Regional Collaborations Programme

Up to $3.2 M to help Australian researchers and businesses collaborate with their counterparts in Asia-Pacific to develop new products and solutions.

Regional Collaborations Programme


The Regional Collaborations Programme was launched to encourage Australian researchers and businesses to collaborate with their counterparts around the Asia-Pacific region to develop products and solutions to shared challenges such as food and energy security and disaster resilience.



The Australian Academy of Science (the Academy) invites Australian research organisations and businesses to apply for funding under the Regional Collaborations Programme. This funding initiative is part of the Australian Government’s Global Innovation Strategy under the National Innovation and Science Agenda. The programme will fund Australian participants from eligible organisations to collaborate with regional and international science, research and innovation partners on solutions to shared regional challenges within the Asia–Pacific regions.

The Regional Collaborations Programme will support single-year or multi-year collaborative, multi-partner projects and non-project aligned collaborative workshops.



The Regional Collaborations Programme aims to support the Australian Government’s commitment to:

  • assist in the removal of barriers for researchers and businesses seeking to collaborate on issues of regional and national significance
  • support technical and research mobility
  • build research capability, facilitating Australia’s access to global science and research networks and infrastructure.



The Regional Collaborations Programme is designed to be flexible, with no set minimum or maximum funding requirements for project applications. This approach has been adopted to help foster innovative ideas and collaborations.

Although there is no set minimum or maximum total project cost requirement, projects much include matched funding of 1:1 (cash only). For example, if an applicant seeks $25,000 of programme funding, then the project proponents would need to contribute another $25,000 (cash), bringing the total value of the project to $50,000.


Eligible Projects

Eligible project activities must:

  • address a shared regional challenge of national interest, via science, research and innovation collaboration
  • demonstrate a benefit to Australia through the collaborative work proposed
  • include at least two non-Australian partners
    • Note: Although collaborative multi-partner teams must include at least one partner from an Asia–Pacific economy, providing they meet key eligibility criteria and have a focus on the Asia–Pacific region, their composition can also include non-regional countries.
  • have evidence of being able to provide 1:1 leveraged cash contribution
  • feature workshop and mobility components, either led by Australia or a regional project partner, or facilitated through multi-lateral fora.

Eligible budget items are:

  • Salaries (including direct salary on-costs) for Australian personnel (researchers, support staff, fellowships and postgraduate students).
  • Direct support costs of research, translation and promotion of outcomes.
  • International travel expenses (economy class airfare, associated living expenses, visa and insurance) for Australian personnel specifically engaged in project activities. This component should not exceed 20% of the awarded funds.
  • Project-associated workshop costs (room hire and catering).
  • Other costs as agreed in writing with the Academy.


Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be either an Australian research organisation or Australian business willing to form collaborative multi-partner teams with participation from at least two other economies, with the intention of building strong international linkages within the Asia–Pacific region in science, research and innovation.

Note: Non-corporate Commonwealth entities (as defined under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013) are not eligible under this programme.



Applications close 16 January 2017.


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