capacity for high-recovery recycling operations and infrastructure at a commercial scale.
  • Support the Queensland Government’s Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy by diverting more waste materials from landfill.
  • Promote the development of a circular economy, retaining material value within the economy and reducing environmental impact.
  • Facilitate the creation of new job opportunities within the recycling and manufacturing sectors.
  • Drive innovation and technological advancements in recycling processes and systems across Queensland.

Eligible Entities

Applicants for the Recycling and Jobs Fund must meet the following criteria to be eligible under the program:

  • Be a legal entity registered in Australia with an active Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Have a proven operational presence in Queensland where the project will be located.
  • Demonstrate a financial capacity to complete the project, including matching the funding requirements.
  • Not have any unresolved environmental or regulatory compliance issues.
  • Submit a detailed project proposal that aligns with the objectives of the Recycling and Jobs Fund.
  • Provide evidence of consultation with relevant stakeholders, including local government and community groups, where applicable.

Eligible Expenditure

The eligible expenditure for the Recycling and Jobs Fund are:

  • Development of new infrastructure or expansion of existing facilities to enhance resource recovery and recycling capabilities.
  • Acquisition and installation of advanced technology and machinery that increase the efficiency and volume of material reprocessing.
  • Implementation of projects that significantly improve the sustainability and security of recycling processes.
  • Research and development activities that contribute to the innovation of recycling methods and technologies.
  • Initiatives that support the integration of renewable energy sources into recycling operations.
  • Training and capacity building for staff to operate new technologies and implement best practices in recycling.


Between $100,000 and $10 million is available on a basis of 1:1 matched funding for the Recycling and Jobs Fund – Industry Development. Initially, $45 million is being allocated to this program. Applicants are required to match the funding amount dollar-for-dollar with their own contributions.

Eligible Activities

Eligible expenditure for the Recycling and Jobs Fund – Industry Development includes:

  • Establishing and enhancing recycling facilities
  • Acquiring and installing advanced technology for high-volume material reprocessing
  • Infrastructure upgrades for increased recycling capacity
  • Implementing systems for efficient waste sorting and processing
  • Expansion into new or under-served markets
  • Accessing expert consultancy for technological and process improvements
  • Developing management capabilities to oversee large-scale recycling operations
  • Training staff in specialised recycling and waste management techniques

Example Projects:

  • Recycling Enhancement Project: Implementing advanced sorting technologies to increase the efficiency and output of recycling facilities, reducing landfill contributions and improving the quality of recycled materials.
  • Renewable Energy Solutions: Developing and deploying solar panel recycling processes that recover valuable materials and reduce waste, contributing to sustainability in the energy sector.
  • Waste-to-Energy Systems: Constructing facilities that convert organic waste into renewable energy, such as biogas, helping to address waste management and energy production simultaneously.
  • Innovative Packaging Solutions: Creating biodegradable or reusable packaging options to replace single-use plastics, which can significantly reduce environmental impact and support circular economy principles.
  • Electronic Waste Reprocessing: Establishing processes to dismantle and reprocess end-of-life electronics, safely extracting valuable metals and other materials for reuse.

How to get Recycling and Jobs Fund

In order to get the Recycling and Jobs Fund – Industry Development grant, you will need to focus on:

  • Demonstrate how your project will significantly increase resource recovery and recycling rates in Queensland.
  • Outline your project’s contribution to reducing landfill and its role in Queensland’s transition to a circular economy.
  • Show substantial improvement in recycling processes or the introduction of new, high-recovery technology.
  • Provide detailed project plans that show scalability and potential for replication across various locations.
  • Highlight the environmental benefits, including reductions in carbon emissions and sustainable resource management.
  • Ensure your project addresses a specific gap in the current waste management or recycling market.
  • Establish clear, measurable outcomes and timelines for project delivery and impact.
  • Illustrate strong financial planning with a clear co-funding arrangement and capacity for sustained funding.
  • Detail the involvement of industry and community partners to enhance project credibility and feasibility.
  • Include proof of regulatory compliance and alignment with Queensland’s waste management strategies.



The closing date for the Recycling and Jobs Fund – Industry Development is open until funds are fully allocated.

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