Recycling Modernisation Fund

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What is the Recycling Modernisation Fund?

The Recycling Modernisation Fund is an initiative to support investment in new infrastructure to sort, process and remanufacture materials such as mixed plastic, paper, tyres and glass.


Case Study

Recycling Modernisation Fund


Bulletpoint helped Green Bear secure a grant of $500,000. Based in Tottenham, Victoria, Greenbear is a processor of waste and recycled materials. They received funding to build a fully-automated waste sorting line for residential Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste more feasibly and efficiently than current disposal methods.

The project’s goal is to create fully-automated, improved waste sorting services for residential C&D waste more feasibly and efficiently than current disposal methods.

Using advanced and fully-automated sorting technologies and systems, the project will recover a range of materials for recycling, thereby avoiding landfill and improving local recycling.

Sustainability Victoria estimates, 3,000,000 tonnes per annum of C&D waste. Of this, 50% is handled by smaller, less effective waste service providers.

The project will address up to 95,000 tonnes per annum in the first year.



The Recycling Modernisation Fund is an Australian Government initiative that is investing over $190 million to expand Australia’s capacity to sort, process and remanufacture recycled materials such as plastic, paper, cardboard, tyres and glass. The fund will assist Australia to respond to the waste export ban.

An additional round of funding under the Recycling Modernisation Fund has also been made available to address waste infrastructure gaps in regional and remote areas of Australia. This funding will increase the sorting, processing, and manufacturing or remanufacturing capacity of regional and remote locations.

The Recycling Modernisation Fund is being distributed by state and territory governments. Funding allocated to Victoria from the Recycling Modernisation Fund will be delivered via the Recycling Victoria – Recycling Modernisation Fund (RV-RMF).

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Recycling Modernisation Fund


Grants of at least $20,000 are available on a 50:50 co-contribution basis.


Eligible Projects

This fund aims to support NT projects that recover, recycle or reuse the following types of waste:

  • plastics
  • paper and cardboard
  • glass
  • tyres.


Eligible Applicants

This funding is available to both profit and not-for-profit organisations with or without a registered business name.

To be eligible, organisations must:

  • hold a valid Australian business number (ABN) and have been operating under that number for at least one year
  • agree to carry out an eligible project with any grant funding provided to it
  • be able to financially commit and has authority to co-fund at least 50% of the total eligible project costs
  • have a history of compliance with all legislative requirements and is fully compliant from the date of the application.

Your project must also:

  • operate in the NT
  • increase the capacity for domestic sorting, processing, recycling or remanufacturing of materials
  • deliver new or improved resource recovery, recycling and remanufacturing infrastructure
  • demonstrate a long-term return (at least 5 years) on investment to the NT
  • be completed and operational by 30 June 2024.

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Recycling Modernisation Fund


Applications close 28 February 2023.


More Information

Round 1 Recipients



Katherine Tree Maintenance (Northern Waste Reduction Services)

Tyre recycling plant

Australian Services Pty Ltd (NTK Industries)

Glass processing plant

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd

Yulara Recycling Centre

City of Palmerston

Install cardboard compactor at Archer Waste Transfer Facility

East Arnhem Regional Council

East Arnhem recycling infrastructure upgrades

Central Desert Regional Council

Remote community recycling bays

Alice Springs Town Council

Granulator for RWMF Alice Springs

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